Texas Middle School Principal Suspended for banning Hispanic students from speaking Spanish in the Classroom

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The Lone Star Watchdog

A Texas middle school principal is accused of banning students from speaking Spanish in the classrooms.

Kudos to the Principle. This is America, Not Mexico. We speak ENGLISH not Spanish


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13 thoughts on “Texas Middle School Principal Suspended for banning Hispanic students from speaking Spanish in the Classroom

  1. And the problem with this is what? I can’t find a problem with this. The guy seems to be on the right track and gets suspended for saying you have to speak english…….in America? New concepts sometimes take awhile to catch on. Hopefully other principals will do the same.

  2. OMG!!! REALLY?? WOW!! This is hilarious. Oh man, this country needs so much help.

    Like Michael said, if they had banned people from speaking English, then there wouldn’t have been any problems. Unbelievable. (shaking my head)

  3. There was a time that when immigrants came from Europe to have a better life in America. The kids would learn English at school and the parents were eager to learn the English lessons taught to their children so the parents can better their lives learning the language. If it were left up to me. I would shut down all Spanish speaking radio,TV stations and print media because it does not help no one. It is a disincentive for a person not to assimilate into the language and culture. It is has nothing to do with free speech or freedom. If a person does not want to learn English, they should go home to the land they came from.

    the school principle has every right to have English only spoken. in story:

    My employer who is the foreman who is here legally from Columbia has a policy. His rule is no Spanish spoken on the job and English is the only language in the work place among co-workers. No English, no hire.

    People speaking Spanish when they can speak English well breeds mistrust among those who do not speak Spanish. Many times these people who can speak English speak Spanish behind people’s backs because they are not man enough or lady enough to say it in English is an act of cowards.

    The school principle’s policy prohibiting Spanish in the classroom stops these insults made behind the teachers or students backs. If they have a problem with someone. They should say it in English. Insults in Spanish is an act of cowards if they can not speak do not want to speak there minds in the proper language. It has nothing to do with free speech or individual liberty.

    I plan on visiting Russia hopefully next year. I am learning the language so I can communicate with the Russian people. I know many Russians can speak English well. I will learn to speak the language because as a guest in their country. If I make the effort to speak there language. I know I will earn their respect for making the effort. I do not expect the Russian people to accommodate me if I refuse to learn the Russian language.

    If I make a honest effort to learn Russian and make a mistake speaking. It is a different story if they use English to correct my Russian.

    It is my responsibility to learn the Russian language. It is not the Russians obligation to accommodate me if I refuse to assimilate.

    I like to see Spanish people try this in the Russian Federation with this press 1 for Russian and 2 for Spanish. It would never fly in Russia. Learn their language or go home. Their way or the highway is the right policy of Russia if they refuse to learn the native language.

    So you Daily Paul people before you talk about free speech. Better learn history first. It is noting to do with free speech. The language of the people is a major part of the strength and unity of a nation.

    English is the Language of America. Not Spanish. Any Questions?

    Soon or will be the Americans way for the Highway if a person does not assimilate to learn English and learn our history or culture. There is no room for those who will not assimilate to be Americans and not have duel loyalties to their native country. There is only room for one American flag and one Language and that is English.

  4. La raza doesn’t like being told to assimilate and could care less how racist and offensive their attitudes, words, and actions are.

    I say fine, then go back to Mexico, central America, or South America, wherever you came from, where no one will require you to speak English and you can be as rude as you like and pick your dumb cockish fights with your fellow Spanish speakers.

    What I find ironic and really ridiculous is that these people claim Spanish as their native language when Spanish is actually the language of their Jesuit conquerors, and that they’re behaving like just another herd of dumb sheep without knowledge of their true history and tongue.

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