Terror scare: Law enforcement and military urged to deactivate all personal social media accounts

Intellihub – by Shepard Ambellas

COLORADO (INTELLIHUB) — “Recent calls for attacks against law enforcement officers by foreign terrorist organizations and recent reports released by the U.S. Senate Select Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s Detention Interrogation Program may exacerbate tensions or even spark violence against officers, intelligence personnel, government officials, and their families.”, says a recent bulletin issued by the Colorado Information Awareness Center (CIAC).  

Shockingly the bulletin urges law enforcement and military personnel to “limit”, “abolish”, or “remove” any and all online material that references themselves or members of their families, keeping the data “hidden”.

The CIAC also suggests that law enforcement and military personnel limit “postings in Internet forums”.

Steps for personnel to “delete” their accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, Spokeo, and Snapchat, marginalizing free speech in America, turning government employees into robotic drone workers who are only mindful to the establishments orders, were also issued.

Read full PDF here: CIAC-SocialMediaAwareness

About the author:

shepard bio photoShepard Ambellas is the founder, editor-in-chief of Intellihub News and the maker of SHADE the Motion Picture. You can also find him on Twitter and Facebook. Shepard also appears on the Travel Channel series America Declassified. You can also listen to him on Coast To Coast AM with hosts, both, George Noory on “Chemtrails” and John B. Wells on the “Alternative Media Special“. Shepard Ambellas has also been featured on the Drudge Report, the largest news website in the entire world, for his provocative coverage of the Bilderberg Group.


3 thoughts on “Terror scare: Law enforcement and military urged to deactivate all personal social media accounts

  1. And the censorship of the Internet starts with censoring of social networking sites. Typical Communist procedure. If they can’t destroy something all at once, they will just do it piece by piece until it is all gone.

  2. Are they doing this because they’re afraid of cops being targeted, or because they’re afraid of cops leaking sensitive information about upcoming operations?

    I wonder because I don’t think they’re really very concerned about the cops’ safety.

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