11 thoughts on “The 6 Best Features of the Tesla Cyber Truck – Tesla Truck Specs Compared to Competition

  1. Ugly , with very little character
    Not really into the sci-fi look
    But if it can pull 14,000 and stop 14,000
    And roll 350-450 miles between a 20 minute fill up

    I might be interested
    If he can really sell a fully optioned pick up for under 40G’s and keep it together for at least 200,000 miles
    He’s going to be a contender no matter the ugly

  2. The ugliest truck EVER!!!! It looks like it came right out of a 1980s B movie!

    I do not believe it will go 300 miles towing a jet ski and I do not believe it will recharge in 20 minutes. Even that is an eternity. My Ram can go over 500 miles on a tank of gas and I can refill it in less than 10 minutes. Just another hunk of junk from the rent seeker and conman Musk.

    1. In reality the “looks” are nothing to worry about , a body can easily be changed

      if this truck kicks the big 3’s trucks to the curb, they are going to have tesla to contend with

      200,000 orders on the first day isnt something to sneeze at

      now if it will just hold up, last.. and stay competitive , than Ford Chevy and Dodge better pay attention

      1. I kind of like it. You have to admit, the big three NEVER make their concept vehicles, Tesla broke the mold. 0 to 60 MPH in 2.4 seconds? Damn..

        1. I know that’s right
          That sucker sure does move out

          And true on the B3
          As far as I’m concerned all of their current styles ,suck
          And ain’t worth what their asking

    1. Before I could judge it, I would have to take it where nobody who could afford the son of a bitch would take it and see how that air ride suspension held up to jill-pokes and sudden drop offs.
      Other than that, $50,000 and a case of camo paint and it could be fun.

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