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I still scan the headlines every morning, probably because old habits die hard, but I can’t help noticing that the news is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

To exemplify that statement, here’s next week’s news: Whatever the president says will be another pathetic lie, the murderous cops will be not be charged, the mass shooting will be a staged event, and a billionaire will bankroll riots carried out by useful idiots in an attempt to sway public opinion, and justify more tyranny.

The economy will continue to crash, as our military continues to drop some very expensive bombs on innocent people, and a pedophile politician will insist that all the bombing victims were terrorists.  

Next week’s news is last week’s news with different names, and bigger numbers, because the propaganda machine’s objectives have not changed, and tyranny never stops it’s progress unless it’s forced to.

None of it is important news to anyone, unless you’re the unfortunate recipient of a very expensive bomb, but out of habit we continue to look at the pages, either webbed or paper, and consume the information that informs us of nothing important whatsoever. It’s all just a collection of staged theatrics, distractions, manipulations, and feeble justifications for systematically divorcing you from your wealth, freedom, and constitutional rights.

The news that matters consists of things many Americans are still afraid to know, so the willfully ignorant will opt for the more reassuring, and entertaining news, because being continually reassured and entertained is all their fragile egos can handle without cracking like an egg.

“We’re beating the evil terrorists who hate us for our freedoms, keep playing games and buying gadgets, you’ll have to work longer hours if you want to be successful, gun owners are bad people, and another one of the dim-witted celebrities had a boob job”.

The real news, for people who prefer reality over reassurance and distraction, has been bad for many years, because for that time, it seemed as if freedom was destined to be crushed, and Americans would continue to become homeless and destitute so millionaires could become billionaires and tyrants could seize more power, in their endless, psychotic quest to rule the world.

But times are changing quickly, and our efforts to spread the truth are coming to fruition. The Zionist propaganda machine (it’s a mistake to call it “news”) has lost all credibility, and the only people who still turn to them for information are a few remaining hard-core leftists who are having difficulty accepting reality.

The real news has become good news, because Americans in all corners of the country are learning the truth, and preparing to deal with it as our revolutionary history and culture has taught us to.

Hillary is more suited for a strait jacket than the White House, and only the hard-core leftists can’t see this. Their fragile egos are beginning to crack like eggs, because it’s becoming more and more difficult for them to deny the truth.

Trump is not the answer to our problems, either. It may sound refreshing to hear a glint of truth coming from a presidential candidate, but he’s just the Zionist’s answer to Americans finally seeing through the web of lies they’ve been spinning for generations. They know we don’t believe anything they say anymore, but if you think that might cause them to throw in the towel, you’re being deceived once again. They’re not going to cede power just because their plans have been exposed. Instead they’re going to provide a candidate who caters to the American awakening, and the same bankers will be running the show when he’s elected. Trump is another distraction from the good news, and an attempt to derail the power of the American people, who are finally beginning to unite to restore freedom and justice.

But the good news continues without Trump, or any other billionaires for that matter, because Americans are realizing the danger they’ve been put into, and are rising to the challenge by arming themselves, and organizing their friends and neighbors into a fighting force ready to take on any challenge.

I wouldn’t say all the news is good, because we would all prefer to avoid any violence, but being prepared for the attack we’re about to suffer is much better news than being unprepared, and Americans in large numbers are readying themselves to respond to all who threaten their lives, their families, and our nation.

We’ve been provided with internal enemies. The Mexicans, the Muslims, and Chinese are already here, and they’re claiming ownership of the country that belongs to us. They’re ready to fight, and you better be ready to fight harder.

The best news is that we cannot be stopped. We’re an unbeatable force of more than a hundred million armed Americans defending our homeland, and absolutely nothing will deter us from restoring our republic, exacting justice, and recouping our stolen wealth and freedom.

The tyrants only advanced their plans as far as they did through deception, and that tactic is now failing them in a big way. The illusions created by the Zionist media are being shattered through self-education, and Americans are waking up from these illusions on the wrong side of the bed.

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to organize your friends and neighbors in the past, try again, and keep on trying, because our numbers expand exponentially, and people who lived in the false reality a week ago, may just now be realizing that you were right all along, and that their lives are in imminent danger.

The Zionists are starting to panic, because they also know that we cannot be stopped. As their web of lies is untangling, their new lies are becoming more desperate, and therefore more obvious.

The end is near, but it will not be the end of us. Those of us who’ve prepared for this event will live to see America restored to it’s former greatness, and no, Donald Trump will not be responsible for that; the American people will be. Just get organized, and be ready to rock and roll, and we’ll all share in the glorious victory that awaits us.

If you’re not physically capable of fighting, there’s still plenty you can do to provide necessary support to those who are. Contact your local militia, and find out how you can help.

Yes, we will make America great again, and we don’t need to false promises of billionaire puppets to accomplish that, and in fact, avoiding those predictable deceptions will be a necessary part of our success.

What we need is for Americans to unite, in an unstoppable force that demands the reinstatement of the Bill of Rights as the law of the land. The end of tyranny is ours for the taking, but the tyrants of course, aren’t going to give it to us unless we demonstrate the strength of our unity. Their plans include your death, so if the tyrants are ignored, the horrors of war will be delivered to you anyway. Our freedom and prosperous future are ours for the taking, but unfortunately, these things have never been delivered without a struggle. Turn off the TV, and get ready to be a real American. Present circumstances demand it.   — Jolly Roger

“Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival”    — Sir Winston Churchill

10 thoughts on “The News

  1. Nicely written Jolly, point on. The only difference for me would be, would be this 2 Chronicles 7:14 ►
    if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

    We can be armed and prepped, but the healing comes from God, have a great day

    1. Well there’s certainly nothing wrong with having God’s help on our side, and seeing Americans turning from their wicked ways suits me fine, too. Thanks, Tess.

  2. “We’ve been provided with internal enemies. The Mexicans, the Muslims, and Chinese are already here, and they’re claiming ownership of the country that belongs to us….. dont forget;and JEWS

    1. I can’t forget the Jews, Koyote. I just know they’re not going to do any fighting. (they provided the internal enemies)

  3. Right there with you boss
    I have pretty much given up on all main stream media
    Haven’t watched the televised news in I can’t say how many decades , yes .. Decades
    I woke up to this crap very early in life and have been not listened to by family members and probably mocked behind my back from those I have tried to wake up for over 25 + years or more of my life
    And I’m way older than those 25 years and woke up before that even

    The only thing you said in your post that I’m not so sure I can get behind is the Militia
    As I have seen the Feds infiltrate , I’ve seen the LEO’s infiltrate
    And if it’s one thing I can’t stand are infilTRAITORS in my team or ranks
    I do have some family that are awake and teamed up
    Just not sure they are at my level of resolve yet

    We got a long hard row to hoe my brothers in republic and at arms
    Some won’t make it

    1. I hear ya, Enemy… but I was thinking about local militias (friends and neighbors). You’re right… the highly organized militias are like organized religions; infiltrated with the enemy.

      Small and local is the way to go.

  4. “Turn off the TV,…”

    The # 1 cause of the majority of what’s wrong with this country.

    Other than the stinking jews, of course.

    Astute as ever, JR.

  5. Thoughtful, well stated, and with a touch of optimism. All qualities that seem to be in short supply. It is precisely the steadfast perseverance you have articulated that can win the day. I know at times I find a degree of cynicism and apathy creeping into my personal outlook, both lethal to the cause.
    I thank you for the swift kick in he ass.

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