The Chem-trail spirits were up early this morning.


Oh wait, I’m sorry. This is just a normal cloud. There I go again with my conspiracy theories.

IMG_20160809_065628 IMG_20160809_065449


4 thoughts on “The Chem-trail spirits were up early this morning.

  1. Do a search on your favorite search engine for (“Sylphs”).
    It is said they are some kind of chem-trail eating entity that neutralizes the harmful chemicals.

  2. yeah, they’re back here, too, and they’re NOT invisible.

    I’m going to go with J.D.’s guess that they needed time to whip up a new formula, and God only knows what they’re spraying us with now.

    The scary part is that they’re getting so desperate, they could be hitting us with the death-spray.

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