The Price of Medicaid – Everything You Have Left

I would like to give a little background information.

My Mother was a very caring and straightforward person, a real person that said what she thought.

When my youngest sibling was being born, the nurses, one on each side held a sheet (Filled with ice packs) up toward my mom’s upper body to prevent birth until the Dr. arrived. My sister was already crowning.  

That was unfortunately, what some hospitals practiced in those days. Waiting for the grand arrival of the “Doctor” my sister went without oxygen to the motor part of her brain for 10-12 minutes, she was born with CP and brain damage. My sister wasn’t diagnosed until she was about 9 months old, after repeated trips to Ann Arbor to find out why she wasn’t developing as quickly as the rest of us had. After the “Specialist” diagnosed her, they told my parents to institutionalize her (Again something most parents were told to do and did in those days), my mom wouldn’t have any part of that.

When my sister reached school age there weren’t any schools in the area for handicapped children. My mom & her friend started the pre-school center for the handicapped. It took a lot of fundraisers, accepting donations for garage sales, garage sales, and a whole lot of other community based fundraisers to get it going. There wasn’t any transportation to get the children to day care. My mom and her friend picked each child up and transported them to and from Daycare.

Mom was very community orientated; she started the “Block Parent” group in our area. The idea was to have at least one parent on each block in our neighborhood have a BP sign in there window as a safe haven for a child to go to if they felt scared of something, such as someone following them, or if they fell and got hurt (Many a bandaged knee at our house J) or whatever the reason would be. She was also the “Mitten Bay” area Girl Scout leader for I can’t remember how long and many other things.

Mom didn’t work out of the house until we were teens or almost teens.

The parents divorced when we were in our teens (Ironically they got along better (Years) after). From then on mom worked, switchboard operator, manager, dispatcher, restaurant owner, store owner, cashier and probably more until past retirement age until her CHF among other things stopped her and all the while caring for my sister.

Leading up to her death she had her insurance through BCBS which she paid for, then also added Aetna and Medicare, she paid off all her CA hospital bills on Soc.Sec (How she did that I’ll never know) up until her illness got so bad and someone had to take over.


I wrote the above everyone would know my Mom did not live off any system and paid into it all the time she physically could.

It is supposed that Medicaid is taxpayer supported? I didn’t know they are going after any Assets the person may have had?

First of all, your income has to be so low, to actually even qualify for Medicaid.

How in the hell could they have Assets? Do the want a ring or bracelet or something else a family member bought them?

As you can see, I didn’t fill out the information on the Asset collection sheet, they already have that information somewhere. They are getting paid to know it and if they don’t, they better get somebody on it, mho.

RT Hawk

Notice to File Claim 1

Notice to File Claim 2

Exemption 1

Exemption 2


7 thoughts on “The Price of Medicaid – Everything You Have Left

  1. I miss those days when things were kept more honest and simple. Now days they want to complicate things to take advantage and abuse the every day common people. The PTB thieves do not give a rip about you or me, they only care about what they can screw you out of. Good job on your article RT Hawk – it was the first one that I remember of that type here.

  2. Thank you Henry, and Perfect Title!
    Yep Digger, those were the days 🙂 TPB, if they can’t get ya one way, they’ll try another, and another…Thank you regarding the article, I do think Henrys Title is perfect and brought it all together. It is true, they want everything you have left… even if that is nothing

  3. Not from your state but these laws on books decades at least. If you are in car accident and they pick you up from pavement with no ID and save your life – they want restitution for taxpayers from insurances which is reasonable and some of us would not care too much if we were once again functionable and able to work and have a life. Yes, they can take your house, everything. Didn’t used to be that they actually did it – was just ink on paper for just in case. Then states started outsourcing, privatizing many departments. For all we know maybe they get a bonus for replenishing the government kitty. This has been socialist nation long time now – cuz certain protected peoples gets free everything in this land of the free – and the rest of us get to pay by losing everything we worked for once caught in their system – (web.) They also do much duplication of effort (perhaps trying to extract more useful info?) because each layer, each department will recontact the grieving relatives of the deceased and ask the same questions over and over and over as if they are trying to provoke you to violence. In this day and age there is no excuse for this harassment. They can put the info in their government computer and access it . . . . noooooooo. These are the situations that wake us up. Sorry you are going through it. For the work your mom did she probably created Medicare for many, plus paid high bills all of her life in order to support the freeloaders and even in death a producer like your mom gets to pay and pay and pay and pay. For me I have decided that our current incarnation of capitalism is just as de-incentivizing as how Communism was portrayed to me in US grade school. This happened to my family in somewhat variable context – the government even took handmade by young grandchildren gifts to grandma – seriously.

