Texas college students rally against gun law with sex toys


AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Hundreds of University of Texas students waved sex toys at a campus rally during the first day of classes, protesting a new state law that allows concealed handguns in college classrooms, buildings and dorms.  

Organizers said the sex toys were used Wednesday to mock what they consider an absurd notion that guns should be allowed in academic settings. The law took effect Aug. 1. Students and faculty at the Austin campus fiercely opposed allowing license holders to carry their concealed handguns to class. One prominent dean left the school after the law passed in 2015. Several faculty members attended the rally.

Organizers said they distributed more than 4,500 free sex toys. Texas has allowed concealed carry since 1995 but had kept college campuses gun-free until this year.


32 thoughts on “Texas college students rally against gun law with sex toys

  1. Dear “t-sips” (aka U Texas students):

    Don’t let your politically correct a$$holes get raped by MS-13…and better pack Vaseline if you won’t pack heat.

    Signed: Aggie Mom!

    PS. Have fun sipping tea…

      1. Great to know there’s another Aggie fan here…thanks, Angel! And Gig ‘Em!

        Note: my son graduated in 2010, and he married a fellow Aggie in 2013. Both majored in marine biology.

        1. And the thing is, College Station doesn’t have marine biology as a major…they both went to A&M Galveston, which is part of A&M College Station…it is their marine sciences school. But their diplomas say Texas A&M, as do their rings.

          1. LOL 😉 Yup, A&M has Expanded, since my great grandfather was a member of their first graduating class and on their first football team. (I have a very LONG family history at A&M. I inherited Momma’s house. Making the annual road trip in the next couple days. Will be there until Oct., so y’all might not be seeing too many posts from me in Sept. 😉 )

  2. What are they going to do? Protect themselves with their sex toys?
    “Stay back! I’ve got a vibrator and I’m not afraid to use it!”
    Communists are stupid.

  3. I still fail to understand how a rule against having guns on campus is going to prevent students, professors, or others from secretly carrying them. If someone is willing to break the laws against assault and murder, why would he be afraid to break a rule against carrying a concealed weapon? Maybe one of those protesters could stop waving a dildo around long enough to explain.

  4. I don’t expect college kids to do anything sensible anymore. They’re brainwashed tools of communism, and they’re no different than the “blacklivesmatter” crew. They just have different methods of assisting in the downfall of America.

    1. “Austin stores and companies like Hustler Hollywood and HUM vibrators (known as “the first artificially intelligent vibrator”) donated the sex toys after hearing about Cocks Not Glocks, López said. The full supply was gone in about 23 minutes, a distribution rate of almost 200 per minute.”

      Plus, good old Bloomberg has his finger/$$$ in it:
      “Moms Demand Action fought against campus carry. She says they’ll keep fighting.”

      1. Hey #1! 😀
        It’s a song I grew up hearing. LOL
        As you know, Aggieland is my hometown. 😉
        A&M and UT were the first colleges in TX (land grants).They are very old “rivals” (putting it mildly).

          1. Check out the T-shirts… They changed “Come And Take It” to “Take It and Come” LOL

            What idiots! LOL
            ” ‘Let’s put a dildo in the hands of every pissed off college student who hasn’t been heard in this safety conversation,” Jin said. “Strap it on, feel the discomfort, feel the weird looks. Wear it loud, wear it proud, and don’t take them off until people take their guns home.’ ”

        1. (chuckle, chuckle) 🙄 no, I actually meant this article we’re posting comments on.

          (ran out of reply buttons)

    1. Angel you are a Godsend! thanks so much for posting the Aggie fight song! Sends goosebumps! and believe it or not I once watched an Aggie game and saw my son in the stands, above the 12th man sign. but I kinds miss those Aggie-Longhorn games now that the Ags are in the SEC. Gig ‘Em!

      1. 😀
        Hubby and I were VERY upset when they left the Big 12. The Thanksgiving A&M vs Longhorn game was Tradition!!!! (as was the Bonfire… I grew up seeing it from my backyard).
        Gig ’em! 😀 😀 😀

  5. “The exuberant crowd was met by a small number of gun-rights advocates. And though leaders of one pro-carry group, Students for Concealed Carry, welcomed the demonstration, Forrest Sullivan, a junior chemical engineering student, said he thought it was ‘very childish.’
    ‘Firearms give women the ability to compensate for the inequality that nature has put on us,’ he said. ‘I have a fiancee that is 5 feet tall, and she is going through the process of getting her concealed carry because if a man decides to attack her, that is her only option of defense.’ ”

    “C.J. Grisham of Open Carry Texas took the scene in stride.
    ‘It’s not about the dildos, it really isn’t,’ he said, explaining why he was protesting the protest. ‘It’s about … the right to defend oneself on a college campus.’
    Grisham, who said he didn’t expect a warm welcome, helped carry his group’s banner: ‘If licensed gun owners were a threat, you wouldn’t be reading this.’ He was eventually joined by another pro-gun protester who held up a poster that quoted Adolf Hitler.”


  6. Would it surprise anyone that the name of the little c**t that helped organize this vulgar protest like this is named “rosie zander”? It has a strong ashke-Nazi background. I wonder if she is or just a sophomoric twat?

    Oops! Never mind.

    I found her picture at the levine hebrew academy in Dallas.

    Usual filthy kike suspects.

      1. rosie is the whiny dingbat in your one link that showed up with the boxes of dildos for the rest of the dildos! She’s also focused in most of the accompanying stories as an assistant organizer who brought the big boxes. Blonde girl…

        I also wonder where the money for over 4,000 sex toys came from?!

        Hi Angel:-) Thanks for the links!

          1. Ahh, gotcha. After her statement in the opening of the video, they referred to her as one “who helped lead the protest” in the aol link and featured her carrying them in.

            I guess I “ass”umed she was a big dong in their movement, considering her exposure:-)

            She definitely is trying hard! LOL

            Thanks, Angel.

  7. The 50th anniversary of the nation’s first mass school shooting (UT) was August 1, 2016.

    “Congressman Doggett recalled that the campus’ Main Building came to be known as ‘The Tower of Tragedy,’ and, that terms such as SWAT team, first responder, and gun violence were not part of our lexicon prior to that day. In fact, SWAT teams came about as a direct result of the shooting.”


    “The issue has been quite a contentious one at UT — not so much at other Lone Star campuses.”

    “Those on the other side of the argument point to the Tower shooting as a reason for campus carry. Civilians were reportedly credited by officer Ramiro Martinez, the man who killed Whitman, for decreasing the number of victims by bringing their own weapons to the scene and firing at Whitman and forcing him to take cover.”

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