The Rise of the Citizen Journalist

This is historic…the establishment and its organs, the MSM (Mainstream Media), which serves only the establishment and is essentially a propaganda machine has been displaced by the citizen journalist with a cell phone camera, a tape recorder and a video camera.  Moreover the order maintenance machine, the police have been curbed by citizen militia.

The citizen journalist now owns the scene on any breaking news story and is able to post real time coverage of events as it happens, raw, unedited to the world over the Internet.  The citizen journalist can dispel stories spun to reflect a particular viewpoint and can show what really happened before information is skewed by the MSM.  The MSM no longer has the ability to demonize, contain, and isolate any particular ethnic, political group or religious organization, which is essential for states to commit democide.  

The MSM has been overthrown by the people determined to retain a measure of control over public policy and politicians, the political discourse, and political trajectories.  Moreover, as we have seen at Bundy, the alternative media has its own support organs and deterrence, the blogger, the armed militiaman, the citizen grass-roots advocacy group.  Thus, a balance of power has been achieved.  Furthermore, if the citizen journalist stays faithful to his or her purpose,  accurate reporting of the news, the balance may eventually tilt to the new kid on the block, the citizen journalist and blogger.  The outcome may be the fall of massive establishment news and information organs, such as the New York Times, the LA times, CNN and MSNBC and others.

Recent attempts to criminalize and sanction non-government approved journalists and bloggers have failed.  These attempts to control free speech have exposed politicians like Senator Dianne Feinstein as statists, and as politicians who ignore civil liberties and create Unconstitutional laws to  solidify their own political power.  The citizen journalist now has the power to expose the real enemies of the people and at any level.

The lesson is clear.  The people have the means to spontaneously generate the coverage, the production and dissemination of any breaking news story and to use informal information streams to alert people to any instance of government overreach and or abuse.  They have the power to deter and to stop government sponsored violence and to evade government mandated news blackouts.

Moreover, we should expect the people to informally or to formally erect information networks and information arrays at many levels of dissemination, linkages, and sophistication, which may lead to the creation of many different types of Internets and information networks free of government and or corporate control.  This implies that guerrilla information warriors have the ability to expose government and political corruption, instances of subversion and or tyranny, and to expose the actors anywhere in the world.  Additionally, should the MSM or the government attempt to ban the release of unfavorable news stories by locking down the Internet, or by arresting or assassinating citizen journalists, then  guerrilla information warriors have alternative Internets already planned and ready to go into action to carry the message to the people and more importantly, a very powerfully armed militia to protect its news sources and journalists.

It is widely accepted that knowledge is power.  The rise of the citizen journalist and the guerrilla information warrior supported by citizen riflemen and a bewildering maze of spontaneously generated information gate ways and paths implies that there is a new sheriff in town and that the old regime with its monopoly grip on information to enhance or maintain its power is dead.

Quintus Dias

5 thoughts on “The Rise of the Citizen Journalist

  1. An old and dear friend of mine, Richard Quigley (RIP) told me, back in the mid ’90’s; that he believed this internet would be the downfall of the government ripoffs, badguys, and scams, he so dispised – he was convinced that there would be websites just like FTTWP – and people would have tiny recorders that could be carried everywhere – the truth would be handed back to the political liars faster than they could get away from the podium –
    Although he used another set of words for the MSM – his distain was more than evident, and of course, his prediction was they would be merely religated into history as spin doctors.

  2. Did this author just stumble upon the internet last week?

    I don’t mean to thrash the guy in any way, but he’s describing what’s most of us have known for the last decade.

    “The outcome may be the fall of massive establishment news and information organs, such as the New York Times, the LA times, CNN and MSNBC and others.”

    This already happened years ago. The only people who still believe the Zionist media are simply afraid of the truth because their lives are so completely dependent upon the current, collapsing system that the the media’s false reality promotes.

    1. JR, I believe that maybe only 5% (or possibly less) may as up to speed, as folks like yourself – using myself as an example: and I have some history in this area – I worked with Quigley [11 yrs. legal cases, etc.] and his USFF [United States Freedom Fighters] from back in the early ’90’s – and I really didn’t get it (or beleive it) for quite a while – and, more to the point; I never cease to be amazed at how the majority (if not vast majority) of people I run into are “out of the loop” intelectually speaking (shall we say). It has only been in the last few years that I’ve become excited to find websites such as this – and people such as yourself – that give me new hope for our future.
      I say new hope – for I had surely lost it during the years of 2007-8.
      STFB, Draftee, Reluctant Vietnam Vet – ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

  3. well if you want the truth..go to a citizen..if you want a bunch of contrived lies, manipulated reports and biased information made up to pat some politician or news reporter on his or her back..than by all means keep watching and listening to MSM.

    cant wait for them all to be paraded out and shown to the general public what and who they really are and who owns them..I bet it will surprise a lot of sheeple

    but in the end they must have liked and wanted to be lied to..right?

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