Texas high school students now required to watch police interaction video before they can graduate


Many states around the country are exploring ways to reduce tensions between police and citizens in the wake of recent police shootings. And through the Community Safety Education Act, Texas has come up with a creative one.

The bill signed into law last year “requires any student entering ninth grade in the 2018-2019 academic year and thereafter to participate in a class and watch a video instruction on how to interact properly with officers during traffic stops,” according to the Washington Post.  

For students failing to fulfill that requirement means no diplomas.

The 16-minute video walks through how drivers should respond to officers during a traffic stop.

The bulk of the “video shows a re-enactment of students being pulled over for speeding and the officers explaining to them what to do next,” notes CNN. “The re-enactment is followed by different students asking questions about what to do if they have to deal with law enforcement, with officers answering those questions.”

The new curriculum inclusion has received mixed reviews, with some calling for cops to be better trained.

“Why not just train those cops properly?” wrote one tweeter, and another stated, “maybe cops need new training so they know how to better handle situations where they have to pull people over.”


8 thoughts on “Texas high school students now required to watch police interaction video before they can graduate

    1. Pathetic!!!!!!!!

      That black female cop asking the guy about where are you coming from, and then what type of exam did you take, then to top it off, how did you do? OMG, they act like they are old friends or family.

    1. Bill-in Texas of all places? Texas is THE “law enforcement loving kissing ass” state! As much as I love living in Texas (okay okay far west Texas), I HATE that no state has the adulation and worship of cops and “law enforcement” like Texas does!

      Or were you just being facetious?

      As a fix for this “mandatory slave training” of which you are correct about, I have THE SOLUTION–HOME SCHOOL! And no state is as home school loving and supporting as Texas is! The most home school friendly state in the US, IMHO. All you have to be is a loving (and reasonably smart) parent–no teacher certification required (as it is in other states), and no “permission” from local school districts required.

      1. Yes, DL, I was trying to be funny. I know there are a lot of cop suckers in Texas. That is my problem with red States, they seem to worship cops no matter what they do.

        Yes, home schooling is the answer, unfortunately most people I talk to just love them some publik skoolin!

  1. If you send your kids to public fools for their education
    Don’t bitch when they can’t function in the real world and end up living in your basement until you die

  2. Another symptom of where exactly we are under this tyranny. How about training for “Da Police” to Adhere to the Bill of Rights…I guess that would nullify their existence, yeah…!


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