The Real Snowden – John McCarthy! Jullian ASSange & Snowden Are CIA / Mossad Assets.

Before It’s News

” Unlike Snwoden I did not have a 200,000$ a year CIA job… in Hawaii… I lived there for 19 years… and was forced to leave the US in fear for my life and future… No country came to my rescue… And no media ever mentioned me… And Anarchadia has come out with more censored stories… than Wikileaks and Snowden combined… and not about shit your government wants you to hear either.. Snowden is an imitation of me… except he’s in CIA Russia with CIA Putin who is great buddies with Bush… and his puppet slave Obama… Snowden comes from Hawaii like me… he is Mark Zuckerberg’s cousin… he copied my entire story… except has docs from the CIA and NSA because he is CIA… He is a limited hangout to censor Anarchadia… The CIA never wants to hear about Anarchadia and Viral in the same sentence… When Anarchadia has beat these nazi capitalists at their own game… We are now in 10 countries… in only 3 years… after 3 years of the US military spending millions of dollars censoring us… Except I’m really an American exile risking his life… Snowden and ASSange… are secret service… “
– John McCarthy  

When WIkileaks first came to light, I suspected it was B.S. immediately simply because it had “wiki” in the name and most know Wikipedia is a Mossad / CIA operation of selective disinformation…
Immediately, I was suspicious..

“Trust those seeking truth, doubt those who claim to have found it.”

There are many examples of Wikipedia’s lies.  For a few examples of BIAS B.S. DisInfo, look up these..Bolshevik Revolution or how they glorify The EVILRothschild Family.. Wikipedia even added NEW TYPESof cloud formations to “explain” Chemtrail clouds. Here is even more evidence Wikipedia is Zionist Crap.

In 2010 Anarchadia became a non-profit, published journal*, with unspun news for free daily, and also became a big force against spin doctors who get paid millions of dollars to disinform the public with propaganda simulating real news. Before that they were a blog with over 20,000 people regularly visiting.

As soon as Anarchadia became a non-profit, the U.S Military started a *12$ million campaign* against them, thanks to the illegal traitors over at the ECHELON Empire and City of London corporation.

Ever since thousands of dollars in donations (that they know of) have been stolen by a jealous U.S Government, which boasts about efficency, when Anarchadia is the fastest growing movement in the world, already in over 10 countries in only 3 years. Which is faster than any CIA funded movement like AlQaeda.

The Edward Snowden (Mark Zuckerberg’s cousin) saga was an inspired immitation of the founder of Anarchadia, the founder of Anarchadia from Hawaii has been in exile in France for longer than Julian Assange and has had more content censored / more threats to safety than CIA / Mossad Wikileaks.

Snowden is also aided by CIA Putin a great buddy of CIA George Bush (who’s father helped kill Kennedy). Snowden is CIA!

The Vice President of CIA Facebook is Jeff Rothschild, and is a personal friend of Putin and the Chinese PM. Jeff Rothschild is currently fueling WW3, just like his grandparents funded WW2 for profit. The Rothschilds back all sides of war and genocide to make profit. Jeff Rothschild also made the mistake of taking such a public position. The only REAL enemies are those countries without a Vatican Knighted Rothschild’s Central Bank!

Now several CIA funded billionaires of Silicon Valley including Peter Thiel, Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates all want the founder off Anarchadia buried. This is a crime against humanity, all Anarchadia wants to do is stop these rich bastards who starve to death 100 million people every 5 years for corporate profit increases and more slave labor produced. And who also try to detract organic movements like Anarchadia, while trying to pass off Versace wearing puppets like Sarah Palin as “grass-roots”.

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Published on Jan 13, 2014
The Rundown Live #133: John McCarthy of Anarchadia videos..

5 thoughts on “The Real Snowden – John McCarthy! Jullian ASSange & Snowden Are CIA / Mossad Assets.

  1. Yep…. Snowden’s announcement that “they’re listening to every word” was made precisely because they CAN’T listen to every word, but I’m sure they were very successful at silencing a lot of dissent by convincing people they could.

  2. I suspected snowden was a fraud from the beginning.
    In fact, I joked to a friend about how much he looked like fellow khazar ‘jew’
    daniel radcliffe who played harry potter and how radcliffe could easily play snowden in any upcoming film.


  3. Either way a fair questions stands:

    for all the info he is purported to have why has only such a near insignificant amount been released. The word is the guardian has all the info…why sit on ‘real’ info I have wondered again & again?

    1. Snowden’s handler Glenn Greenwald is a fellow khazar ‘jew’ (mossad as well??) and will make a fortune off this.
      I suspect these leaks are retribution against america for not attacking syria, iran, enemy du jour.
      I also suspect they threaten to leak more if the administration doesn’t do as it’s told.
      The result is two fold: continue the blackmail and ‘demonize america’
      setting it up for eventual destruction just as the khazar ‘jews’ sold out germany when they were finished with her.

      To answer your question:
      Why blow the wad all in one go? It’s much more useful to them if they drop the cherries when they’re most effective.
      This is about making the administration sweat it out and do as it’s told. Blackmail.

      America has been hijacked for 100yrs. by khazar asiatic ‘jews’.
      Now the khazars are infesting the entire world financial system.


  4. The CIA is censoring this on Facebook and Google I noticed a lot of people being disappeared and censored because of this and other links mentioning this. Over 500 shares on Facebook because people are getting blocked for sharing this information.

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