Texas county gun show shuts down rather than implement background checks

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A gun show held about once a month near Austin ends in January after county commissioners and the show management failed to come to terms over a county demand for federal background checks on all gun sales.

The Saxet Gun Shows in Travis County have been held in the county’s publicly-owned Exposition Center since 2010. Following the Sandy Hook shootings of 2012, commissioners stipulated that the gun show require all exhibitors and attendees to perform a free federal criminal background check, the Austin American-Statesman reported.  

But the show’s management refused. After weeks of negotiations with little movement on either side, county commissioners did not renew a lease for the event.

Most sales at the gun shows already require a background check — all federally-registered gun dealers perform them. The local requirement would have affected bout 10 percent of the sales between private sellers and buyers, the Statesman reported.

Todd Beiter, owner of the Saxet Gun Shows, told the Statesman that “it is not really my job to infringe on anyone’s rights.”

According to Impact News in Austin, the county had offered to offset the $114,000 rental cost for the facility by the amount of financial burden the new background check requirement would have created.


8 thoughts on “Texas county gun show shuts down rather than implement background checks

  1. I can’t believe this. I’ve been to this gun show many times in Travis County when I was in Austin. Great group of people and always great show. The people always respect your rights. This is your classic case of politicians trying to implement gun control over the people or shut down the whole thing. The people definitely don’t want it, but these motherF**KING politicians who follow the rules of their masters will do all they can to implement their gun control, rather than represent the will of the people. As we all know, there is no government anymore and there is no representation. It is for the corporations and the elite and by the corporations and the elite.

    The new mayor of Austin to be, is a councilmen who is hell bent on gun control when NO ONE in the city wants it and he will make sure these gun shows are done and that gun control is going to take effect in Austin unless the people take their own guns and enforce their rights or kick these Communist bastards out of government for good. And you can bet the Round Rock mafia police department which is the next town North of Austin is going to help implement these gun control measures without a moments hesitation.

    The people of Austin better get their shit together and do what needs to be done or the rest of Texas will soon follow.

    1. Demographically, Austin and the immediate surrounds are mostly lost to our people. I have lived in Travis & Wilco, I know of what you have been complaining about.

  2. Just move over a few miles and be in Round Rock or Cedar Park. Same area just not weird like the liberal jokers in Austin.

    1. tuesdayissoylentgreenday, don’t even go there.

      If you think the Round Rock police is great, then I would be happy to introduce you to Officer Cox who likes to pull you over for no reason and then arrest you because you refuse to allow him to search your car for no reason and all you were doing was taking your dog to the dog park. Then he does not even read you your 5th Article rights, does not follow the 4th Article and refuses to tell you what you are being arrested for until after he takes you to the station and then gets a search warrant for your car AFTER he arrests you.

      Six months before that, him and his buddies felt it was necessary to go wolf pack on me in which one of his buddies tased the shit out of me when I WAS THE VICTIM. After an assault that taken place minutes before, I had the suspect restrained and wrapped up nicely, waiting for them (The Round Rock Police) to arrive to take him away. This was all reported by friends and wife who were witnesses to it all and called them up and relayed the message on dispatch before they arrived. When they did, my friends and wife were shouting, “What are you doing? He’s the victim! Why are you tasering the victim?”

      Mind you, for this one small incident, over 4 cop cars showed up with 6 policemen (excessive use of force) who then jumped me like a pack of wolves and for some reason don’t hear my friends and wife standing literally 5 feet away from them yelling, “What are you doing? He’s the victim! Why are you tasering the victim?”

      Then while I worked at the Liquidation Channel, the entire Round Rock SWAT team decides to come in and close off the building (wouldn’t let anyone in or out) with assault rifles and all because they said someone called in a gun threat, only to find out it was the wrong building and a false alarm. So rather than simply calling up the security guard in the building to make sure that everything was OK in the first place, they decided to use excessive force to scare everyone in the building and raiding the place WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT and violating our rights because of some random prank caller.

      So by all means, go to Round Rock. It’s so much safer. NOT!

      As far as Cedar Park goes, I have friends who lived there and the police are just as bad. So go blow it out your ear!

  3. This crap does not suprise me, Austin is full of pinko-commie-bedwetters. Been to a few Saxtet(Texas backwards) shows in Austin, they are fairly weak, the shows in Bell county just north are weaker. I applaude the organiser for ‘stickin to his guns’. Y’all know about the ammo shortage, yet as a reloader of 30 yrs, the relaoding component situation is even more grim. I have not ever seen the lack of components ever – even after obummer first got ‘elected’. Y’all know who is behind this. There is an EVIL CONSPIRACY to ensure the lack of ammo & reloading components for the American Nationals to obtain. Without these, our existing firearms are of litlle worth. As for reloading components, reloaders have always been a very small minority of the shootin’ folks; therefore, there really is a nefarious problem here.

  4. Austin was infiltrated long ago..during the 60’s ‘cultural revolution’.
    Austin has a lot of silicon valley communists (‘jewish rule’) from california.
    There was even a time when they were going to build another ‘hollywood’
    there. Who ‘owns’ hollywood? The khazar ‘jews’, that’s who.
    They infected austin because it’s the capital…the place to do real damage to


  5. It’s too bad no one actually reads the “law” (err, I mean “code”) and the definitions under them. Most don’t know that there is NO legislation to control “guns”, but rather “firearms”. The definitions for “firearms” are NOT under USC Title 18, but rather USC Title 26 (that’s right, the ‘tax code’ – it’s another hidden tax that doesn’t apply to anyone except law-enforcement agencies). So, the next time someone says you’ve got a “concealed carry” just laugh in their face because there’s no such thing. It first has to fit the definition of a “firearm” to even be considered “concealed”. Here’s a hint, “revolvers, pistols, and rifles are NOT ‘firearms'”. If you’d like more info, respond to me, but no one usually does.

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