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If no one power can enforce order, our world will suffer from a “global order deficit.”  Klaus Schwab, Founder of (Davos) World Economic Forum

Klaus Schwab said we can make a new social contract for the post corona world utilizing the technology of the fourth generation industrial revolution. Klaus  is the founder of the World Economic Forum which hosts the annual Davos summits to which thousands of woke people are drawn every year. Bill Gates is a prominent participant.

Schwab has written two books on the fourth industrial revolution.

The First Industrial Revolution used water and steam power to mechanize production. The second was electricity. The Third used electronics and information technology to automate production. Now a Fourth Industrial Revolution is building on the Third, the digital revolution that has been occurring since the middle of the last century.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is largely driven by four specific technological developments: high-speed mobile Internet, AI and automation, the use of big data analytics, and cloud technology.

All of our needs will be taken care of recognizing the limits of natural resources. But who will make us equal and decide what our needs are? The decisions most concerning your life will probably be made by an AI relying on cloud data drawing information from your home appliances and very likely a bio-monitor. We will have a social credit score just like in China based on our compliance and co-operation with global governance.

Suppose Glorious Leader goes on air and your bio-monitor reveals feelings of antagonism towards him. Your resulting social credit score might not be high enough for you to visit relatives for the holidays or to visit anyone for that matter. If your monitor revealed health issues, your not so friendly AI might decide that you are not worth any life sustaining medical procedure.

Everyone in the Davos crowd supports population reduction by the billions. Think about what happens to people who get low social scores for compliance.

Klaus is enthusiastic about fusing the technologies across the physical, digital and biological worlds. He wants censors in our homes and even in our clothes. This will require adjustments to our thinking about privacy. He says this fusion of technologies might soon be able to read our thoughts and to influence our behavior. Law enforcement and the courts might one day be able to scan our brains for memories. And crossing a border might require a brain scan to determine loyalty and to weed out security risks.

Klaus Schwab wants to redefine what it means to be human from both a biological and a social standpoint. You will be able to directly post your thoughts onto the Internet. No more typing for you. But no freedom and no privacy either. James Corbett said thinking incorrect thoughts might get you a visit from the Thought police. The Japanese during their occupation of Korea did have a Thought police charged with arresting Koreans with bad thoughts. The more things change. The more they stay the same.

Governor Cuomo of New York wants to re-open schools using smart technology in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. But, if everything is digitized, then an AI can censor it even before socially unacceptable thoughts can be transmitted. Sort of like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook censoring people for telling the truth about covid.

We could reach a 50% unemployment rate which would require that our Stimulus checks evolve into a UBI (Universal Basic Income) which will be all digital and easily traced on the blockchain. The Federal Reserve has already stopped ordering coins from the US Mint and will soon stop the printing of paper money. Of course with digital only currency your UBI and even your ability to work, to buy, to sell and to draw upon savings can all be instantly cut off if you have a low social media score.

Question: How will you access your Bitcoin wallet if your low social score does not permit you Internet access?

I believe this agenda will never be completed for the following reasons.

Vaccines don’t work. They want to chip us which is to say they will turn us from a human being into a digitized commodity to easily be controlled. But vaccines don’t work and will make everyone sicker than they are. People will rebel before they get their second covid vaccine. Most won’t even get their first vaccine.

All this chip and digital tattoo nonsense will be resisted by a minority who believe human freedom cannot be lightly surrendered. But also many fundamentalist Christians and Muslims will seriously object on religious grounds.

In the short run Donald Trump’s victory will lead to the firing of cabinet members. He has also signed an Executive Order giving the President authority to fire federal employees who do not implement government policy. This will allow the arrest of many people in the Elite who were previously considered untouchable.

And, this will come at a time when all those tens of millions of Americans who are behind in their rent and utilities payments become homeless. The people will be angry. But they will be angrier when foreigners are no longer willing to sell us real things in exchange for Federal Reserve I Owe Nothing Nothing Notes. Money printing has maintained the illusion of wealth in the US. When America passed the 150 million mark in population 70 years ago, she had to import natural resources. America had always been more prosperous than Europe because we used skilled labor to add value to abundant natural resources. That business model should have died 7 decades ago when the Elite decided to over populate America.

Americans in 2021 or 2022 will be forced to pay for the exploitation of foreigners who make our clothes, electronics, cars, appliances and grow some of our food. The Dollar will be valued based upon its demand by people overseas who will have no need for what we export. Jim Rickards said imports will cost several times what they do now. Our wages will be cut permanently 50 to 60% causing Nationwide Food Riots. The government will control nothing.

The Federal Reserve which has sold trillions of dollars in Treasury Bonds and allowed the Elite to pocket the cash will have to print money by the tens of trillions to bail out the corruption of the Powers That Ought Not To Be. Starving people will focus their anger on the previously untouchable Elite. And the media giants like Google, Twitter and Facebook will be forced to restore some measure of freedom of speech after the elections.

You have no idea of the anger that will be directed at the Elite unless you have personal knowledge or have read of societies that once were prosperous as they realize they can no longer feed their children. Three million Americans starved to death in the 1930s but Americans did nothing to change the banking system that was the source of their misery.

The Elite added 200 million plus people to our population. I have previously mentioned Dr Mark Skidmore who proved from government sources that $21 trillion went Missing from the federal government from 1998 to 2015. People who are dying from starvation will want blood. Not a good time to be an elitist or to defend them.

I previously wrote of a plan made known during the Bush II administration to round up 8 million Americans without trial and to imprison them with no legal representation and no release date. Try and enforce that edict when cities are being burned to the ground by starving people. The Guardian said that Americans own 493 million guns and that 7 million Americans own 40 or more guns. 2 million Americans hunt deer with compound bows.

Reality is about to come crashing down upon the elitists.

We could avoid many problems by replacing Federal Reserve Notes with a non-interest bearing currency like President Lincoln’s Greenbacks. We could arrest the Bankers and seize the $50 trillion that Catherine Austin Fitts says they stole from us. We could use that money to fund a Debt Cancellation which is the only painless way to end a Great Depression. Otherwise I can guarantee the next Depression will be far worse than 1933 America or 1923 Germany.

There will be so many changes that the world will be unrecognizable by 2024.

James Corbett used references from . I was not allowed to access that website. Talk about Digital Tyrants!

Much of the above came from the James Corbett video below.

Below is an online resource to see Davos plans for the Great Reset.

This is the Corbett video:

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