15 thoughts on “The great game changers

  1. Why does the WEF stage look like the stage for the game show, Jeopardy?

    “I’ll take ‘Climate Change’ for 500, Alex.”

  2. Today’s reports of people who “died suddenly” and “almost died suddenly” were quite lengthy. Just two that stand out: a young surfer dies on the beach; a college basketball player collapses on the court, seizes uncontrollably and bleeds out from the nose. It is itself becoming an epidemic. How many more things will they make up to explain this away? You can’t hide what is blatantly obvious and expanding every day. Maybe that’s why they’re switching the focus to climate, inflation, and Biden’s little sins. They’ll never look at the big sins.

    Well, at least the WEF provided some incredible entertainment:




    1. We had a sudden and unexpected death in our family last week. She promoted the vax campaign. She wouldn’t listen. 🙁

  3. dear Lord….in Europe, the same, corrupted to the core, running scared, too many people are waking up….hoping Laura is doing good.x

  4. believe me, people in the UK, especially Liverpoo,l completely despise government, that war monger, murderer, corrupted piece of filth is high on everyone’s list, they’re pushing hard, they’re scared, push back harder….

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