The Hoax that is the Fake Upstate New York Prison Break

The Hoax that is the Fake Upstate New York Prison BreakNoDisInfo

The entire claim of a real prison break in the Upstate New York-area Clinton Correctional Facility is nothing other than an arch-fake, a set-up, a wretched hoax. It’s obviously a fake. There is no real urgency, here. No one is upset in the least. No one is in any real fear. It’s staged, mere make-believe, arch-Zionist-style:  


Apparently, the powerful ones in New York State want rid of the prison. It’s archaic. It would appear they would seek to procure funding to create a new one. Thus, they invented the prison break as a ruse.

It’s a propped up fake, an arch-phony. Nothing happened, here. There is nothing to be concerned about:

They are trying too hard. When there is such hard attempts, such protestation, then, for certain it is a hoax. Hey, but wait a minute; these are dangerous times and there are so many potential risks. So claim the anonymous witnesses, who said they actually saw the escaped convicts, and not only saw them but saw them carrying none other than that movie-style prop, a guitar case:


When the witnesses confronted the men, one of them reportedly said: “We’re just lost. We don’t know where we are. We’re on the wrong street.” They then both took off running, the witnesses said.

The man added to ABC that he was “lucky to be alive.”

Sure they did, absolutely, they hauled those heavy power tools with them everywhere they went, dragging them, along with the guitar case, through the pipe.

Remember this? It’s a ‘gansta’ movie:

Disguise: A submachine gun hidden in a guitar case is among the reference library of weapons held by the Bureau

They confronted them near the manhole. Sure they did, right. Boy oh boy did they run away, especially when Mr. Anonymous’ saw that guitar case.

It’s an obvious fake. Why in the world would it be necessary to stop semi-trailers and to, furthermore, inspect their cargo or lack thereof? A beer truck and its driver, really? How would a duly employed beer delivery agent be picking up strange men on the street, who would ask or demand a ride? That truck would have arisen from a secure, corporate zone. There is virtually no way its cargo could also contain prison escapees.


Here is a hoaxing image supreme. Truly, this world, why in God’s name would real prison break search officers need to do this? It serves no purpose other than pure drama. What is he going to do with that weapon? Shoot at a tree? He is obviously taking aim, which itself is proof of the fake. There is nothing to aim at. Did anyone spot the men in that scrub?

Needless to say, there’s plenty of taxpayer-supplied water to be had. The world is run by a secretive or not-so-secretive clique, arch-Zionist agents supported by the obviously Zionist-controlled major media.


Yet, it is said, incredibly, that an enforcement agent looks through a sniper scope while another in camouflage assembles a weapon during a search for two escaped killers in Boquet, N.Y., Tuesday, June 9, 2015. State and federal law officers are searching for David Sweat and Richard Matt, two killers who used power tools to break out of Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannnemora, close to the Canadian border. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

The AP photographers were right there. He is not merely looking through the scope but is in the posture of aiming, firing. Clearly, this is merely staged.

dt.common.streams.StreamServer (1)

This man is listed as guarding the edge of the road. What is he guarding it from? Who in their right mind would believe it?


What about this hoax associate? Who believes it is possible that he, standing on the rear deck, is actually searching for anyone? Notice, once again, the taxpayer supplied water, a signature of arch-DHS-orchestrated scams. Big money is involved in this. There is no other possibility.

The staging cops do a special photo-shoot for effect. Look at where they stopped their vehicle? Right in front of the Children at Play sign. Then, they got out and did this scene for effect, as if obvious:

What in the world do they need those high-powered weapons for. Who are they going to shoot at in that play-ground or park area?

Who is this man, Richard Matt, anyway? “Shady” is right. What is he doing wearing such  shirt, while his other part to his ‘uniform’ is being held in his hand. He’s a dangerous character, right? Why is no one holding him by the arm to secure him, to prevent him from elbowing his guard?


Once again, he is not being held.

Yet, it is said: A decade later, to avoid arrest for the 1997 torture, murder and dismemberment of his boss in Tonawanda, Matt fled to Mexico, where he was soon locked up for a fatal barroom fight. He tried to escape, making it to the roof of a Mexican prison before he was shot in the shoulder, his son told the newspaper.

Note the fact that his ‘son’ is the source of definitive information on this fake prison escapee, not the local police department.

The same is true of his purported former collaborator, Lee Bates. In fact, Bates could easily disable both men by swinging around and hitting them with the bag. Is the coffee cup being held under such circumstances normal DHS protocol?

Lee Bates, Richard Matt’s accomplice in the murder of North Tonawanda, says that Matt is a ‘scary character’ and that, essentially, everyone should be frightened.

He has a new life now, supposedly, with this woman:

New life: Bates is living in upstate New York and is in a relationship with Sherri Walker, according to his Facebook 

New life: Bates is living in upstate New York and is in a relationship with Sherri Walker, according to his Facebook

“Facebook,” not law enforcement, is the source of such arch-hoaxes. Regardless, she is not a woman but is instead a PhotoShop fake:


Notice the heavy use of air-brushing and/or the blur tool. Too, notice the contrived nature of it all and how she is posterior to Bates. Also, notice the white cut lines on the index finger. Clearly, that hair is altered or brush. Plus, the lips appear to have been cut off at the cheek edge. What happened to her eyes? Who has eyes like that?  The light strikes Bates on the forehead, but she is not in the light. Photoshop fakes represent hard proof of the hoax.

These men are obviously assets of the state prison system. They are playing a role, surely for significant pay. “Dangerous, murderous criminals on the loose, who have killed and murdered before…” No wonder the world’s attention has been distracted by this scam, the perfect hoax and arch-fake.


11 thoughts on “The Hoax that is the Fake Upstate New York Prison Break

  1. yeah, this whole fiasco is just a ruse to allow them to enter homes without a warrant, kind of like how the BS Boston bombing conditioned the population to a city being in “lock down.”

      1. Yes straight conditioning. Notice the newscasts all have an interview with a person who lives in the area and they always say that this is necessary for public safety. Remember these guys are a one trick pony, same method every time and in there is a weakness of predictability.

    1. Agreed JR. The hole cut in the iron pipe was done exceptionally well. Certainly not with power tools you can carry. And what of their batteries?! Need more than 1 to do that job. Haha Ridiculous

  2. Looking at the two mug shots with the height measure behind them, they are both exactly the same height.

    Photoshopping error or just coincidence?

    1. To cut through those various pipes would have been so noisy the entire prison staff would have been rousted. And it took weeks t do? No one noticed anything? Would have taken more than one dril bit too. Looks like a pretty professionally cut square. Whole thing is wanky. Nope.

  3. A search of the NY State Dept of Corrections Inmate Information that lists ALL inmates returns no matches for either of their names. How can that be? The hoaxters are getting sloppy.

  4. I kinda figured this whole escapee thing was fake. The story didn’t make sense from the beginning. Just an excuse to ramp up pig and troop presence in upstate New York and kick people’s doors in to confiscate firearms.

  5. Gee….another drill! Imagine that.

    By the way, apparently there is an active shooter drill going on at one of the schools in North Dallas today near Richardson and the I-635, according to the puppet reporters at the Dallas 5 news who say that “residents should not be concerned” about it.

    Unfrigginbelievable!!! 🙄

    Ok no problem. I’m not concerned that we have a foreign army running drills in our schools. It’s no problem. Nothing insane about that here. It’s just a scene right out of the movie, Brazil. Hey, ignorance is strength, people! (sarcasm)

  6. I would tell the cops to beat it because I have my 2nd Amendments right to defend myself so go home to your family and watch out for them.

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