The Flu Shot Insanity Trend … Only Goes Upward

Karen De Coster

We already know that the flu vaccine provides only moderate protection, at best, as noted in The Lancet and subsequently reported by the mainstream media since that time. Still, the MSM harps on the need for flu shots and warns of waves of severe illness to come. Meanwhile, people continue to lose their jobs because they refuse the risks associated with injecting Big Pharma’s foreign substances that intentionally disrupt one’s autoimmune system. And the mainstream media reports story after story of flu mania, fear on the part of the masses, verbal aggression against those who don’t get vaccinated, and general helplessness on the part of adults clamoring for someone somewhere to shield them from all risk.

In Park City, Utah, residents are so afraid of people descending upon the town for the Sundance Film Festival that bureaucrats have taken to handing out 5,000 bottles of hand sanitizer. Sundance organizers urged people to get a flu vaccine before coming to the festival. A CBS news story has reported that the Manhattan soccer club has banned high-fiving and hand shaking at youth soccer games due to Cuomo’s declaration of a public health emergency for the state of New York. The club sent out this hysterical – and real! – memo to parents.

There have been increasing Influenza cases this winter so we just want to remind families of some strategies for decreasing the spread of the Flu within the club.

Players should practice good hand hygiene by washing hands often with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (eg. Purell).

Players should avoid touching their nose or mouth.

Players should cover their mouth and nose with a tissue when they sneeze or cough.

Players should not share drinks or snacks with each other.

If your player is sick, do not send him or her to practices or games. Keep your player home for 24 hours after there are no longer signs of a fever or other flu symptoms (cough, runny nose, sore throat, muscle aches). Keeping your sick player home will prevent other players from getting sick.

Speak to your doctor about the flu vaccine.

The megalomaniacs in power take tolerable plights, such as a heavy flu season, and turn it into a series of contrived crises that beg for more government intervention and a larger role on the part of the government-pharmaceutical-medical establishment that benefits immensely in terms of growth (of government and quasi-government institutions), power (decrees and mandates), and dough (medical corporatocracy).

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