Tennessee Vampire Cops Set Up ‘No Refusal’ DUI Checkpoints With Mandatory Blood Draws

Information Liberation – by Christopher Menahan

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is out for blood this New Year, they’re setting up multiple “no refusal” checkpoints throughout the state whereby they can forcibly strap you down to a table and take your blood without your consent.   

The Times Free Press reports:

The Tennessee Highway Patrol will enforce a “no refusal” traffic safety policy from New Year’s Eve to Monday, January 4, 2016, in a effort the agency says will reduce the number of fatal crashes over the holiday.

A 2012 state law allows police to force drivers to have blood drawn. Previously, drivers could decline such tests with the understanding that their drivers license would be suspended.

This year, troopers will patrol various checkpoints and bars, checking to ensure drivers are buckled up and sober. Officers will be allowed to seek search warrants, and any suspected impaired driver could be subject to blood sampling.

[…]”Our department will be working diligently to make sure Tennesseans arrive at their destinations safely,” Commissioner Bill Gibbons said in a news release. “It is our intent to enforce traffic laws in order to keep Tennesseans safe. During this New Year’s holiday, we hope you will enjoy your family and friends as you ring in the New Year. Please choose a sober driver to get home safely.”

The checkpoints will be located in the counties of Knox (Knoxville District); Hamilton (Chattanooga District); Davidson (Nashville District); Shelby (Memphis District); Washington (Fall Branch District); Putnam (Cookeville District); Lawrence (Lawrenceburg District); and Hardin (Jackson District).

Readers should be on the lookout if they want to avoid these vampire cops, they claim the location of the checkpoints will be on their website but I can’t find anything beyond general districts. TheWaze app is probably your best bet if you’re not in the mood to be drained.

UPDATE: Reader Nine Inch Nail shared in the comments below that the checkpoint list can be found here (.pdf), here’s a pastebin mirror in .txt format.
Christopher Menahan runs the news site InformationLiberation.com. He thinks police shouldn’t act like vampires. Follow @infolibnews on twitter.


4 thoughts on “Tennessee Vampire Cops Set Up ‘No Refusal’ DUI Checkpoints With Mandatory Blood Draws

  1. “Readers should be on the lookout if they want to avoid these vampire cops,…”

    LOL… ALL pigs are vampires in one way or another.

    If they’re not stealing your blood, they’re stealing your mammon or your freedom.

    Or both at the same time.

    Or all three.

  2. Minimum Weekly and Random narcotics use testing for all COPS and government Lawyers and Judges in that state of Tennessee.

    The legistlature also needs to be arrested and tried for treason.

  3. That’s the sad state of affairs in the open air prison these days.
    How many sheep will willfully comply?


  4. When the anti-gun laws start these “checkpoints” will ask “have you been drinking tonight”….”do you a have any firearms or ammunition in the car?”
    Checkpoints are created for government control!

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