Teen arrested for squeezing police officer’s testicles

Dallas Voice  A club-goer was arrested early Sunday at the Havana Lounge on Cedar Springs Road for public intoxication, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer after squeezing the officer’s testicles during an arrest.

Cory Weddington III, 19, was kicked out of the club, at 4006 Cedar Springs Road, around 4 a.m. when he was caught drinking, according to a Dallas police report.

Weddington allegedly refused to leave without his credit card, which he told police he left at the bar. Witnesses said they would retrieve his card when the club closed and return it to him. He became agitated and police told him to leave and gave him “several opportunities to leave with his friends,” the report states.

When he did not listen, an officer tried to take him into custody, but he became combative. The officer was able to take Weddington to the ground with an arm-bar technique and took hold of his left hand, but Weddington reached up with his right hand to the officer’s pants and began squeezing his testicles. The office put pressure behind his ear and told him to let go, but he squeezed harder, causing increased pain to the officer, the report states.

The officer then punched him in the face, but Weddington only squeezed more and began to twist his hand, causing the officer “extreme pain.” Weddington only relinquished his hold after the officer punched him multiple times.

He continued to fight officers while being handcuffed, the report states. His credit card was later found in his pocket, along with another in his wallet.

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  1. Hahahahaha! Nice. This guy looks like the artist formally known as Prince. LOL He definitely has a TSA job lined up and waiting for him. I guess the cop won’t be having fun with the Mrs. anytime soon.

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