The Dark Knight Rises With Slasher Zombies

Offspectrum with James Farganne

On July 20, 2012, we were given by our lamestream media to believe that a timid graduate student with no firearms experience switcherooed into ultimate commando mode and shot up a theater in Aurora, Colorado, killing 12 and injuring dozens more.

According to the talking heads, he certainly dressed for the occasion, wearing thousands of dollars of military-grade body armor that he could not have sourced nor afforded. Somehow he also possessed the expertise to trick out his apartment with elaborate booby traps. Yet after being apprehended, drooling and dazed, slumped over the steering wheel of his car, he warned the cops about the booby traps — because hey, that’s why he had gone to all the trouble of setting them up in the first place. So that no one would get hurt. That’s obvious, right?

The alleged shooter, James Egan Holmes, claimed to have no memory of the shooting, nor of much else in the recent weeks of his life. That incongruous patch of orange hair above his confused face and vacant eyes came off as contrived – pathetic – unreal, at the end of the day. Many commented on his drugged comportment. He showed symptoms of having been poisoned with scopolamine – a mind control drug that strips its victims of free will, and often leaves them in a state of amnesia.

Then there were the Aurora police tapes. The Aurora cops were not responding to any sort of emergency. Instead, in ho-hum fashion, they were enacting a drill for a theater shooting scenario. At one point, they discussed where they were going to place the “families” of the “victims” for a photo op.

Then there were the surreal photos of people grinning within arm’s reach of the bereaved. You can see the photos, hear the police tapes, and learn a great deal more by reviewing Jim Stone’s argument that the whole thing was a staged psyop. That report is here: My summary of that report, which also ties in the claim of one witness that Aurora police chief Dan Oates shot her and coerced her into testifying that Holmes did it, can be found here:

Fast forward to the Sandy Hook shooting. The official story is so hole-riddled, the narrative so badly botched, it makes the Aurora production look downright slick. If you have not done so already, review Clare Keuhn’s “Newtown Massacre Major Discrepancies List”. I can’t help but conclude that, at minimum, Adam Lanza did not murder all those children – if any were murdered at all. After all, the children’s bodies were never produced. Why on earth not? Stone has gone so far as to speculate that they ended up on the child sex slave market. I know, I know, that’s too horrible a possibility to entertain – but in reality such markets do exist, and the children must be sourced, so entertain it we must.

After all the inconsistencies outlined in Keuhn’s list, as if our intelligence had not already been insulted beyond pardon, we were treated to that enraging blooper wherein Robbie Parker, “father” of a “victim”, was shown grinning at the producers before “getting into character” as he stepped up to the mic. If this development alone is not enough to make you at least consider the possibility that the whole thing was a wag-the-dog charade, then I would say you didn’t take just one blue pill. You must have downed the whole bottle.

Now, to the title of this article: as if things couldn’t get any weirder, it emerged that the words “Sandy Hook” had appeared (on a map) in the damned Batman movie that was playing at the Aurora shooting. Have you ever been ridiculed for suggesting that such connections might be meaningful? Well, here is possible vindication for you. I mean, it’s not as though the second shooting happened in a town called Springfield, or in a major hub like New York or Chicago. Sandy Hook is a very obscure place name. What are the chances that it would appear as the only visible place name on a map in the Batman movie that provided both the setting for the Aurora shooting and the inspiration for the killer’s orange hair? Can we pass this off as mere coincidence?

Dr. Terry E. Arbogast II certainly didn’t. As the superintendent of schools in Giles County, Virginia, Dr. Arbogast recently released the following letter to parents:

January 1, 2013

Dear Parents/Guardians:

On the evening of Dec. 27th, 2012, the Giles County Sheriff’s Department, the Town of Narrows police department, and the Giles County Schools, were notified by the Va. State police regarding information on a web-site. This web-site discussed the shootings that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. Included in this discussion on the web-site was how “Sandy Hook” was referenced in the Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rising.” This reference was in a map that appeared in a scene in this movie. Another zone on this map appearing in the movie was “Narrows.” The author, who posted this article, did an online Google search based “on a hunch” for “Narrows Schools.” From this search, information for Narrows Elementary/Middle School and Narrows High School appeared.

