5 thoughts on “The Power of Putin – Documentary 2018, BBC Documentary

  1. I don’t know jack about Putin but one thing I know by watching the video it a hit piece by CNN . They go out of there way to make Putin bad for the world and his homeland

    1. We can only go by what people tell us, he will never do it himself. Putin is no angel, believe me. He will always be a mystery. It’s a BBC production, CNN did the interviews, not that it matters.

      What is awesome to me is the hate relationship with the Clintons, and how he probably has Trump by the balls. If he could get away with it, he would invade the United States tomorrow.

    1. Oh yeah,

      Hollyweird loves this cat. Why, I have no idea…unbelievable

      Funny how there are billionaires by the truck load in Russia, yet the average wage is $400 a month, yeah Hollywood is as phony as they come, a bunch of Jew loving asswipes.

      They love the money and could care less about anything else.

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