The Real Terror is the Law: Now you can be executed for merely being a suspect

Hear the chant of the mindless monster — 'USA! USA!'The Rebel – by John Kaminski

One thing is certain. It is the cops who are committing the crimes.

In the name of terror, they brutalize the public with concocted fantasies and real episodes of self-destructive social sadism.

And in the name of national security, they mislead everyone into believing that crimes are being committed when in reality the cops are creating the crimes themselves, staging “drills” that turn into live events, hiring “crisis actors” to pose as victims, and feeding false information to media maggots ever eager to fan the flames of fear.  

Now you can be executed — as we have just learned — for merely being a suspect — with no evidence, no trial, and no finding of guilt, but only by the hysteria generated by the false testimony of the cops amplified and spread throughout the world by corrupt media.

This is how the recently enacted National Defense Authorization Act works in real time.

The cops can commit constant perjury and remain immune from prosecution because the legal system, totally awash in corruption, protects them, while the gullible public, believing what they hear on TV, puts their hands across their hearts and chants “USA USA” without ever really comprehending the deeper reality of what is going on.

This is the new anthem signifying uncritical endorsement of fear and criminal behavior wherever it is heard — “USA! USA!”

It is a blood libel against all of humanity. No one is safe from it, not even the people practicing it for a paycheck nor the social strategists inventing it for purposes of control.

The cops are supposed to protect us, but their mission has curdled. They have turned the law into a weapon of mass murder.

Now, everyone is a criminal and you’re guilty until proven innocent. Babies are being snatched from their parents for not submitting their newborns to poisoned vaccinations. The new Gov. Cuomo in New York has just signed a law that all psychiatric records are now the property of the government.

There is no longer any such thing as doctor-patient confidentiality, which means your life is no longer your own.

Now, they’re creating crimes rather than fighting them, just as doctors now create diseases rather than eliminating them. Can you say “swine flu shot” without choking on the phrase?

Now, when you go to a doctor, you are committing a crime against yourself, by jeopardizing your own freedom by challenging new laws that spawn the real terror in the world. Our demonic President Obama has pontificated that he can kill anyone he wants without a trial at any time for any reason. The day has already arrived when people, especially parents, are being put in jail for refusing vaccines. How much worse can it get?

Be certain that it will.

Some people don’t care. Others are simply not capable of understanding.

The rest of us who are aware to one degree or another endlessly troll the Internet for each new depravity, wondering in astonishment how we could have sunk so far so fast, how we could have permitted all these evil actions and trends to flourish, and grow progressively worse with each passing day.

It’s no exaggeration to say the future of America and the world hangs in the balance. It is the people who don’t care who control the fate of the world.

Those who will decide whether we all live or die are people who really don’t want to know the truth, who don’t care whether the government is killing its own citizens, who just want to be left alone with their addictions, compulsions, and delusions, with their favorite TV shows and self-destructive jobs.

Those who just want to watch football, go shopping, and eat pizza.

Preaching to the choir doesn’t work. It only sinks those of us who are aware more deeply into depression and frustration. Too many of us now realize it is the people who don’t care who matter most. It is up to us to convince them, and we haven’t.

Convince them of what?

That the information they receive shapes their lives, and prejudices every decision they make in their lives with deliberately falsified facts.

The question of freedom in the minds of Americans hangs on the question of whether or not the U.S. government is killing its own citizens to achieve total control of everyone’s mind, thereby eliminating the possibility of dissent. TV news is shaped to the same purpose.

The notion of freedom in America precariously teeters on the question of whether the government is deliberately killing its own citizens to achieve the goals of the rich power brokers.

People who stock up on guns, bulk food and ham radios are just fooling themselves. You can’t win a firefight with the American war machine. And you can’t survive with any degree of health amid a society that has gone totally rancid.

The lady who lost her legs on Boylston Street doesn’t know about Waco. But no lady lost her legs in the staged Boston Marathon massacre. IT WAS A DRILL. She was an amputee hired as a crisis actor, and she did her job well. What a thrill it must be to know she helped the cops make everybody more afraid.

What a sick society. This is the ultimate outcome of not paying attention to the forces who control our lives. This is what happens when we let someone else usurp responsibility for our own lives.

Reality has separated into two parts. It has bifurcated into two levels of consciousness, one that thinks and one that doesn’t. One that reacts to made-up terror dramas and cringes in fear, and one that gathers real facts and ineffectually rails against injustice.

The one thing that is never mentioned is the real cause of all the problems. Because it is against the law to be mentioned, the problems never get solved. The problems only get worse. And the true cause is never identified openly.

