5 thoughts on “The more you notice

    1. Yes. I feel the same. Hard to understand how some don’t notice/see. I guess it’s years
      of programming: Don’t look there, and don’t blame that/them. I wonder why those who do “see” have transcended that programming, defied the odds, and made it out of group-think. It may be vibrational combined with intellect and a good dose of intuition. Some just can’t be fooled and refuse the lie. Why is that? It’s the great divide ‘tween seers and non-seers, between those who notice and those who don’t. And it comes with a special kind of loneliness, when most whom you run across aren’t seeing it/them, and are even, in fact, stabilizing and elevating it/them by buyin’ into, knowingly or not, a life of subservience. What a time it is, when in the non-virtual life, you run into a seer who notices and knows the score. It’s almost like an instant kindred spirit, because it’s so rare: sweet relief for the soul. At least this is my experience. Perhaps others have more seers around them. On a positive note, the numbers of those who notice do keep increasing, thank goodness.


  1. It’s also known in three dimensions as a a double star tetrahedron and it’s history and physical arithmetic
    is more than be commented on here.
    Dual citizenship in the United States should be abolished and that goes for China, Saudi Arabia and others too. For it now be to be legal in politics to hold dual citizenship is just wrong.

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