The Most Corrupt County In America

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“…current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing – are not sustainableA shift is necessary which will require a vast strengthening of the multilateral system, including the United Nations…”
Maurice Strong: Opening speech at the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development  

When fully implemented, ICLEI regulations will severely limit access to electricity and transportation, deny the common citizenry noninvasive access to beautiful wilderness areas, destroy private business, impose unsustainable tax rates, will arbitrarily seize private property for personal gain, will promote corruption at the highest levels of industry and government, have endorsed and implemented extreme population reduction methods and now ICLEI advocates have added child theft to their list of heinous crimes against humanity perpetrated against those who would dare to oppose their fascist policies.

Stacy Lynne, Anti-Agenda 21 Advocate

Six years ago, Stacy Lynne began making public presentations regarding the dangers of ICLEI. Lynne opposed the “greening” of downtown Ft. Collins in which only “eco friendly cars” would be permitted to park in downtown parking spaces. Local businesses estimated that each parking spot was worth $300,000 per year. This reckless ICLEI proposal would have bankrupted several local small business owners. However, Lynne was successful in harnessing community opposition and defeated the proposal. Lynne also fought against her local government’s attempt to only employWaste Management, a financial contributor to ICLEI, which would have bankrupted two locally owned trash businesses and cost the Larimer County, CO. community hundreds of jobs. Lynne was successful in defeating this measure as well.

Despite her successes, Lynne was making very powerful enemies including the Colorado advocate of ICLEI policies, Pat Stryker, whose business interests were intertwined with a group of Agenda 21 engineers, The Brendle Group, and Waste Management. This placed Lynne in the crosshairs of Stryker’s ICLEI allies came and they came after Lynne with a vengeance and Stacy’s victories were to be very short-lived.

The ICLEI Brand of Justice

Ten years ago, Stacy Lynne and Jeff Pappenheim parented Jaden. According to Lynne, she was left to raise the child as a single mother. Then, without warning in January of 2011, the biological father filed a dissolution of marriage action and sought sole custody of Jaden, despite the fact that the two parents were never married. This set Stacy and Jaden on a collision course with some very powerful Agenda 21 forces in Larimer County.

The triumvirate consisting of former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, globalist Judge Julie Field and globalist Pat Stryker’s ICLEI interests, have been involved in a series of “amazing coincidences”, which culminated in the neutralization of Stacy Lynne as their main ICLEI/Agenda 21 opponent. This was accomplished by the stealing of Lynne’s son in one of the biggest miscarriages of justice ever witnessed in a family court. All three parties are inextricably tied to ICLEI/Agenda 21 interests. The conflicts of interests between Ritter, Field, Stryker interests, and ultimately the 8th District Court of Larimer County are numerous and a matter of public record. Subsequently, this is when the ICLEI dominoes began to fall.

On December 21, 2011, Stacy’s son was removed from her custody by Field. Yet, there was no evidence presented which proved Lynne was guilty of neglect, abuse or any other parental misbehavior that would warrant such an action by any court. In the trial, Field refused to allow Lynne to call witnesses on her behalf and when the citizens in the court gasped with amazement, Field cleared the courtroom so this miscarriage of justice could continue away from the watchful eye of the public. Field’s custody ruling allows Stacy one supervised visit, every two weeks, with Jaden at the Harmony House, located in Fort Collins, where Pat Stryker was listed as a financial contributor. In my days as a nationally certified mental health counselor, I have seen more lenient parental rights granted to convicted pedophiles than I have to Stacy Lynne.

Why would Field misuse her judicial authority against a woman whose only “crime” was to oppose the insidious invasion of her community by ICLEI interests? Simple, Field was also an Agenda 21/ICLEI advocate as evidenced by her employment history in which she claims on her judicial application that she was a special consultant to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, from January 2007-December 2009. “Both are institutions in the United Nations system” and are beholding to Agenda 21/ICLEI interests. So not only was Lynne a political opponent of Stryker interests because of her anti-Agenda 21/ICLEI stance, Judge Field was also an Agenda 21/ICLEI foe of Lynne as well. If Field had an ounce of judicial integrity, she would have recused herself from the case. However, it also appears that Field had her own financial interest to protect. Field was serving as both an Attorney Mediator and board member for the Crossroads Safehouse, a refuge for neglected children and battered women. According to the Crossroads website, the Brendle Group is a major contributor to the their institution and is also connected to Stryker business interests. The Brendle Group is a self-admitted collection of “Agenda 21 engineers” who are a driving force behind the Agenda 21/ICLEI projects in Larimer County and across the nation. Crossroads is where Lynne was to have her supervised visits with her son Jaden. Field badly needs to explain this blatant conflict of interest.

