Where will the Road to Freedom Lead….Treaties?

The mainstream propaganda production 2012 continues to dominate our televisions sets.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, or more precisely in the Trenches, more and more evidence is being brought to light showing that this treasonous government not only is illegitimate today, but has been since its inception.  It was a very complex plan put together by a large group of individuals and as it is multi-faceted, it has taken a large group of individuals to take it apart for examination.

What is being found is one fraud, layered upon another, literally since the first colonial government was formed.  This really should come as no surprise as each step back in history reveals another group of individuals set on the conquest of our country and our enslavement.  Maybe this is what Jefferson meant when he said that a revolution every twenty years would be healthy for our Republic.  That is if the Republic has ever actually existed as anything more than an idea.

What we know is our Constitution is based on the treaties in existence at the time of its inception.  And since its inception, again it is no surprise; the Constitution has been used to violate those very treaties that represent the authority within.

We have been living in a false reality not so far removed from that in the movie, “The Matrix”.  Our every conception has been orchestrated.  In the beginning the idea was for us to believe that we were free and that this whole continent was ours for the taking.  And so we went forth and conquered and now at this point in time, that which we have believed to be ours is being taken away, using select treaties from days of old.

The problem our opposition is facing is that others of these treaties do embody our freedom and liberty that we are so desperately seeking.

The question has been asked and asked again.  Once we the American nationals have regained control of our country, what then?  The Constitution was a failure.

The answer is simple.  We go back to the Articles of Confederation based on the treaties with due consideration to be given to the American nationals as native Americans, each tribe in each region adopting in to its body, the American nationals who make up the body of the people upon the land.

This is freedom absolute that cannot be argued and it does away with any separation of the people from the land due to any perceived notion that any American national holds superior right over any other.

We will all be rich beyond our beliefs and free to preserve our land, all upon it and all under it, for our progeny, as no further siphon of our resources will be necessary for a hundred years after we have recovered our stolen wealth.

We will be free to create the 22nd century with an emphasis on our own tranquility and peace with all the other peoples of the earth.  And hopefully, once we have put forth the example, the other peoples of the world will follow it and regain their own freedoms and liberties, peace and tranquility as natural entities of and from the land.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

6 thoughts on “Where will the Road to Freedom Lead….Treaties?

  1. “The Constitution was a failure”? No it wasn’t. Those charged with upholding the Constitution were a failure. Nations can survive idiots. They can’t survive willful treason and corruption.

  2. One thing to keep in mind Henry , many if not most of our so-called ” founding fathers ” were in fact Freemasons . We were screwed from the start .

    I remember reading an article or a book that stated 51 of the 82 signatories of the Declaration of Independence were Masonic affiliated . ( not 100% sure on the exact # but pretty close I think ). That tells you enough right there .

    1. The only problem, is that masons believe in god, but not the Christian/Catholic god. So they were not under control. Enough reason to be vilified by the general control organs at that time…

  3. The Consitution was a failure reads like The Constitution is 200 years old and doesn’t apply any more.

    The second part of my quote above comes from repeatedly being said by propaganda puppets on the MSM. Enough said. This is what you get when lawyers put together documents. Possibly great in concept but never for execution. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are brilliant but lack the many details needed for every day sheeple to grasp how it should be applied and to prevent lying, cheating, thieving, criminal, traitor, terrorist scum from twisting it to their benefit.

    Let’s hope those of us out here with a brain are still alive to have a chance and correct the mistakes made the first time around. Any way you want to look at it we’re in a sh*tload of trouble and its not going to be easy to get out of it and be free.

  4. Right on Henry. Remove all the fences from our lands and start over. Take back what has been stolen from us. Remove the NWO thieves ASAP and start the prosecutions.

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