For the last two decades, terrorist incidents like blown-up buildings and mass shootings at schools have proliferated. These are what has caused the need for “terror drills” in the first place.

In recent days, after alleged mass shootings at Aurora and Sandy Hook, plus the Boston Marathon bombing, numerous courageous writers have diligently uncovered the scams, pointed out the inconsistencies, and chronicled the shifting cover stories.

But, again, conspicuous by its absence has been any mention of the real cause.

The Jewish penetration and subversion of reality.

(I notice with fear and loathing that Jewish writers have pretty much taken over the opposition, providing Jewish solutions to problems created by Jews in the first place.)

Few people have actually noticed that ever since the assassination of President William McKinley way back in the year 1900, the real cause of all these tragic public events throughout the 20th century — the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, the Great Depression, both World Wars, Vietnam, Oklahoma City, 9/11 and the endless succession of terror bombings, the constant attacks and obliteration of the Muslim countries, and most recently the Aurora, Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon sideshows — have all been devised and carried out by the same evil source — cops trained in Israel and soldiers who act without thinking about their immortal souls.

But this source of endless terror is never mentioned, because this same source controls virtually all public media in the world, controls every aspect of it, in ways we still haven’t completely perceived, such as gangsta rap, free sex and the legalization of drugs.

That source is the Jewish mafia, which has perverted our schools, lobotomized our media, perverted our social institutions through non-profit think tanks, and prostituted our children with poisoned drugs and depraved subversive trends masquerading as personal liberation.

And if you do mention it, you probably don’t get published, unless you’re reading discontented sites like this one, hard to find, marginalized, and ridiculed by people who don’t really know what they’re talking about, yet who insist they do, because they got their information from sources who never mention the magic word.

Lawyers collude against their clients, doctors poison their own patients, teachers fill their students’ minds with crap they know is false — this suicidal course was all created by the Jews, just like the erudite commentators who continue to insist Muslims blew up the Twin Towers, white people have plundered the world and deserve to be offed, and you can live a happy life is you just take this bribe, or take this drug, and forget about the rest of it, because there’s nothing you can do about anyway.

Please notice how all the presidential assistants are Jews, how all the lawyers and doctors who craft new laws that threaten our lives are Jews, and how all elected officials are in thrall to the Jews because that’s the only way they can acquire the loans to get themselves elected.

Please notice how all the people on Wall Street who have stolen trillions from the American people are Jews, who read the news on TV and justify government oppression are Jews, and who draw enormous salaries from the government for jobs that don’t really need to exist are Jews or Jew slaves.

Please notice how any news source that forbids the use of the word “Jew” should never be trusted, because it means they are spouting propaganda that has been screened by the Jews, or at least, by not mentioning them, are generally speaking in fear of the Jews.

And most importantly, please notice how any news source that speaks of terrorists as a genuine entity— and specifically the fictional creation known as Al-Qaeda — is simply vomiting Jewish propaganda, because Al-Qaeda is the false flag creation of Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Mossad, and the CIA, and is now successfully spreading to every corner of the world as EITHER the reason for the need for military action by armies that the Jews control, or as allies against countries that the Jews want to destroy.

Such convenient terrorists they are, used to fight EITHER for us or against us, depending on what the situation demands. In Afghanistan, they were the targets of our bombs; but in Libya, they were the deliverers of our bombs.

It’s the people who don’t care who matter most now, because they are the ones who uncritically believe the hip but misleading jargon they hear on TV and give the government the excuse it needs to continue its slick deceptions that sicken the general public and spread profit-making diseases across the planet.

It’s the people who don’t care who control the fate of the world, and it’s up to us who do care to convince them that they must care, that the real terror is the law, and that the real criminals are our leaders, and the cops who follow their criminal orders. Without the people who don’t care realizing their indifference is leading to our destruction, we are unquestionably doomed to a painful and diseased oblivion.

So if you understand this message, get to work, because only numbers — and I’m talking tens of millions of people demanding the trial and execution of all these killer millionaires who fix elections and avoid paying taxes with overseas bank accounts — can at this late date hope to save our world and our lives.

Get the Jews out of government, out of schools, out of our minds. As Ben Franklin predicted so long ago, our children will curse us in our graves if we let the Jews sabotage and destroy our country, which they have already pretty much accomplished.

But as long as we don’t give up our guns, stop going to doctors, and never trust the Jewish-dominated mainstream media, it’s not too late to stop them.

The key is getting the people who don’t care to understand that the future of humanity — the whole shooting match — depends on them waking up to the sorry fact that they are being systematically robbed and killed by organizations that are supposed to protect them and make them healthy, but are doing exactly the opposite.

