The Esoteric Message of “World War Z” the Movie

To be honest, I have never been interested in zombie movies.  Until “World War Z,” I had only seen three such movies in my life.  And, I’ve managed to get through the last decade without seeing even one of the zombie movies that Hollywood has flooded the theaters with.

Even before I knew anything about how “they,” the ruling elite, convey their messages through the movies, television, books, etc., via ‘predictive programming,’ I became curiously concerned at the amount of zombie movies in the last decade alone, and when the zombies invaded prime time television, my concern, as well as my curiosity, was piqued.  

Last year, there were a half a dozen attacks of cannibalism (reported by the mainstream news) all within a couple of weeks, attributed to the use of the latest street drugs.  Then there’s the flesh eating bacteria, which I have absolutely no doubt what-so-ever that it was created in some lab…somewhere.

Also, the DHS ran anti-terror drills using civilians, dressed as zombies, being gunned down by soldiers and police.  It wasn’t until one of the biggest ‘globalist pushing’ puppets starred in a zombie apocalypse blockbuster, that I knew for certain that there was something to this.

So, I had to watch this movie.  I still vote with what’s left of my wallet, so I waited to rent it, free, with a coupon code.

As you may know, zombies, or the idea thereof, is ages old, originating from the practice of necromancy.  You will also find acts of cannibalism, “for the lack of anything to eat,” in the Bible.  As it is written in Ecclesiastes, “There is nothing new under the sun.”   As the darker side of the occult world became more and more unpopular, mysticism became science…hence, “Frankenstein.”  Can you see the relationship between the methods of “Dr. Frankenstein” and the medical procedure known as defibrillation?  Gee, I can still remember the day when I thought all these science fiction writers should be practicing scientists.  However, if one will pay close attention to detail, one can always find the devil…and his agenda.

The “crumbs” of “World War Z,” the movie.

Early on in this movie, a young scientist played by Elyes Gabel makes a non relevant statement to Brad Pitt’s character.  By non relevant, I mean, it was of no importance to the storyline of the movie.  However, as a hidden “crumb” of a message to certain viewers, it makes a lot of sense.  It is as follows:

“Mother Nature is a serial killer.  No one’s better…more creative.  Like all serial killers, she can’t help the urge to want to get caught.  And what good are all those brilliant crimes, if no one takes the credit?  So she leaves crumbs.  Now the hard part, why you spend a decade in school, is seeing the crumbs for the clues they are.  Sometimes the things you thought were the most brutal aspect of the virus, turn out to be the chink in its armor, and she loves disguising her weaknesses as strengths.”

As far as I’m  concerned, these are the most important lines in the entire movie, even though they are irrelevant to the plot.  Once it is decoded, you will be able to see the ‘esoteric’ message of the movie.  So let’s start with the first sentence.

First, who is “Mother Nature?”  Those of us who believe in the one true GOD of the Bible, would associate “Mother Nature” with GOD, our Creator, as a metaphor so to speak.  Nature worship, however, is ancient, and is still practiced today, as part of the ‘New Age’ religion. Of course, those who rule the world believe that the ‘enlightened man’ is God and that “they” are the enlightened ones.   With all the above references, we can establish that “Mother Nature” is a God.  But whose God?  The rest of the sentence tells us that.  Serial killers usually kill for self gratification.  GOD, our Creator, has certainly destroyed many people…so as to destroy evil.  “Mother Nature” is not a god, but a force used by our Creator to sustain life, or for the destruction thereof.  And, we all know that one cannot obtain all the wealth and power of the world without getting blood on his hands…regardless of whose hands were used.  So now we know…“They” are serial killers. 

Next sentence, “No one’s better…more creative.”  When you own and control science, politics, religion, education, media, medicine, food, water, etc., how could you not be better and more creative?

“Like all serial killers, “they” can’t help the urge to want to get caught.  And what good are all those brilliant crimes, if no one takes the credit?”  “They” cannot receive the glory of being the “rulers of the world” if we don’t know it’s “them.”  Meaning, “they” cannot acknowledge that we are already under the thumb of the New World Order unless the truth is revealed.

“So ‘they’ leave crumbs.”  Little by little, more and more information about what they’ve done, are doing, and are planning to do has been leaked, so as to indoctrinate, and test the reaction of, the masses.

“Now the hard part, why you spend a decade in school, is seeing the crumbs for the clues they are.”  “They” know that only a few people, or less, will pick up the “crumbs”…the truth.  When those few bring the truth to light, “they” can spin their propaganda wheel in any direction.  “They” can either make the truth seem ridiculous, or make it appear to be in the best interest of the people…”for the greater good.”

“Sometimes the things you thought were the most brutal aspect of the virus, turn out to be the chink in its armor…”  In case you haven’t figured it out, We are the zombies, folks…you and me.  The virus is the “truth.”  Even though their truth is “brutal,” “they” know that when the masses wake up to their truth, it could very well turn the masses into monsters.  And the masses may not wake up until they are in the streets, dirty, starving, running amok and…eating people.  Looking very much like zombies, wouldn’t you think?

