7 thoughts on “The American Patriot

  1. Who exactly is this “you” we will come for?
    That should read “I and my brothers alike will come for the jew. For we are many, and we are strong, and you will know our name.

    1. Exactly Joe, and would you agree that those who do the Edomite “Jews” bidding as well?! Who I feel are even bigger POS for selling out their own people for their own gain! I agree it’s a touch vague, and hopefully that sets it straight as per my belief.

    2. don’t stop with the Jews… there are a lot of gentiles who have joined their ranks, and they’ll have to be dealt with too.

          1. “You” as in what the poster states. “You” the people planning, aiding, and abetting those who are trying to destroy these United States.

            My response wasn’t to your response Hal but to J.R.’s and not to be derogatory towards J.R.’s comment.

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