Based on this information, we have been in communication with our local law enforcement officials (i.e. – the Sheriff’s Department and Town of Narrows police) to discuss this issue further. Additional precautions have been taken for the immediate future and additional safeguards will be installed at each of our facilities in the near future.

Again, please realize that there were no specific threats made against any of our schools in Giles County. However, based on this information, we are working with our local law enforcement officials to continue to ensure the safety of our students and our staff members.

If you have any questions, please contact your child(s) school or the Giles County School Board office.


Dr. Terry E. Arbogast, II


Now even lamestream media sources have acknowledged that the Narrows Schools were actually closed for a security beef-up, so seriously was the Batman reference to Sandy Hook taken:

Then there is that old B-grade slasher film classic wherein the killer of exotic dancers only strikes in the aftermath of a hurricane. The title? You guessed it! The Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre! Ha ha! Get it? Killer, aftermath, hurricane, Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook, killer? It is comforting to realize that the NWO control freak psychopaths behind this sort of predictive programming have such a great sense of humor.

The Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre was bestowed upon us in the year 2000, then duly forgotten. Over a decade later, a reviewfor this obscure stinker was posted on, of all days, July 20, 2012 (Batman shooting day). The first paragraph reads:

“So here we have Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre. Let’s say that again, SANDY HOOK LINGERIE PARTY MASSACRE! What do you think of when you see that combination of words? What’s in a title anyway? Does it have a cryptic meaning? Who is Sandy Hook? What on earth am I writing about? Let’s move on…”

Jim Stone, the man who also gave us proof positive that Fukushima was no natural disaster, summed up the chances of this all being mere coincidence as follows:

“The odds are in fact that of two gnats, flying inside the metrodome, having a mid air collision with each other within a time frame of 30 seconds.”

Knowing Jim, he didn’t just pull that out of his butt, either. He could probably show you the calculations he did on paper. But I digress.

Recently, I discovered yet another Sandy Hook reference, read out by a police dispatcher reporting a crime, in a zombie movie in which the virus is spread, not by physical contact, but via the English language – rather like Sandy Hook meme fever itself.

The movie is Pontypool (2008), an obscure film that was reasonably well received. The main characters are holed up throughout the apocalypse in a basement radio station, wondering if they are stoking the epidemic by continuing to broadcast. The words “Sandy Hook” are first uttered at the 15:53 mark. If you’re interested in more than confirming this claim, I’d recommend watching it from the start. That movie abounds with twilight language, inside jokes of the elites, and twisted references to such other bon-bons as 911 and that glorious holiday Purim, whereon celebrants commemorate the slaughter of 75,000 Persians with much joy and gusto – and which coincides also with a suspiciously large number of gruesome events in modern geopolitical history.

That Pontypool is a zombie movie is also significant, what with all the talk of zombie apocalypses we’ve gotten of late from such officious sources as the Centers for Disease Control and the U.S. Military, which recently based drills on that very scenario. Remember also that spate of macabre flesh-eating attacks – the dudes on “bath salts”? Just sayin’. If you’ve read this far, you probably have no illusions about the lamestream, and even a fair bit of the “alternative”, media. You know there’s disinformation everywhere. But have you considered that a great deal of what is presented – even attacks by naked face-eaters – might be staged, or even outright fabricated? Consider Osama bin Laden’s death face, which was promptly exposed as a shameless superimposition of Osama (alive) and some nameless Arab dude (dead). Consider the footage in Tripoli when Libya was being bludgeoned to death, the footage of “anti-Gaddafi demonstrators” in Green Square, the footage that was proved to have been shot at a studio because the trees and buildings didn’t match up with photos of the real location.

