The KFPS Royal Friesian Horse

None more magnificent, These horses were originally bred as “war horses” in the days of knights and armor. As armor got heavier, bigger horses were needed, and the Friesian almost became extinct. They are back and are one of the most beautiful horses in stature as well as gait.  What gorgeous animals!

Just watching them becomes an emotional experience. Can you imagine what it would be like to ride one? Their manes and tails are among the longest seen, and I noticed that when performing on grass, their hoofs do not kick up a divot, as they land flat footed. Creatures such as these are what makes this world so special. These horses are native to the Netherlands. Have your audio on.

Uploaded on Jan 24, 2012 by Cally Matherly

4 thoughts on “The KFPS Royal Friesian Horse

  1. As a farrier of over 30 years, I can tell you these are marvelous creatures. Smart, tractable, responsive.
    I’ve only ever been around a few but they’re pretty cool customers.
    $$$$$ too.

  2. Amazingly beautiful animal! Their gracious Cantor gate actually makes for a very comfortable ride if one places their body in sync with the horses gate.
    . . .

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