The Cream Will Rise

First Published 10-11-10

Apparently the all-holy business people who are looking to put on new employees want workers who are already working, as they are assumed to be the better worker.  No accounting for the cliques I suppose.  I don’t know how the cliques work in your area but this is how they work in mine.

The governors, mayors, congressmen, commissioners, and big business owners make up the upper echelons.  You can usually find these people in the Masonic temples planning their dirty deeds.  From there the cliques spread out into the churches and local community action boards.  That’s when the good old boy buddy system kicks in: construction companies, logging companies, towing companies, garages, hotels, and restaurants.   You will find these people in your local Masonic lodge.  If you are observant at all you will have noticed that these rings never really experience any economic disasters like we do.  They may have to fire an employee or two, but you will never see one of them in a soup line.

Road construction especially gets my goat as I have never seen it slow down.  However, it was the first industry addressed when our latest economic crisis kicked in.  There is a reason.  When the money comes to the state via a grant those in charge of distributing the funds are in a position to receive a long series of kickbacks and favors owed through the contracting of services.  I guess what it comes down to in the U.S. these days is, “it’s not what you know, but rather who you know”.

This coupled with the degenerative consequences of hereditary wealth is the poison that kills countries.  The problem with hereditary wealth is that a moron can be born from two geniuses just as sure as a genius can be born from two morons.  If you look at history it is wrought with the consequences of hereditary wealth and power.  Caligula married his horse and Nero fiddled as Rome burned.

When most of us were children in school we were told that anyone could grow up and be president, which was just another lie.   Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama can all trace their lines back to the crowned heads of Europe.  History has shown that civilizations, like trees, tend to die from the top down.  And let’s face it we have a lot of dead wood at the top in the good old U.S. of A.

It is a shame that it is always the innocent who have to suffer for the sins of the guilty but until human beings finally come to realize what a precious thing life is, it will continue this way.  The only bright point being that when civilizations crumble due to hereditary wealth and greed, unless life is completely destroyed, the human spirit endures and people build new civilizations and for a short while before hereditary wealth kicks in again the cream always rises and the regular folk get to enjoy their day in the sun.

This will be the last article I will write for World News Heard Now (labor dispute) but I will never quit fighting the insanity of the international corporate mafia.  I will attack them any and every time I see a weakness.  I say to all of you out there who have read my thoughts; I’ll see you in the streets.

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