Officer who tackled teenage girl appeals suspension

My Fox Phoenix- by Mia Garcia

PHOENIX – The video made national headlines — a Phoenix Police officer caught on camera tackling a teenage girl.

The chief of police wants to suspend that officer, but the officer says it’s too harsh, and he’s appealing the decision.

That officer is fighting a 5-day suspension. He believes he acted within policy, but a disciplinary review board and the chief don’t think so.  

It’s been two years since video of Officer Patrick Larrison surfaced online, and the debate continues, did Officer Larrison use excessive force when he pushed a 15-year-old girl to the ground?

Police were called to the school after a drunk teenager got into a fight with her teacher — then started walking away from officers.

“It’s a case in which we have varying opinions and differing opinions about use of force,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Trent Crump about the video last year.

Crump made the comment just before Larrison went before a disciplinary review board. Now the department can’t comment on the case.

Sources tell us the board recommended a 32-hour suspension. But Chief Daniel Garcia thought the punishment should be more severe and gave Larrison a 40-hour or 5-day suspension. Typically that’s the maximum number of days you can suspend an officer.

Larrison has now appealed the chief’s decision and he’ll go through a city civil service hearing. Sources tell us Larrison has at least three experts within the department who watched the video and agree he acted within policy.

Acting within policy is one thing — but the board will have to decide if what he did was within reason considering it involved a teenage girl.

In the past, it’s been unusual for the police chief to impose a harsher penalty than the DRB recommends.

But Chief Daniel Garcia is new and has taken a pretty firm stance against officers who he believes violate policy.

10 thoughts on “Officer who tackled teenage girl appeals suspension

  1. Today, we are questioning what is right in front of us. We are then told we really didn’t see it the way we actually saw it…our minds are being manipulated in a psych war. I know that cop could have handled it in a different way, and because of that ..he blew it. Unless I’m missing something that required him to handle it that way…it’s out of line….to much debate about what I REALLY SEE.

  2. So this pig acted within the department policies? That looks alot like an assault by cop to me. That is cop abuse. That kid didn`t look like she was running away or being combative or agressive to that cop to deserve what that cop did. Sh*t, she didn`t even look aggressive. I wonder how many other times this cop over reacted like this.

    1. When I see this kind of thing, the cop would have done the same to you. If that kid was killed because of the fall…could have happen..head trauma,easily, that possibility tells me the cop acted in the wrong way. We are being told that this kind of thing is A-O-K.

  3. Look at that pig’s eyes……. dead……. no soul. when the time is at hand, do NOT hesitate to take these hellions out and send them to their maker(the devil).
    they surely have no regard for anyone , even the young and timid like this girl.

  4. I hope this doesnt get me in trouble, and maybe I should be careful what I say, but when are families of these police abuse people gonna….ah never mind..all I know, is if my wife or kids get treated this way…..never mind.

    1. We know what you’re meaning*nod*

      At the very least this cop would be hunted and hurt..if this were my daughter.
      If he wasn’t Immediately put into jail for this on bail to await a hearing, that would be my only option, IMO.

      ~Blessed Be to all~

  5. He should be facing jail time. If he cant handle a drunken hundred pound
    slip of a girl without a charging tackle he has no business being a cop at all. Since when do cops need to act this way?

    1. Weaponless, walking away….then looks to start to stop/hesitate from a distance…apparently from the officer’s ‘request’…turns around…gets pummeled.

      BS. Let the family members ‘suspend’ him.

      ~Blessed Be to all~

  6. Fine then…let the public give him his ‘suspension’.. or is that too harsh too?

    Fkn punk cop. Coward POS. Brainwashed puppet.

    *grumbles obscenities*

    ~Blessed Be to all~

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