Field’s conflicts of interests are not limited to her ICLEI interests; On page one of Field’s Judicial application for the 8th Judicial District, she lists her work address as 123 N. College Avenue, Suite 200, Ft. Collins, Colorado. West Mountain Asset Management, a Pat Stryker company, shows the same address on Federal Corporate Filings and websites, for the same time period. This means that the good Judge was a suitemate of Stryker. Fields’ blatant disregard for the need to demonstrate judicial impartiality is further evidenced by the fact that from July 1987 to July 1989, Julie Field worked as a litigation associate with the Nutter, McLennen & Fish, a Boston law firm. The same law firm represented Stryker Biotech, a subsidiary of Stryker Corporation, in a trial in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts (United States of America v. Stryker Biotech, LLC, et al., No. 1:09-cr-10330, D. Mass.) .

What are the odds that a long-time Stryker ally would become the judge of record of in the Lynne divorce action and then would rule against a Stryker political opponent? Field was appointed to the 8th District by outgoing Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, effective January 1, 2011. When Ritter left the Governor’s Office, his new $300,000 position was entitled “Director of the Center for the New Energy Economy” at Colorado State University. As reported by State Bill Colorado , “CSU provided a job description for Ritter’s position, which is being financed for three years by foundations, including that belonging to medical-device heiress Patricia Stryker, a Fort Collins resident and a prominent player in Colorado politics”. The Denver Business Journal also reported “Ritter said funding for the center and his position will come from private sources: the San Francisco-based Energy Foundation; the Fort Collins-based Bohemian Foundation founded in 2001 by Fort Collins heiress and Democratic Party supporter Pat Stryker; and other donors”. Therefore, Bill Ritter, the Governor who appointed Julie Field to a judgeship, now works for Stacy Lynne’s political opponent, Pat Stryker, and the public is left to believe that this is all one great big set of coincidences.

Governor Ritter also had an Agenda 21/ICLEI ax to grind against Lynne as Ritter is a board member with Energy Foundation of San Francisco. In 2010- 2011 the Energy Foundation contributed $600,000 to ICLEI. The readers can view the running list of donations to ICLEI here.

Agenda 21 and the Larimer County Sheriff

Courtesy of the Larimer County Sheriff’s brazen disregard for the constitutional rights of its citizens, Stacy Lynne has also become the victim of an illegal wire tap of her cell phone after the loss of her son to Pappenheim. In addition, Stacy Lynne discovered a Larimer County Sheriffs tracking device attached to her SUV on May 3, 2012. The device was confirmed as a tracking device by nearby the Weld County Sheriff’s office as belonging to Larimer County Sheriffs. The device was subsequently removed by Weld County officials and returned to Larimer County. There is no court order which legally justifies the installation and use of such a surveillance device on Stacy Lynne’s vehicle. This makes no sense, unless the Larimer County Sheriff Department is fearful that Lynne may have uncovered and will reveal even more criminal corruption involving some of the parties mentioned in this article and that the information may subsequently be revealed to journalists such as myself. For the life of me, I cannot imagine another set of motivations which could underlie this reprehensible violation of the public trust and the people of Larimer County need to be asking questions.

And whatever happened to Pat Stryker, whose Agenda 21 business interests that Stacey was working against? Styker was the chief investor for  the now defunct, Abound Solar corporation. After Stryker attended Obama’s inaugural ball, for which she contributed $50,000, Abound Solar received of $400 million dollars in a taxpayer handout. And what did the taxpayers get for the their money? Nothing! Abound Solar closed its doors shortly after receiving the Obama handout and never produced the solar energy for which the business was awarded. This is what Lynne was fighting against, when the corrupt Judge Field, of Larimer County, conspired to steal her child without so much as one allegation of wrong doing.

Stacy’s parental rights have never been severed. Yet, she has not seen Jaden for over a year. This violates the court order which provided for visitations between Stacy and Jaden. This is just another day at the office in Larimer County, which is referred to by ICLEI as the “Jewel of the ICLEI empire”. This is what happens when your local officials let Agenda 21/ICEI come to your town.

More Larimer County Judicial Abuses

The Larimer County justice system convicted Timothy Masters for murder, he served several years for a murder he did not commit. Both law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office withheld exculpatory evidence and after several years of wrongful imprisonment, Masters was released. This is typical of the Larimer County Justice system, well-known for being the most corrupt county in the United States.

Stacy Lynne has resumed her advocacy work in Larimer County and she has been involved in a new case involving judicial and police misconduct in Larimer County as she is at the forefront of bringing the Benjamin Gilmore to the attention of an unsuspecting public.

A new day, a new case involving a misuse of the Larimer County judicial system for political retaliation against an opponent of Agenda 21/ICLEI forces in this area. The “new Stacy Lynne” is a man named Benjamin Gilmore. Gilmore is a beekeeper who provides jobs for homeless people in Larimer County. Gilmore, like Stacy Lynne, was poking a stick in the eye of of the Agenda 21 forces in Larimer County.