  4. RTH, i was aghast when i read that ice packs were commonly used to delay birth. Just shows the base heartlessness also of the nurses in the delivery rooms.

    How could they not speak out at the outrage perpetrated by money grubbing minded `doctors` who could not claim their attendance fee unless, in this instance, they were there merely watching a natural event which clearly didn’t need their intervention ?

    Were they so petrified of being blacklisted at speaking out that they could not see themselves in the same situation at a later time ?

    Everyone seeing this should do a search on the word `ponerology`, as there is no other real explanation for such base evil, which even the love of money in normal people would stop at.

  5. I can sympathize with you, RT, concerning the so-called ‘medical’ establishment, as you well know. After watching my sister, and later on my mother, waste away from their voodoo witch doctor all-for-the-money bogus cancer ‘cures’, and then discovering many years too late that they could have easily been cured, I have nothing but utter contempt and hatred for those posing as ‘health care’ professionals. I am sorry for the grief they’ve caused you, and for what they did to your sister and mother.

    There WILL be retribution for them someday.

  6. Another one of many examples of a strong, intelligent, and determined woman of high moral caliber successfully tackling and improving the world around her BEFORE the days of “woman’s liberation.”

    This woman reminds me of my own Mom, and she should remind everyone that good women were never held down or oppressed when they wanted to realize their potential.

    They never needed Gloria Steinem’s movement or the Rockefeller’s funding to “liberate” them. The woman’s liberation movement just FORCED them to work, and pay taxes to Rockerfeller’s bank (part owners of the Federal Reserve) when in the past they had a choice.

  7. AngryCockroach, I had read about the restitution regarding car accidents.
    Insurance companies are a freakin’ joke imo, used to be the biggest lobbying group in DC.
    I don’t know which group is bigger now Pharma and a few others are close if not bigger.
    They may try to keep asking me questions?
    If they do, I will tell them to look it up, they already have her information on file and/or to contact her caseworker for more information. No violence here 🙂
    I was just shocked and irked to say the least when I received it in the mail…
    I am sorry to hear that this happened to your family as well, I wonder how much they got out of the handmade gifts? WTH!? Gee had I known the state workers were in need of undies and facility footies I would have shipped them off to those poor workers………

    Michael Mazur, it was common in some places more so than others back at that time.
    When I was pregnant with my children I told my OB/GYN what my Mom had told me happened during her labor. (He was a specialist, since I was in healthcare at the time I’d pick his brain about things during my mo. visits) He said it was a common practice for some Drs., in some areas to do that at that time.
    He said that many studies had been done on that, mid 70’s and his opinion of those Drs. were that they should be sued. Yes and at that time Nurses would not have said anything, the Dr. was treated like a god of some sort. I am Thankful for my Sister, she is a wonderful person. Glad she is in my life 🙂

    #1, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom and Sister. There are some good Drs.out there, few and far between but yeah overall the medical establishment and pharma pffttt, Karma is a b!t*h 🙂 Thank you for your kind comments #1. I was just shocked when I received the letter and wanted other people to know about it, maybe it will wake someone up (Not FTT, wide awake here! 🙂 but by someone talking about it, to someone, that talks to someone, maybe they will finall freaki’ understand all is not well with Medicare/caid/soc.sec.. Then it really got me yesterday when I read the “Top ten ObamaCare horror stories the media are covering up”, my blood boiled! remembering how many people I tried to explain how ObamaCare couldn’t work and where it would lead. The letter I received for SOM proves the point I was trying to explain to them. Government can’t even afford medicaid let alone ObamaCare. Oh well, at least some will be aware 🙂

    Hey Jolly Roger, Your Mom sounds like my Mom, Lucky us! 🙂 Yep if my Mom saw that something needed to be done, she took it upon herself to get it taken care of. My Mom actually thought Women’s Liberation was dumb, she said she wasn’t going to burn her bra, “Stupid women” she said. hehe! Mom didn’t need anyones permission to take care of business, you do what you have to do. Mom thought Gloria Steinem was an a$$. Agree the “Woman’s Liberation Movement just FARCED them to work, to get them away from the kids, the family, and for taxes…….

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