I could go on. The point I’m trying to drive home is that the deception is inordinate, filigree, mind-bendingly elaborate, and it is becoming more apparent by the week; and part of the deception is keeping truth-seekers boxed in to “alternative” reality-models. Even one year ago, if one of my friends, another truth-seeker in a different “box”, had tried to tell me that staged school shootings were basically announced in Hollywood movies ahead of time, I’d have listened politely and concluded that he had wandered a bit too far into the bush. But having seen the evidence, and considering just how much money flows into the culture creation industry, and considering recent revelations like Savile-gate as well as a thousand other glimpses I have gotten into the twisted minds of the psychopaths running this institution we call Earth, I don’t feel odd for putting so much stock in a reference made in an obscure horror movie. I think these connections are valid, I think they are real, and I think more people should be made aware of them, because they provide insight into the mentality and methodology of our common enemy: a dark cult of elitist control freaks whose ambition it is to enslave in completely overt fashion every last living man, woman, and child on the planet, and whose own belief-system seems to mandate that they notify their victims. This they often pull off by hiding the notification in plain sight.

I’ve already chipped in my take on the Sandy Hook segment of Pontypool, and you can view it here: Though I think I’m definitely onto something here, I’m not satisfied with my explication, and my hope is that some of you out there who are better versed in such analysis will release your own videos. Let’s rip this Sandy Hook reference joke – and its implications – wide open for the whole world to see.

Sent to us by the author.

4 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises With Slasher Zombies

  1. Excellent piece, and precisely so. It is getting more blatant everyday. It is so prevalent that we hardly notice. Every thing is couched as a “dualism”, you believe (or are) either “A” or “B”. Those are you pre-approved choices. Whether its marketing or mind control the principles are the same.
    The clues are fascinating as well. I’m not certain but I think its a form of bragging and game playing. They take perverse glee in their actions.
    There is only one protection from this. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated. The first step in that process is to recognize when this is happening. Your article above shows that you have successfully done that. Most have not.
    Any situation that is posed as “either/or” should be immediately suspect. The fact that anything is on the MSM should be suspect. They only “report” what they want to use to manipulate. Their job is to “sell you” the scenario. The harder the sell, the more important the meme is to them.
    If you think about it this goes back to the early conditioning we were all exposed to in school. The schools push sports and “competition” and, later, most people are obsessed with it. That makes it easy to see things as competitions between two opposing forces. When selling a meme all that’s left is to substitute “team” with “meme”. “You’re either with us or the terrorists”.
    The answer to this is “no, I have infinite choices, you’re not going to make them for me”. You are also right about how lame these recent events have become. I don’t think that’s accidental either. The more people are exposed to utter nonsense and are “coerced into believing”, the easier it is to pull off the next time. For those who see through this the message is “abandon hope”.
    At the end of the day you must choose to either be a slave or ignore them.

  2. “Fast forward to the Sandy Hook shooting. The official story is so hole-riddled, the narrative so badly botched, it makes the Aurora production look downright slick.”

    Production values have dropped, apparently. Lack of talent?

    “I can’t help but conclude that, at minimum, Adam Lanza did not murder all those children – if any were murdered at all. After all, the children’s bodies were never produced. Why on earth not? Stone has gone so far as to speculate that they ended up on the child sex slave market. I know, I know, that’s too horrible a possibility to entertain – but in reality such markets do exist, and the children must be sourced, so entertain it we must.”

    Be advised all: I’m a pit bull on this one. I’m going to shake this thing till ALL the bad stuffing comes out.

    1. You guys haven’t posted much on the Jimmy Savile pedophile scandal. I know it’s over in the UK, but if it’s systematic there, then you know it’s an entrenched fact of existence everywhere.

      The blogger Video Rebel has done some excellent pieces on the human trafficking market. I’ll dig some of them up and email you the links.

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