Gilmore was angering the ICLEI forces on a number of fronts. First, his business of bee-keeping was providing support to the viability of local agriculture in Larimer County. Anyone who is familiar with Agenda 21 policies knows that these sinister forces wants control over all food production. This would have placed Gilmore in direct competition with the Monsanto forces as well. Agenda 21 seeks to place control of all food and water under the control of public-private-partnerships, like Monsanto. How much does this remind you of the movie trilogy, Hunger Games?

Gilmore had also introduced a form of bartering in the area. An economic system which competes with the existing corrupt banking system cannot be tolerated and this made Gilmore some very powerful enemies.

Gilmore was bringing to attention some very questionable financial and funding practices of Larimer County government with regard to expenditures on Agenda 21 projects. Further, Gilmore was also educating the local public on shady banking practices which were taking place in their community. Gilmore was also a leader in the local “Occupy movement”. And just like Stacy Lynne, Gilmore had placed a bulls eyes squarely on his back.

Benjamin Gilmore was sentenced to eight years in prison on December 12th for setting the Mason Street Flats Fire in October 2011. And what is the Mason Street Flats? It is a series of “stack and pack” Agenda 21 style micro apartments. The project was rapidly moved to completion and then shortly thereafter, the building was burned to the ground. The prosecution contends that Gilmore targeted the building and burned it down.

Judge Devin Odell refused to allow exculpatory evidence to be introduced. It seems that the local Fort Collins police force had obtained a confession from a man who claimed that he threw a series of Molotov Cocktails at the Mason Street Flats building. The man’s name is Gerardo Salazar. There exists a DVD of his confession. Despite his confession, Salazar was allowed to walk and Gilmore was instead charged. For some unknown reason, Salazar immediately went to Utah where he died under very mysterious circumstances. The Occupy Movement supporters are being blocked from obtaining a copy of Salazar’s death certificate. The only solid evidence introduced at the trial was a watch belonging Gilmore. Several Occupy members claim to have first hand knowledge that Salazar was the perpetrator. However, neither the DVD of Salazar’s confession, nor the witnesses who had knowledge of Salazar’s involvement were allowed to testify. The DVD which would have exonerated was also kept out of court by Judge Odell, who apparently drinks Kool-Aid from the same Agenda 21 troth as Judge Julie Kunce Field. The County Attorney’s office is also complicit in the cover-up of exculpatory evidence in this case as well.

Many in the Occupy Movement allege that this is a false flag operation designed to frame a chief opponent of Agenda 21 and Gilmore’s watch was planted. This evidence reminds one of how one of the 9/11 participants had his passport discovered at ground zero, despite the fact that none of the black boxes were discovered.

If you want to see how far the corrupt forces in Larimer County are willing to go to protect their Agenda 21/ICEI turf, watch the following video. I should note that Stacy Lynne informs that much more video evidence which demonstrates Gilmore’s innocence is coming forward.

Lesson to the Nation

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”.

Edmund Burke

Across this country, we are seeing what happens when good people let Agenda 21 policies invade their community. Larimer County, and it county seat, Ft. Collins, are indeed the jewel of the ICLEI empire. It is also the cesspool of human decency and justice. For example, the Ft. Collins police are now showing up at the homes of old people to force them to accept the new smart meters which is a staple of ICLEI. The tyranny in this county never ends.

I have a question for the residents of Larimer County. When are you going to collectively rise up and remove the corrupt members of the Ft. Collins City Council, the corrupt mayor, the corrupt County Attorney and the corrupt county judges? All of these forces serve Agenda 21 to your detriment. Why are you people in Larimer County, who have to know what is going on, allowing a few activists to fight your battles for you?

What about the rest of us? When we look at places like Larimer County, haven’t we learned that there is a steep price associated with being a sheep? Where are the real men in this country? When do we say, “enough is enough”? When we will we finally drive these moral degenerates from our communities?

If you were to read the policies of Agenda 21, you have to know that this is not going to end well for any of us.

2 thoughts on “The Most Corrupt County In America

  1. everyone reading the title “the most corrupt county” thought for sure their county would be listed at the top which only validates the obscene, business as usual, across the board, corruption that’s been going on for eons. revealing the true nature of our country that everyone either willfully ignores, denies, or is a part of. if steve quayle and others are correct in their assessment of where we are spiritually ie biblically we’re in deep shit!

  2. the weld county sheriffs office are very corrupt they have resorted to torturing people in order to cover their corrupt ways they not only tortured me but sexually humiliated me as well they did horrible things to me for a period of 1 year straight not to mention I was illegally experimented on for the majority of my life by the mental health system my family arranged for the mental health system to do experiments on me when I was a kid then they tortured me into compliance they are trying to kill me based on their disgusting excuses

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