Texas students launch ‘No Whites Allowed’ magazine

Campus Reform – by Mitchel Gunter

A group of students at the University of Texas, San Antonio plans to start publishing a “No Whites Allowed” (NWA) magazine.

According to a Facebook event titled “Zine Release,” the magazine will be revealed on March 1 at La Botanica, which describes itself as “Texas’ first vegan restaurant with a full bar and performance and event venue.”  

“Thursday at La Botanica from 8-11pm there will be the NWA Zine release party! This zine specifically features and promotes black and brown lgbtqa creatives,” the description states. “We hope to showcase our talent and create an open space for our voices to be heard.”

The description goes on to explain that “for a very long time, black and brown people, especially those who are queer, have been told that they don’t have a space. That they don’t have a voice or a say. With this we would like to create a space.”

Student Kayla Ramey further elaborated on the event’s purpose in a comment.

“I keep having to make this post but I’ll try it one last time so everyone clearly understands. The name of the zine is No Whites Allowed. It’s a zine for QPOC and by QPOC,” Ramey wrote, noting that while “white people are welcome to come to the event,” the “main goal is to celebrate and empower people that society routinely ignores and rejects.”

“Support from white people and heterosexual people is appreciated but is not necessary for the success of this event,” she continued, stating in a second comment that “inclusion is not inherently good, and exclusion is not inherently bad.”

An individual named Thor Menslage questioned whether the event would constitute “racism” by excluding “whites,” but he was rebuffed by defenders of the event who stated that “there have literally been whites-only establishments that were government sanctioned and approved.”

“So you’re saying that because segregation happened, it’s fine to be racist against Whites?” Menslage countered, to which another student, Katie Gee scoffed that “equality is just more cishet [cisgender heterosexual] white supremacist patriarchy trying to write the narrative.”

“We have a host of liberal organizations who regularly pass around anti-white propaganda,” one anonymous student told Campus Reform. “Our campus does nothing about this, doesn’t label it hate speech, won’t remove it, etc.”

UTSA Chief Communications Officer Joe Izbrand, however, told Campus Reform that the flyer had, in fact, been removed by university officials upon its discovery.

“This flyer showed up on Feb. 15,” he said. “It was not approved or authorized by the university and was not affiliated with any campus organization or event. It was immediately removed.”

Campus Reform also reached out to Ramey, but did not receive a response in time for publication.


12 thoughts on “Texas students launch ‘No Whites Allowed’ magazine

  1. Campus reform….


    Or… Campuss reform. ..???

    Well we’ve decided that gay white vegetarians.

    Are not allowed at this event.

    Also black males carrying 13″ carrots.

  2. I’m hurt over this . Maybe I need to sue .this is racist . Are maybe I should start a ALL WHITE magazine . Oh no I would be called so many mean names if I did

  3. Funny how these things happen when:
    1. Nearly all white slave owners of blacks died many years ago.
    2. Most folks by the 80s had given up racism toward blacks or browns
    3. Again I remind folks that white were also slaves but were called “indentured servants” to confuse the issue

    So now with all the white slave owners in their graves and nearly all whites not racist (never mind the white slavery…who gives a crap about that truth?), most whites who were never racist and never owned slaves are being punished because someone they never met owned slaves and gave up their racism many years ago? And whites who maybe are descended from white slaves (if you are Scots-Irish or Irish it is close to 100 percent likely you are) are to be punished for something they never took part in?

    I suppose these SJWs actually think Goerge Soros is gonna arm them against whites with guns who are getting more and more pissed off by the day, and will likely have decent blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Natives, etc (and who woulda thunk it? Maybe even Jews???) on their side against these SJWs, Idiot Lives Matter, Antifa, etc…when George Soros couldn’t care less about these idiots? I mean if he didn’t even give a damned about his fellow Jews…

    1. So true, DL. And so many Jews did slave-trading. Even native Americans had slaves.

      Still, I think of the ignorance of any early slave-owners, from any period in time. The cruelty and inhumanity. Still, I think of that.



  4. “… there have literally been whites-only establishments that were government sanctioned and approved.”

    Then it’s the SO-CALLED ‘GOVERNMENT’ that’s obviously the enemy… RIGHT???

    “So you’re saying that because segregation happened, it’s fine to be racist against Whites?”

    That’s EXACTLY what they’re saying (whether they deny it or not), since they’ve been ‘PROGRAMMED’ all their lives to believe it.

    Stupid sheeple.

    Make that stupid TARGETS.

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