“…and “they” love disguising their weaknesses as strengths.”  Well, what is it that we think their strengths are?  Control???  Do you know how many people live on the face of the earth?  Over seven billion people.  That’s a lot of people to control.  They may appear to have control over the masses, but let 7 billion angry people rise up and they will tremble with great fear as they scurry into their tunnels and fortresses.  And they do fear the masses.  Until they can successfully depopulate the earth to a more controllable number, they must keep the people under the illusion that “they” have complete control.

Here’s another morsel, but this is definitely for the masses…when the military man is trying to get Pitt’s character to help with their mission, and he keeps refusing, the man in charge angrily commanded him to look around at all the people busy serving a purpose, and if he did not do what they asked of him, he and his family would be kicked off the ship.  “They” just told us that anyone who would not serve them would be eliminated.  That is blatant indoctrination.

I ran across a video that gives an alternate last half version of this movie which sheds more light on the esoteric message.  In the alternate ending, the plane crash did not happen.  They land safely in Moscow where everyone is rounded up by military.  The elderly and sick are executed (Obamacare?)  The healthy are assigned to zombie killing squads.  Pitt’s character realizes that the zombies are more aggressive in the warmer weather than in cold.  So the zombies are easier to kill off in the colder regions.   How many of you are aware that the Gulf Stream keeps the world’s temperatures milder?  If it were to stop, it would throw the world into an ice age.  Now, how many of you know the impact that the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico had on the Gulf Stream?  And, how many of you know that the movie “Knowing,” which was released about six months prior to the oil spill, had predictive programming on that very subject.  And…how many of you know that there are scientists who are saying the Gulf Stream is already dead?  There has been unusually colder weather in the northern hemisphere this year, and oddly enough, no tropical storms or hurricane activity to speak of.

The theatrical version of this movie did not reveal the cause of this particular ‘zombie apocalypse,’ however, they do get inoculations causing them to become invisible to the zombies(as the ruling elite are to the masses.)  Nor does the theatrical version go into detail as to why the survivors(those who do the bidding of the ruling elite) end up isolated in a colder region, but that is where the movie ends, with Pitt’s character, and others, waiting it out in a colder region.


You may, or may not, see this for what it is, however, it does warrant serious thought.  The onslaught of zombie movies and t.v. programs, the mainstream news reports of all these cannibal acts, the flesh eating bacteria, all the buzz about a zombie virus, and the military drills using people in full zombie costume as targets are all for indoctrination and desensitization purposes.  And, the idea that “they” associate the masses…us, with zombies, tells us that hunger will be prevalent, because aside from some drug, virus, or mind control technique they could use to cause people to behave in such a manner, your average person would have to be hungry to the point of survival to literally eat another human being.  There are documented reports of cannibalism, as a means of survival, throughout history.  We have seen the looting and violence that takes place immediately after a disaster, and just a threat of a big storm will empty the shelves at the grocery stores.  So what happens when billions of people, not just third world countries, are cut off from their food supply for a few days?  Hysteria sets in, and many will die from violence alone.  No one will be safe.  After a few weeks, with no food…I shudder to think.  Have you ever really thought about how “they” have garnered all control over food and water?  Laws are made so that small farms are shut down, and it is steadily becoming illegal to grow your own food or even stock up on food supplies.  A half dozen corporations own every food manufacturer in the world.   And yes, “they” own those corporations.  Rivers, lakes, and even the oceans have become so polluted that it is dangerous to eat or drink from them.  Whatever tactic “they” use to cut us off from our food supply, be it a natural or man made disaster, or an economic collapse on a global scale, the human race will be catapulted into a zombie apocalypse.  Unless…

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”  

2 Chronicles 7:14

If you think this sounds like babble from someone who is stark raving mad, don’t think for one minute that a day doesn’t go by that I haven’t thought, wished, and prayed that maybe it’s not really like this; that maybe those who rule the world really are doing what’s in our best interest…and then I think about what Jesus Christ said, “You will know them by their fruits.”  Now that’s a logical statement regardless of who said it.   So, just what “fruits” do “they” produce?

by J.G.

Sent to us by the author.

13 thoughts on “The Esoteric Message of “World War Z” the Movie

  1. The one thing I can say with certainty is that the premise of zombies eating the brains of the living will not happen here in the United States of America. Why? It is because most of the sheeple are brainless!

  2. Interestingly Judaism is founded on a far older necromantic and dark magic religion that we see snippets of filtering through to today such as the Golem or the undead, some of those rituals were preserved in some form by the Knights Templar and of course then onto into Freemasonry.

    I once read a book where it referred to a very old Druidic belief that the fire god from the then “far east” would consume all others and these ancient people’s traded with countries as far away as Egypt and it was through these trading routes that the Roman’s heard of Britain’s abundance of tin and copper and even today there are still reminders of the Roman religions.

