The Most Unnecessary School Permission Slip Ever?

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Sometimes letting kids do things without you can be scary. They could get lost, get hurt, come into contact with trees… Wait, what?

At a time when we have seen helicopter parents and backlash to the helicoptering and free-range parents and backlash to them too, we have some sympathy for the educators who may not be sure what parents will take issue with next. But then again, is this really necessary?  

The parent who posted this school permission slip on Reddit was at a loss for words. Some commenters were quick to respond that it was an attempt at humor, made by the school. “I feel like that was some very deliberate passive aggression right there. Almost as if the person writing it themselves could not believe they actually had to write out a permission document for something so completely normal,” the last neo wrote.

We certainly hope that’s the case. Because it’s summer and that means it is time to get the kids outside, even if you need to lock the door behind them.

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One thought on “The Most Unnecessary School Permission Slip Ever?

  1. This looks ridiculous on the surface, but I would guess that the principal has probably received calls from angry parents in the past because their kids came home from school with dirty clothes from playing outside.

    Another possibility is that it was written by the school’s insurance company who fears lawsuits over school kids possibly being exposed to poison ivy, black widow spiders, and other natural dangers the we normally associate with being outdoors.

    A lot of silliness like this is cause by the litigious nature of some people these days, who often see lawsuits as their only chance at ever having any money.

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