Texas town enforces ‘zero tolerance’ policy on grass length requirements

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ABILENE, TX — The town of Abilene has instituted a ‘zero tolerance’ crackdown on private property owners whose grass does not meet government-mandated length requirements.

Code enforcers literally drive around with measuring sticks to determine which lawns have been deemed too long by the town.   The property owners are then threatened with letters and are ultimately given Class C Misdemeanors if they do not comply.  

Property owners might be surprised to discover that they can be turned into criminals just for letting nature take its course on land they rightly own — literally for doing nothing.  But with the pervasive erosion of property rights, citizens have become rent-paying caretakers of land that the government ultimately sets rules over.

Citizens who are slapped with a “public nuisance” violation are fined hundreds of dollars and are also billed roughly $150.00  to have contractors trespass on the property and manually make it comply with government standards.

Abilene has declared July 22-26 to be “Zero Tolerance Week,” according to KTXS.  Penalties have increased this year to fines of up to $500.00.

What happens if the property owners refuse to pay the fines?  As many have found out, every law is backed with the threat of force.  Places like OhioPennsylvania, and New York (AlbanyLong Island) have made it clear that refusing to obey will ultimately result in jail-time, even over something as outrageous as grass length on private property.

Property owners should reject these violations of private property rights, and support voluntary, cooperative solutions to make their communities look appealing.


6 thoughts on “Texas town enforces ‘zero tolerance’ policy on grass length requirements

  1. This is ridiculous, and what we need in this country is for people to start taking baseball bats to the knee-caps (or skulls) of anyone enforcing these stupid violations.

    “As many have found out, every law is backed with the threat of force.”

    And force needs to be met with force. No one in any branch of government has any right to dictate when the grass needs to be cut on your private property. It may seem insignificant, but it’s part of the slow process of removing all property rights, and that’s why these lawn tyrants really need to feel the ol’ Louisville Slugger across the cranium.

  2. They did this in Ft Collins Co too. The people opposed, managed to force those workers to ride bikes instead of driving cars on the tax payers dollars.

    They will seize your house if you dont pay the fine.

    Of course bank of america is exempt.

  3. My trash pick up comes like clockwork every wednesday afternoon.. One day I forgot to put out my trash but the trash truck hitting the OTHER side of the street brought my attention to it so I ran out and put my trash can out…They saw me do it..About 5-7 minutes later, they picked up trash cans on my side of street after finishing the other side of the street. They left a note on my trash can that said I have to have my trash can out by 6am Wednesday morning…So now, I make sure I am always late taking my trash can out…I mean wtf?

  4. HAHAHAHA!!!! OMG….not cutting the grass is a Class C Misdemeanor, as in almost a felony even though you have hurt absolutely no one other than the city’s precious PENAL CODES.


    So what do you say to all of this? I mean think about it. The person goes to prison over this and the guy in the cell with him says,

    “Hey, I just got caught robbing a convenient store and shooting the store owner. Hehe…What are you in here for?”

    “Umm…I didn’t cut my grass?…..”

    Only in Amerika.

  5. Lord help you if your lawn mower breaks and can’t afford to repair or
    buy another. The overarching aim is always to impose new stresses
    on target victims with the ultimate goal of making you obedient.
    Rub poison oak all over the front of your grass and when the goons
    touch it they will be tagged.

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