Given the debauched and debilitated condition of the gullible boobs who populate the United States, I concede this is a tall order. Unfortunately, the only alternative is the Jewish program of mass deception and extermination that is already well under way, and has been for at least a hundred years.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

4 thoughts on “The Real Terror is the Law: Now you can be executed for merely being a suspect

  1. Another great article.

    However, pertaining to the alleged Boston “we just luvvv martial law!!!” USA chantees, I doubt very much that the handful of people filmed by the goebbels pressitutes holding their cute little brand spanking new American flags, were authentic citizens of the boston-hoaxed population. I believe these were government shills who were retained to hold the little new flags while they chanted the mantra “USA – USA – USA” on cue.

    It certainly fits perfectly with the entire Boston “bombing” hoax.

    Part 1. Set off a bucketful of M80’s, throw the glass the wrong way in front of the store, gather the [incompetent] actors, spread the insanely BRIGHT red “blood,” shove everyone into wheel chairs after we get the dry prosthetics hooked up, have very serious looking dudes wearing straw comboy hats handle the IV’s – OMG! WAIT – CUT – too late – we forgot the damned IV’s!! – look kinda distressed, have the agents [also the same dudes who were the 3 cops at Sandy Hoax] walk away from the M80 site, [mess up the fences idiots, it was supposed to look like a damn BOMB – no one gets paid!!] and:

    Part 2. Declare martial law, just don;t call it that. Call it: “shelter in place.” Which is like calling a popular food item created with a bun, mayo, catsup, beef patty, onions, lettuce, a: whopper, instead of a hamburger. Same thing, no matter what you call it.

    Part 3. Fire up the brand new gestapo brand of MRAPS and go cruising up and down a few streets with all the shiny M16’s and HKMP5’s etc.

    Part 4. Fulfill your promo contract with Stanley Steemer by sending in jack-booted thugs, a/k/a neanderthals, with very dirty boots to dirty everyone’s carpets. (They did do a plug for Firehouse Subs at the fake bombing site – where was the marketing team for Stanley Steemer?)

    Part 5. Get the shills from after a few hundred 4th Amendment violations, out manically waving the pristine new flags and shrieking USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!. At least they did not blow the script, which SHOULD have been: CIA!!! CIA!!! CIA!!!

    The not-so-subliminal message sent was this:

    “Hey folks, here in Boston (where the Red Sox win every century – like it or not), we LOVE it when the government goons rape the Constitution and scare little kids:))))) Come back anytime guys and bring some more MRAPS will ya!!! Oh, and before we forget to say it, as our contract stipulates, we need to say: THANK YOU [for being a goon – a new song for Andrew Gold from 1978] for “protecting all 4,000,000 of us from the 19 year old unarmed fbi patsy.” Whew – THAT was close!!!. AND letting the commies hanging off of MRAPS rape the Constitution is as American as apple pie, baseball, and the Boy Scouts – hell it IS over 230 years old!! AND we need a new Constitution called the “Confiscation Constitution.”

    Cut to director speilberg: “OK – that’s a wrap, or MRAP, or something like that. OK, now everyone back to watching the Kardashians and texting! See ya’ll at the next drill/hoax gun grab event!!”

    Who the F do they think they are foolin’?

    I do not own ANY tiny American flags, and have them sitting around my house. Do you guys? Obviously the whole Boston OP, including the USA chant crap, was as real as the M80 “bomb,” Sandy Hoax, Aurora, [cia agent] giffords in Tuscon, VA Tech, Paducah, 911,etc.

    JM – wide awake

  2. Excellent article! I have been following John’s writings for years and I have to say he has it nailed better than anyone else I have read on the internet. Trying to get people to wake up to these deadly realities is more than challenging, I have been at it in my own ways since 2001! Still the majority seem to be comfortable with their head stuck up their arseholes! When the shit hits the fan in a big way which is sooner rather than later I assure you those in denial will have nowhere left to hide. Those that fight for truth will find honor in this life and the next, cowards are banished to endless fear! May we be united in undermining tyranny on all levels, and restoring integrity and meaningful values like freedom for all.

  3. Very good article. We all need to get together and spread the word and wake up as many people as we can. We can’t let the Communist beast psychologically drag us down. We have to stand up and fight to be heard and take back our country, our rights and our freedom, once and for all!

  4. “People who stock up on guns, bulk food and ham radios are just fooling themselves. You can’t win a firefight with the American war machine.”


    Were that to be true, WHY is the so-called ‘government’ so desperate to take those guns away?

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