4 thoughts on “The Bill of Rights… Evaporating Before Our Very Eyes

  1. Each man possessing in full their Bill of Rights must defend it as it is their life. It only evaporates when the individual does NOT defend it.

  2. “…Since 9-11…”? Really? I’d say since at least 1871…you know, the year of a certain CORPORATE UNITED STATES “STRAW MAN” ACT? I’d say Truthstream Media has some education to catch up on! Such as FTTWR!

  3. Here is what some idiot who was thinking of purchasing it said…

    “I was just about to purchase this mug for myself and a few of my law school friends. However, I quickly noticed a major mistake. The Bill of Rights are the first ten AMENDMENTS to the Constitution, NOT Articles as it says on the mug. The mug correctly lists and states the first ten Amendments, but incorrectly labels them as Articles. Some people may say this is a small issue, but it’s not, especially when the description says the mug is a good learning tool as well as conversation piece. There are only 7 Articles to the Constitution and they deal with the powers of the branches of government, powers of the states, and powers of ratification, amending, etc. and have nothing to do with the citizens of the country. We don’t need people going around talking about how the Articles give us our civil liberties. I checked that I would not recommend this to a friend, but that’s only as it is in its current state. If they change the mug to say Amendments then I would definitely recommend this.”

    Jeeez. Can’t fix stupid!

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