18 thoughts on “The Charlie Daniels Band – Uneasy Rider

  1. Thanks – this song really sparked memories of good old times, blues and bluegrass festivals, and good people. The story of the song reminds me of adventures past.

          1. Is that the movie they talked about in another movie I can’t think of right this moment? What’s the premise in “They Live”?

          2. Aliens (jews) take over with the help of stupid useful idiot humans. T.V. ‘programming’ was the order of the day.

            Roddy claimed it is a documentary a while back.

  2. I got the privilege to see Charlie sing this song live on Saturday night 8-8-15…..and “the Devil Went Down To Georgia”….among other songs at the Smoky Mountain Entertainment Center, Franklin NC. I didn’t want the concert to end.

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