The Amazing Story Of Two Pediatric Cannabis Patients

Before It’s News – by N. Morgan

Medical marijuana has been gaining ground in the medical community as a valid, viable, treatment for many ailments, including seizures. The story below is about a little girl who had such severe seizures, her heart has stopped, due to the medicine. Her mom thought she was going to lose her. Out of desperation, the doctor had told her there was nothing more medicine could do for her Charlotte. Her mo chose medical marijuana and now Charlotte is thriving and living a much better quality of life. She went from listless and not being able to walk, to energetic, alive and playing!  

Zaki’s has another seizure issue and his mom found relief for him with marijuana. Many do not realize how hard the medications doctors give for seizures are. They are typically downers and have awful side effects. Both of these children were having 300 to 800 seizures a day. How can anyone doubt what is so plainly in front of their faces. Marijuana has helped many ill people find a new quality of life. After watching these stories, I hope it will make people understand, medical marijuana is necessary for some to be able to maintain their lives.

2 thoughts on “The Amazing Story Of Two Pediatric Cannabis Patients

  1. Yea, but the govt. still says that marijuana has no medical value. Typical govt BS.
    Yea, I guess though that cig.s and alcohol are safer than Herb though right.
    Yea, we always have said where I am at that alcohol is the govt. drug. They usually only drink their top shelf liquor. They commit crimes while being blacked out drunk and claim they didn`t do it or they forgot, or so it seems to me any way.

  2. When something doesn’t make sense, it digs away at me until I figure it out. The government’s position that there is no medical value to marijuana is so obviously a false position that the next question comes: why would the government take a false position? Either ignorance or on purpose. Well, we know it is not ignorance because the evidence is overwhelming that marijuana is a medicinal plant of high value. So then, why on purpose? And then… back to the in your face fact that the government is lying about the efficacy of marijuana. Then, the next question comes: if our government lies about that, could they be lying about other things, hmm? Not just a lie of omission, but of commission. Deliberately spreading falsehoods.

    And yes, the bit about alcohol and cigarettes. Alcohol is not great for you but there are some medicinal purposes for it. Tobacco, too, has medicinal value.

    But to say that those two are OK to legalize and marijuana is so dangerous that it must be completely illegal and wiped out — that is so obviously an insane or false position to take.

    More and more people are learning the truth about this. Herbs were put on this earth for man’s use — for food and medicine. The truth comes out at one point or another, when the falsehoods get too ridiculous to maintain any longer with any semblance of a straight face.

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