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      1. g.
        those guys were a tough bunch of SOBs. There was almost no way for them to know the truth back then. They didn’t have fromthetrenches. I would take one of them over twenty of the new guys.

  1. The vets may think that they fought for us here in america back then but look at who they were realy fighting for- without even knowin` as the vets were, and still are being lied to and poisoned by their lies. If they actualy did fight for america then america would be a good honest truthful country. The vets were lied to by the american govt. and the the vetrans aught to be mad as hell about what the murderous american govt. did to murder not only americans but also those innocents that we invaded and killed – all for some g*d damned political hissy fit. 🙁 😎

    1. Yes Diggerdan. when a relative sent this to me a little bit ago, I had mixed feelings about it. If my father in law (ww11 pow, tortured, starved, forced into a death march) new the truth it would kill him i’m afraid. He is 92, and still alive. wonderful man. His b17 was shot down over germany.

      1. Paul,
        I never disrespect the guys from ww1 and ww2. It was hard enough for me to wake to the Iraq lie. I can’t imagine trying to see through the lies of ww1 and ww2. Those guys are still bad asses in my opinion.

          1. My great uncle was there in ww 2. Those guys were a cut above the rest. I wish we had a feww hundred thousand of them today to assist. We need to do right by them and fix this place.

          2. Hey Bulldog. My father in law, Mel Tucker, would be one of the first to kick some ass don’t ya know, and i would be right by his side.

    2. When I went I thought I was doing the right thing. Shortly after getting there I realized different. Once you wake up to the truth it is tough to watch the propaganda. This shit is so deep that you can’t fault the average Joe. I wish I had been awake before.

        1. Yeah sure, I’ve had a couple of beers, why not.
          The first fire fight we got into in March 2003 was with some people who were raiding a military base for copper and other things they could find to sell and feed their family. Didn’t know it at the time.
          That was a big wake up call.

          Next, after the first IED attacks, I started putting two and two together. Most of the attacks were looking like they were from Iraqi Patriots, if there is such a thing, trying to get us out of their country. I would have done the same thing.

          What really got me was KBR. After 9 months in country, we finally got a chow hall. It was run by none other than KBR. We used to go get some good chow before a mission. We would go in and grab two plates each. One for the food, one to cover the food while we were on patrol. None of the SOBs in the chow hall told us that KBR was charging the government (us) 28 bucks per plate. So every time we covered our chow with an empty plate to keep the dust out, the American taxpayer was being charged twice. That proved that it was all for fricking money.
          I could go on, but… maybe I will write up a big thing to post about a year in Iraq. Americans should know the truth.

          1. Damn, it had to be almost surreal to have that realization and then look at where you were.

          2. Millard,
            definitely was. Most guys will tell ya that once the SHTF, you are only gonna do what ever it takes to get your ass back to your wife and kids and keep your guys alive. There is not much “fighting for your country” going on. It is all about keeping your guys alive.

          3. ” I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours, to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom.
            Yours very sincerely and respectfully, Abraham Lincoln”

      1. Yes, that’s deepest wound of all.
        My Mom and her 1st husband were sent to the Philippines, from Pearl Harbor, the day before it was hit. He was one of the survivors of the Death March of Bataan. (She got evacuated with the wives.) My Dad was Army OSS. Somehow, he made it out of the Battle of the Bulge. They were Drafted. It wasn’t a Choice. Dad was “awake” and taught me from an early age to be “awake.” He always said to Never have anything to do with the military but, after his death, I met and married a Vet. (Army Special Forces). The “awakening” is an Extremely painful process. Hard to admit that you were such a fool, duped, used, and thrown away, for Nothing.
        We saw “Lone Survivor” the other night. Well done but very disturbing. I reccomend it for Non-Coms. However, it brings up too much for those who have “been there” (the tough split-second desicions, hung out to dry, etc {not to mention death, your Buddies, survival}).

    3. I agree with the assessment that George W. Bush had a “woody” on for those Ivory handled pistols of Saddam’s personal collection. But Iraq was a stepping stone in the neocons grand plan.

  2. Grandpa has Alzheimer’s. Or like most of his generation, he has probably spent his entire life as an ignorant man, clueless that he fought to protect communism and international financiers.

    Is the intended audience for this pro-war propaganda any less naïve?

    1. ???and so who are You Ted W. ??? Spent his life as a ignorant man???????????????, WTF Ted W. where did you come from. Perhaps he was a honest man that trusted the govt. – unlike what you sound like 🙁 clarify your self Ted. I do not understand what you mean sayin` that.

  3. oh Christ on a cross..you people think you have tears flowing about your ww2 relatives..just break wind on this cold fact..my fathers brothers 2nd cousin was the man who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima..try living with that..

  4. Meanwhile, Ol’ Prescott Bush was selling oil and laundering money for the Nazis, while people thought they were fighting for good.

    As someone above says, these men and women didn’t have FromTheTrenches and other outlets of truth, and did what they thought was right and believed (or were led to believe) in.

    A noble video. I just wish the effort – and the price paid – were for a noble cause.

    There’s NO excuse, nowadays, to be part of the genocide the US is inflicting upon poorer nations, for the profit of a select few, nor to abide by such an unconstitutional government.

  5. I have an awake Vietnam Vet living next door, he is all kinds of messed up over the truth of it all, I have friends that came back from Afghanistan all of whom are awake now, all kinds of pissed off about it.

    I was awake early on when I tried to join the Air Force out of high school, and watched the armed forces f#@k up two of my best friends, were all over 50 now..and each day more and more awake to the game

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