The Middle East Wars, Ron Paul, and Morality

It has been ten years of bloody war in Afghanistan, marked by anti-war protests around the country.  And as we the people become more indignant and intolerant of the atrocities being committed in our names around the world, the mainstream media is quite naturally trying the minimize the situation, as the 2012 election and the perpetuation of the status quo is now front and center.

It indeed must be considered quite a chore to sell foreign wars to the unemployed citizens losing their homes and pensions and watching their dollars devaluate before their very eyes.

It is 394 days until the 2012 Presidential Election and on each and every one of these days innocent men, women, and children in the Middle East and Northern Africa will be killed in the name of we the people of the United States, for the purpose of acquiring and consolidating wealth and international empire building.  This is an abomination to the ideals our country was built upon and our founding fathers have to be rolling over in their graves.

This international slaughter in the name of we the people must stop and there is only one presidential candidate promising to do so.  How Congressman Dr. Ron Paul has been able to insulate himself from the dominance of corruption within our government and stay true to his Christian morality and staunch defense of our constitution is truly exceptional.

Dr. Paul recently won the Values Voter Summit Straw Poll in Washington DC and rather than an emphases being put on the fact that the Christians sponsoring the straw poll found Dr. Paul to be the most moral candidate, the attention has been turned by the mainstream media to Herman Cain and Mitt Romney.

Herman Cain served as Chairman of the Federal Reserve in Kansas City.  Herman Cain represents the problem, not the solution, as no moral person would allow themselves to be associated with an organization like the Federal Reserve, which represents pure evil in the form of mammon.

Mitt Romney is a charlatan and a phony.  The fact that he is a Mormon should not enter into the equation.  The fact that he is a neocon elitist, who, if elected, would only pick up where Barack Obama left off and guarantee further death and destruction in the name of we the people should.

For all those out there who are saying morality will decide their vote, Ron Paul can be the only candidate considered, as he is the only candidate who wants to stop the wars absolute.

If we fail to judge the reality in reference to the blood being spilled in our names, God will not fail to judge us when we come to stand before him.  For the sake of our souls, we must do the right and moral thing, we must elect Ron Paul for president and end these evil wars.

God bless and keep Dr. Paul.

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  1. The Rothschild’s and their w.w.w. of central banks must go..It is they and their distended family who have stolen the world’s wealth through fractional lending and control of fiat currencies,destroyed nations through war they created and profited greatly from backing both sides.This cartel must be brought down,its banks liquidated and its personal assets confiscated to partially repatriate the nations from which it was stolen.When these people are gone,the Obamas and Romneys will go with them. We now engage in undeclared war in the Middle East which amounts to no more than genocide because we bend to the will of our zionist masters.We only make them stronger as they systematically destroy us.A short look at the Rothschild’s historical time line on the web will easily confirm this.We have no business meddling in the affairs of other nations and the central banks have no business meddling in the affairs of our own.Perhaps our military should meddle in the affairs of the central banks to better serve the true interests of national security and let the bankers fight their own war for once.

  2. There is a good chance that Ron Paul will not win the Republican ticket. And even before that I would advise him to quit the Republican Party and run as an independent after negotiating deep reforms program for his presidential campaign to create the New USA with all the different components of the Occupy Wall Street movement. People have to remember and appreciate his clean and strong opposition record. If he succeed then the new government of new USA will be formed from among the 99% and they will bring the real changes.

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