The Risk Of Revolution Grows

Revolution FightMilitia News – by Dean Stephens

Our world is coming apart. The reactions to this are daily becoming more ridiculous. The reactions to this are daily becoming more serious. Are we in a repeat of the dichotomy once summarized “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”?

Like this opening to the famous tale about the French Revolution with its anarchist extremes and brutal bloodletting, the world is reaching a crisis, and the world’s people are confused and angry. The dichotomies identified in that opening paragraph are being repeated today, “… it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity.” The rich are adamant that the world is perfect as it is. The poor are adamant that the world must be torn apart. Neither is right. Neither is wrong.  

It is happening globally.

China has created a self inflicted demographic and cultural crisis with its “one child policy.” It faces a growing chasm between the excessive number of male children in the nation and the limited number of women those males can marry. War has long been the final solution for nations facing such cultural pressure. Which is why China is making noises about invading Vietnam and Taiwan. War by China is coming. Yet experts on China remain oblivious. Amazingly, our mainstream media ignore the signs as if such a war will not affect America.

Huge wage pressure has nearly eradicated China’s cost of labor advantage of 20 years ago. The currency manipulation which cleverly hid the eradication is about to collapse. At the same time, China faces the reality that their huge surpluses in owning debt around the world could become a massive problem if write-downs become epidemic. They would really like to reduce exposure to American debt, yet where else can they safely go? How does China grow its economy at the rate needed to keep its population happy while facing cultural and economic catastrophe? Are the Chinese prepared to face serious blowback from the United States, China’s number-one trading partner? It happened before and would likely happen again. China’s heretofore strengths are rapidly becoming its weaknesses. It may thus perceive only one rational choice. War!

At the same time, Americans are slowly waking up to the open warfare from La Raza extremists who are intent on tearing America apart. They are invading us in numbers they hope will force a vote for secession by many Western states. “It can’t happen here” is starting to become an obvious farce as the reality sinks in. Yes, “it can happen here.” It is happening. Others in South America are recognizing our weakness. Argentina is saber-rattling — threatening to invade the Falklands over a two-hundred-year old wound to its national pride. America would not be immune to the consequences of such action, regardless of whether it were Britain or Argentina that prevailed. Instability in the Americas is surging as Cuba and Venezuela work to undermine their age-old enemy, the U.S.

The massive growth of Islamic extremists around the world is being fueled by a deluded foreign policy initiative from the Obama administration. Muslims are reacting aggressively, seizing control of every major nation in the pan-Arabian region: Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Turkey. Nation by nation, we are facing an increasingly hostile Islamist world. Sharia law is being pressed everywhere, even in America. It will rapidly get worse. Israel is about to become a victim of the first nuclear world war. It will not be the last. America may soon be a target as well.

Simultaneously, the global socialist movement is organizing to destabilize America’s financial system. The failure of most Americans to accept the visceral hatred by certain elements in the world against any semblance of free enterprise still shocks me. The socialists have openly planned to destroy free enterprise, what they call capitalism, for over a hundred years. Yet most Americans are still oblivious. These enemies may be aligned with foreign movements, but they are internal enemies, and they currently control our government. The Obama regime is a part of the global socialist movement.

As in the age of the French Revolution, “it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.” History appears to be repeating itself. The only question that remains is which idea will prevail. The French chose “foolishness” and chopped off each other’s heads. Will we choose wisdom?

Written by Dean Stephens.

8 thoughts on “The Risk Of Revolution Grows

  1. “Global socialist movement” needs to be called what it really is. A push for total control of the world by a bunch of psychopathic fake jews. Stop calling the real problem by sugar-coated euphamisms and recognize the 900 pound khazarian gorilla in the room?!

  2. Wait a minute. I have a problem with this:
    “The French chose “foolishness” and chopped off each other’s heads. Will we choose wisdom?”

    First of all, the French didn’t “chop off each others’ heads”. They rounded up the rich people, cops, and government stooges and chopped off their heads, and the author doesn’t state why he thinks this policy is “foolish.”

    I think a horror show does a lot to secure freedom for future generations (as it did in France), and if the author is suggesting that the traitors, murderers, pedophiles, and tyrants running this country should be slapped on the wrist, his head should probably be chopped off too.

    How many millions of lives do you have to ruin before you deserve to have your head chopped off?
    How quickly will the tyranny return if the most heinous criminals the world has ever seen are given any hint of leniency?

    You’re going to hear a lot of politicians and rich people demanding we be “civilized, intelligent, tolerant, and wise, but they displayed none of those virtues when robbing, killing, and poisoning the entire US population.

    We TRIED to be civilized for decades. YOU wouldn’t allow it.


  3. well and all..did ya know it was a good French fry Frenchman who created the big blade..supposedly he got the idea when he was shaving and he cut himself due too mr. shick still asleep..but not for long..anyway I know of several thousand male traitors down washington dc way who are really in need of a good clean..shave.

  4. I would only caution us to be discerning and not get caught up in a co-opted engineered set of actions meant to derail our objective.
    Should the pall of war come to our streets and homes it will stagger our comprehension of humanity, wreak havoc on a scale almost too hard to imagine and very possibly open the door for an even worse type of tyranny.

    Our conscience conviction and integrity must remain intact or we will have generations that follow who will speak jibberish and be nothing more than mutated animals.
    I suspect that will happen in large part regardless of our future, should global war start again.
    May the Creator of all there is be with us, guide us, and give us the resolve to. stand firmly within the confines of what is best within us.
    And may any blood spilt be that of those who would destroy it.

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