The Invasion of Libya is Another Lie

Representative Dennis Kucinich (D) OH, in an interview on MSNBC, said the House was giving President Obama two weeks to explain his actions in Libya.  We all know that the US air invasion of Libya was and is a violation of US and international law.  Kucinich said during the interview that Gaddafi was, before the violence broke out, trying to implement a democratic system at the local level.

Another measure introduced in the House that called for an immediate withdrawal from Libya was of course defeated.  I guess we have to continue enforcing that no-fly-zone by attacking the Libyan ground forces and bombing Gaddafi’s home.

And now we are of course using helicopters, which in no way can be described as doing anything other than lending air support to the Al Qaida rebels.

For the past week Gaddafi has been trying to engage in talks that would lead to peace.  Of course our British controlled government is saying that the only acceptable solution is for Gaddafi to step down and leave the country so that he can be arrested, tried, and hanged by the international elite that he has angered by not simply stepping down when he was ordered to do so by them.

Kucinich also stated during the interview that Gaddafi, prior to our invasion, was indeed planning to step down and let the Libyan people choose a new leader.  But then I guess the military industrial complex would not have been able to suck up more billions of dollars through the expenditure of ordinance.

When the MSNBC reporter asserted that if the US and NATO had not invaded Gaddafi would have slaughtered civilians, Kucinich countered that the truth was no such scenario ever existed.  This is starting to look like weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  How many times are we going to allow these rogue dictators posing as our presidents to invade sovereign countries and kill their peoples using lies?

Not to mention the fact that we are supporting Al Qaida in Libya which we are paying to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It’s 1984 all over again.  We are at war with Al Qaida, Al Qaida is our enemy.  Al Qaida has always been our enemy.  The sovereign leaders are our friends.  And then the next week, we are at war with the sovereign leaders.  The sovereign leaders are our enemy.  The sovereign leaders have always been our enemy.  Al Qaida is our friend.  And two plus two equals three.

God give us the strength to carry on.

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