Occupy Wall Street, End the Fed, Elect Ron Paul – We the People Cannot be Stopped

Even before the candidates for the 2012 election were being considered, our oppressed population at large was already pulling for the Congressman Ron Paul as our candidate in our private conversations.  When the candidates started stepping up and showing themselves it became heir apparent to all that Dr. Paul would be the man to beat, as we the people have become resolute in our determination to break the stranglehold of the false left-right paradigm and reinstitute our Republic under our Constitution.

This time around Ron Paul did not have to seek our support.  This time the people were calling upon him.  And when he stepped up and even went as far as to say he would give up his Congressional seat in order to make his run absolute, the deal was sealed.

As previously mentioned in other articles, the international corporate mafia owns the mainstream propaganda machine, lock, stock, and barrel, but we the American people of the American race dominate the internet.  And that is where this election will be decided as the so called mainstream news agencies have now been identified as the enemy they are to the people, by the people.

Our enemies have tried everything to dissuade us from our constitutional course and they have failed miserably.

First they tried to convince us that Ron Paul could not be elected, to which we responded, “Want to bet your life on it?”  Then when they failed to sell us on Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann, they followed that failure with an attempt to use the power of the international elitists’ Bilderbergers to cram Rick Perry down our throats.  Perry was quickly regurgitated and buried, using our most powerful weapon, the truth.

Our enemies are now attempting to feed us Herman Cain.  Dr. Paul has a large portion of his support base centered around ending the Federal Reserve.  Whose minds do they think they are going to change with the ex-head of the Kansas City Federal Reserve, Herman Cain?  I think Cain made his contempt for we the people pretty clear when he stood up for the banks and blamed the financial collapse on the 99%, saying those who do not have a job or are not wealthy can only blame themselves.

Those out there cheering for Herman Cain are nothing but neo-cons that make up 10% of the top 20%.  Their numbers are minute and will not affect the 2012 election.  The only consideration the rest of us should give them is in reference to seating arrangements on the deportation barges.

I think the international elitists are coming to the realization that the only way Dr. Paul can be stopped is through assassination or a fraud that will be so blatant that every citizen will realize it for exactly what it is.  In either case the consequence would be a full blown revolution wherein the elitists will be destroyed completely.  So we all had better be on the alert for a false flag attack which seems more inevitable every day.

The mainstream propagandist are trying to use the same tactics on the Occupy Wall Street movement as they used on the Tea Party to redefine their message, which in both instances is the same and in reality is being put forth by the same patriots.  But this time around there is a difference.

When the 2012 elections occur the neo-cons are not going to be able to say this person or that was elected through the will of the Tea Party, when in reality the vote for a Republican candidate was in truth a vote against the incumbent and the status quo.  And the social communists are not going to be able to say a Democrat was voted in because of the will of the Occupy Wall Street movement, when in reality, again, the people voted an incumbent out as punishment.

What is going to be different this time is that we as individual citizens who make up the grassroots Tea Party, the Occupy Wall Street, and the Occupy the Fed movements, being of like minds, are going to elect Ron Paul as our president, which both the neo-cons and social communists vehemently oppose.  Then our numbers and our unity in cause will be undeniable.  Neither side will be able to claim the victory because both sides opposed it.

The victory will belong to the people and Dr. Paul exclusively.  We will then reinstate our Republic under our Constitution and begin the arrests and prosecutions.  We will recover our stolen wealth and rebuild our nation and live in peace and prosperity once again.  Slowly but surely our dream is becoming a reality.  We must press on and not allow ourselves to be deterred in any way.

God bless our Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street, End the Fed, Elect Ron Paul – We the People Cannot be Stopped

  1. There is a good chance that Ron Paul will not win the Republican ticket. And even before that I would advise him to quit the Republican Party and run as an independent after negotiating deep reforms program for his presidential campaign to create the New USA with all the different components of the Occupy Wall Street movement. People have to remember and appreciate his clean and strong opposition record. If he succeed then the new government of new USA will be formed from among the 99% and they will bring the real changes.

    1. Tarig Anter,
      Ron Paul is implementing a good strategy. If things keep going the way they are he is going to force the neo-con Republican party to reject our Constitution out in the open where all can see. Then we can start our drive to elect Dr. Paul as the people’s Independent candidate, putting the burden on the phony left and the phony right to not only attack one another but the Constitution and the people at the same time.
      No matter what lies they try to put forth through the mainstream propaganda machine they cannot change the fact that we are united as individual free citizens fighting for the reinstitution of our Republic under our Constitution and as such we cannot be defeated.
      In short, I think Dr. Paul should keep using the Republican platform and the exposure it offers to get the message out for as long as possible.

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