    1. if you see this, Angry Grandparent…perhaps you could say a few words about my question. What is Judaism anyway? Honestly, I don’t know. I am a reader, all my life, a college grad and paid for myself, and I am ignorant of This Force For, as I see it, evil. I recall slightly, even, one course in comparititive religion while in college………its been long ago, nearly 50 yrs and can’t recall if that class had much at all on Judaism…I think there were something like 100 religious separate thinks touched upon………

  3. The movie, “World War Z” is all to get us used to having the UN being the world government and having all national sovereign governments around the world wiped out.

    Even Brad Pitt says in the movie, “Follow these guys (the SEAL team) and do whatever they say. Trust in them (the military government). They know what they are doing. ” implying that we should trust the government and the government here for us.

    Just like the scene when they are going into the New Jersey store for supplies and their is a riot going on in the store and he shoots the guys who try to attack his wife and kids and then when the policeman comes, he puts his gun over his head and gives into authority, only to have the cop walk right by as if to not notice and grab what he needs to get for him to survive.

    Pitt and Angelina Jolie are obsessed with the UN and the implementation of the NWO. They are traitors above all.

    And to think that Israel would allow Palestinians into their camps and to use their singing to be their downfall and to basically imply that they are to blame for it in the movie, is sickening.

    May them Zionist Jews burn in hell for their crimes against humanity and May God help us all!

  4. The most fascinating thing about WWZ is that for the first time ever we see the phony, UN-created satellite state called Israel penetrated and destroyed.

    Henry Kissinger has stated that in 10 years time Israel will no longer exist.
    Is this movie a reinforcement of the ultimate insider’s point of view?
    The false teachings of Judeo-Christianity (as opposed to Christianity) have
    served its purpose, to provide cover for the Japhethite Khazars while Western Civilization is destroyed. Mission accomplished….UN-Israel is no
    longer needed.

      1. These people who call themselves Jews are not semites (descendants of Shem). These people who call themselves Jews are descendants of Ashkenaz,
        descendant of Japeth. The Ashkenaz Khazars converted to Judaism in the 8th century AD. They have absolutely no connection to the Judean/Israelite people of the Bible whatsoever nor any entitlement to the land of Palestine.

        The invented religion of Judeo-Christianity was pushed in the churches so the people of the once Christian West would accept the creation of UN-Israel as fulfillment of prophecy and thus not question the Jews’ program of destruction. Afterall, as God’s “chosen people” how could they do wrong? Right?
        And to interfere with the activities of the Jews would be wrong. Right? Or so goes the teaching of Judeo-Christianity (as opposed to Christianity).

        1. Anyone who truly knows the Bible understands that the Kingdom was taken from the Israelites, NOT ‘jews’, (that term came later) because of their unfaithful ways.
          It’s my firm belief that the Khazarians are direct descendants of the Pharisees, who were NOT true Israelites, but were descended from the Canaanites and Edomites who settled in Israel during the 70 year exile to Babylon (which was where they completely abandoned Yahweh to follow false gods).

          1. The Jews themselves self-identify as Ashkenazi Jews. Google Ashkenaz/Gomer/GogMagog—–They are all Japeth!

            Both the Northern Kingdom (House of Israel) and the Southern Kingdom (House of Judah)sinned greatly against God. Both kingdoms were sent into captivity as a result.
            The Northern Kingdom was “divorced” from God (meaning ‘lost’) and sent into dispersion after 70 years of Assyrian captivity.

            Most of Judah went with the House of Israel into Assyrian captivity and the remainder of Judah were taken into captivity in Babylon. That is where the Pharisees picked up the teachings of Mystery Babylon (Kabbalism) and brought these teachings back to Jerusalem after the end of their captivity. There were only a few righteous Judeans who returned to Jerusalem from captivity.

            The dispersed Israelites in the meantime became the Spartans, the Trojans, melded into the Romans, and settled into the “Isles”.
            They made history and produced fruit wherever they went.

            Judah was never divorced so Judah was never “lost” . Instead Judah was divided
            into good fig/bad fig. (Jer 14)

            The good fig Judahites turned to Christ when he first came to Jerusalem. The bad figs were rejected by Christ.
            Indeed the Kingdom was taken from Judah.

            For whom did Jesus come? Certainly not the Jews. Jesus came only for the lost (divorced) sheep of the House of Israel. (Matt 15:24)

          2. Christ came for not only the lost sheep of Israel, but also for “those with eyes to see, and ears to hear”, meaning the Gentiles too, as evidenced by the apostles (most notably Paul and Phillip) being sent to them.

            The Kingdom has been given to those who follow Him, regardless of heritage/lineage.

    Where he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.

  6. Thanks for the article…this article has probably the most accurate discernment of the meaning of the movie. And yes, I too am tired of all these zombie movies…to think the 1968 George Romero movie “Night of the Living Dead” is one of the few good ones, as is “The Last Man on Earth” (1957 I think) and the remake, called “I Am Legend” made a few years ago. Truly, the criminal psycho elites do see us a “zombies”, but don’t we also see them as “vampires”?

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