The Chemtrail Conspiracy

downloadSent to us by a reader.

I am an ex law enforcement narcotic enforcement and one thing I insist upon is, is there probable cause to believe and what evidence is there, and most of all keeping an open mind. You mentioned Chem Trails and that the media has come forth and said it is for our good????? Any thing our media says is good just figure the opposite. This brings up a question;

If that is so then why is it here in Yuma every year around the 1st of November we get very heavy spraying and it last until around the first of April. In the summer time we get very little if any. During this period of time in the winter is when we get around 100,000 winter visitors from the U.S. and Canada with an average age of around 65 or 70 years.  

I have watched this for over 12 years and can set my clock by it. We have traveled across the country and see major cities being heavily sprayed and in Kansas one trip, farm land was under attack. It only seems to take place where there is a lot of people, or in this case large areas of crops. By the way Monsanto provides the Chemicals just like they provided GMO food. A few years back a doctor who worked with the U.N. Health organization told of a plane flying low in Missouri spraying, and this one had a number on it. The number was checked out with the FAA and it came back to Monsanto. When they were called and demanded and explanation as to what they were spraying, they denied owning any planes?????

Just when did the powers to be reveal that is is for our good? As I have contacted all our legislators and I get no answer back. Also just what good did they say it does for us as the tests have shown aluminum sulfate, barium and strontium 90 is not what they call health food for our bodies??? I have seen many of my friends all of a sudden getting respiratory ailments and a large increase of Alzheimer disease along with Parkinson’s etc etc. I am 81 and recall many years back when these were rarities when I grew up.

One more thing then if this is not a covert operation then just why are all these planes unmarked no numbers or lettering? We know as we have had glasses on them. As for the camps I guess we just have to believe they are for our welfare also?????? You see I come from an area very close to Rochelle Illinois where a person I know saw these cars being built with shackles etc in them and they had no reason to lie about it??????

A conspiracy is when two or more people conspire to commit an unlawful act, I really think our government have two or more people doing just that! Ever hear of Fast and Furious????

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