The Creation of Good Little Communists

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While the government shutdown games continue, and the left carries on with their temper tantrums, the United States is still faced with the issue of raising the debt ceiling or defaulting on our massive 17 trillion dollar debt. In all reality, you can rest assure that this shutdown will be over by the time that would happen because no one is going to take the blame for defaulting.  The same thing has been happening every year since President Obama was initially inaugurated in January 2009. His failure to pass a budget has led to a government shutdown scare every October since then.  

Even now, reports are coming from The Treasury Department warning of financial gloom and doom if we fail to raise the debt ceiling by October seventeenth. The issue comes down to scaring the public enough to get them to accept higher spending levels in order to keep our society intact and keep goods and services flowing. In a very predictable fashion, Obama continues to blame republicans because a vast majority of his voters are so “uninformed” as how our government functions they don’t realize that the responsibility of passing a budget falls on the president.  In fact, some of his voters are so uneducated about government many of them don’t realize that the democrats controlled the house and the senate the last half of George Bush’s second term. The democrat controlled congress is responsible for the financial recession of 2008/09.

While the prospect of defaulting on our debt is worrisome, what I personally find more baffling is the number of Americans who believe raising the debt ceiling will solve our problems. In order to do so, we must borrow money from countries like China, who already own a massive portion of our debt and are not particularly interested in our rights as individual American citizens. Borrowing money from China is what should make Americans angry. Instead, we see young Americans who are clueless about reality, (thanks to the public education system) seething at the mouth that we have people in congress like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul willing to take a stand. Instead, we see people who have been so inundated with the entitlement mentality they do not care what the consequences are of continually raising the debt ceiling, or borrowing money from countries who do not share our best interests. To many people who run a house hold it goes without saying that spending more money than what you bring in will lead to financial ruin. How did the United States get to the point where so many people believe that raising the debt ceiling will solve our financial woes?

Our education system has a lot to do with it. It is hard to argue against the fact that our schools seem to be teaching us what to think instead of “how to think.” Instead of teaching logic deduction and the virtues of liberty our schools are dumbing us down with sensitivity training and the Pavlovian methods of conditioning known as Outcome Based Education. Which essentially means our students are being trained how to pass a standardized test and nothing more.  In elementary school, our children are literally forced to sit still at a desk all day as they are discouraged from asking questions that may go against the teacher’s politically correct lesson plan, and they are treated as if they need the schools to act as their full time nannies. Every day you hear another asinine story of a young kid getting suspended for toy guns or playing cops and robbers. The ultimate goal of this insane practice is to teach the kids that the state has the authority, and the state is looking out for their safety; thus creating loyal subjects to the state.

They then progress to higher education where they are overwhelmed with an anti-American sentiment that best represents the attitude of our current president and his communist administration. They are taught that American values such as hard work and reaping the rewards of our own labor are unfair and amount to nothing more than an “oppressive meritocracy.” Through this concept, the unwashed masses develop the illusion that our society is separated into economic classes the likes of which can be compared to India’s caste system.  Theories that attempt to explain generational poverty like “Person in Environment Theory” destroy the reality that people in this nation are blessed with the right to make choices for themselves, and extraordinary people who have brought themselves out of generational poverty are demonized and made to look like sellouts in order to give further credibility to their attempts to teach collectivism.

The whole thing really equates to a massive application of the Cloward & Piven plan to socialize America and the Marxist concept of the Hegelian Dialectic. The government is creating the problem of poverty through excessive regulation and taxation and using the education system to offer the solution. They are using the knowledge gained from over a century of research into human behavior in order to condition people to willingly go along without question. This idea can be traced back to the early 1900’s when Vladimir Lenin approached Ivan Pavlov and asked him to apply his method of conditioning animals to the Russian people. This can be seen by watching the film “The Bloody History of Communism.”

This conditioning worked and it could be argued that the rest of the twentieth century was nothing but a giant experiment in the conditioning of human beings.

What’s being created in our public schools is now is the perfect government automaton. Unable to think for themselves and come to conclusions based on logic and common sense they automatically look to government to solve their problems. It’s the perfect culmination of the plan set in motion by people like Antonio Gramsci and John Dewey. The implementation of an education system that creates a subservient and compliant citizenry whose loyalty is to the state and whose only action is obedience. The application of psychological techniques (otherwise known as propaganda) perfected at the Frankfort School of Social Research for the explicit purpose of teaching people how to ask for tyranny.  While this may sound a bit conspiratorial, it is, in my opinion the only logical explanation for adult human beings who believe raising our debt limit will solve our problems. It is the only explanation for a nation of “free” people that now seem to be begging the government to assume total power. At this point it is an avalanche that will be almost impossible to stop.

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  1. This whole shutdown ‘crisis’ is to get people to readily accept the slashing of funds to Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, while the corporations avoid paying taxes and the rich get richer and pay less taxes.

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