The Scam

Let’s line up a few events chronologically, because by doing so, we’ll give ourselves a clearer view of the scam, or at least one of the scams, that the American people are presently falling victim to.

I don’t remember any quotable numbers, but I do remember that mainstream media outlets were losing viewers in double-digit percentages back in 2005, and 2006. I also remember that FOX news lost half of their viewers in the span of one month during the Bush administration, and I remember these events because they spelled victory and success for the Truth Movement, which at the time was still only the “9-11 Truth Movement”.

It stands to reason that a decade later, a decade of the truth spreading exponentially underground, no one believes a word they say anymore. When we hear today that a “news” outlet has lost ten, or fifteen percent of their viewers, it means ten or fifteen percent of what was left after previously losing fifty percent, and we can also expect that they’re going to be lying about those numbers too. The NY Post was caught burning tons of newspapers that they claim to have sold so they could keep their fraudulent circulation numbers higher.

They’re aware of the fact that they’ve lost all credibility among thinking people, but there are still plenty of non-thinkers tuning in, and even if they’re not believed, they’re still controlling the debate, because much of the “alternative media” is only reporting on what’s in the mainstream media. They don’t care whose side you’re on, as long as they get to decide what you’re arguing about, and this is really all that’s required, especially when one of their own is the loudest voice in each opposing faction.

Back to the time line, most Americans already knew that the news was a work of fiction long before Trump mentioned “fake news”, but by doing so he immediately appealed to a lot of people who thought they’d never hear that publicly stated. In reality, our government and media have lost all credibility in the eyes of the majority of Americans long ago, and Trump was installed to answer their growing anger with another shovelful of promises.

And to the vast majority of Americans who knew they were being lied to, the endless media attack on Trump worked to gain him more support. The lying propaganda machine that had betrayed America was attacking Trump around the clock, and predictably, it did nothing but send more voters into his camp. By publicly accusing the media of lying, Trump becomes the hero of a good chunk of the American people who were already aware of this, and if it weren’t an overwhelming majority of Americans, he would never have been told to say it. I think the NSA vacuums up every electronic communication for the sole purpose of determining what the majority of Americans are thinking, and this lets them respond accordingly via political puppets such as Trump.

Since his election and before it, he’s been under constant attack by the media, the FBI, the DOJ, and the democratic party, and every attack has resulted in Trump being exonerated, while his attackers are exposed as being corrupt and incompetent. More and more he’s being portrayed as the only thing that’s good about our government, and more and more democrats are becoming republicans, because the democratic party only presented Americans with a clown show.

A lot of thought and marketing experience goes into creating a presidential image, and they know fully well that Americans aren’t going to vote for any communists, Mayor Buttplug, or the crazy white woman who thinks she’s a Cherokee, and that’s exactly why this gang of freaks was presented as Trump’s opposition. They’re throwing the election because they’re fully aware that the economy is crashing, and helping Trump regain control of the population by restoring their trust in government is their best chance at getting out of this mess without getting their necks stretched. Remember: they’re all on the same team, and that “republican” and “democrat” nonsense only exists to preserve the illusion of competition, and keep Americans at odds with each other.

Bloomberg knows he can’t dump half of his dollars before they become worthless, and that the money he’s spending will vanish anyway. He also knows that he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning this election, but he’ll play the role of laughable opposition to support the Zionist cause.

Do you see what’s happening here? Everyone who’s become universally hated by the American people is attacking Trump, and it’s doing nothing but increasing his popularity, while simultaneously giving the American people the false hope that sanity can be restored to our republic through the election process. He’s about to become a king, because he’s being portrayed as America’s knight in shining armor, and the only hope for the American people. World war three will probably start before the next election anyway, and that will secure his idolatry in the eyes of even more idiots.

Nobody wants to discover that they’re been hoodwinked, and that’s how con men (confidence men) make their money. They inspire confidence in the victim, and they do it so well that he’s hesitant to even acknowledge that he’s been robbed. If Trump, or someone spouting the same rhetoric wasn’t installed as president there may have been a revolution already, but he inspired enough confidence to rob his victims of another four years.

Back in 2004, or 2005, there was a wealthy member of the 9-11 Truth Movement who commissioned a Zogby poll that asked New Yorkers if they believed the official narrative concerning 9-11. We were all shocked to discover that fully half of them didn’t, but that didn’t stop them from going about their daily routines as if all were normal.

The poll broke the respondents down by race, and those numbers were a bit surprising too. As it turns out, blacks were about twice as likely to question the official story as whites were, and this immediately had me questioning “why”? (I think the numbers were about 67% and 32%, but don’t quote me on that either. You should do your own research anyway)

As far as I know, blacks on the whole aren’t more intelligent or better educated than whites, but somehow they were twice as likely to see through the scam. I concluded that this was likely a result of blacks’ having an unfortunate history wherever it involved American governing bodies which causes them to be more suspicious of what they’re told, and whites being more likely to be part of the present system, or at least having a livelihood that was dependent upon there being no change in the status quo. Cultural history and dependence upon society will affect what we’ll see as truth. Many Americans want to believe in Trump, and the hope of sanity being restored peaceably because they’re afraid of the alternative, which as we all know, isn’t going to be pretty. All Americans share that history.

Many of them will cling to Trump’s false hope of making America great again until there’s a hot war on American soil, because it allows them to go about their daily routines as if all were normal. The con man has done his job well, because a lot of people don’t want to acknowledge that they’ve been hoodwinked once again.

After Trump leads us into World War Three, they’ll line up at the recruiting office wearing their MAGA hats, and they may not realize until they’re old men how they betrayed their country for doing so. All we can do is keep spreading the truth, knowing that it will often fall upon deaf ears, but I think we’ve done an excellent job at getting the truth to those who’ll hear it. And the Zionists think so too, because they’re starting to panic.  — Jolly Roger

17 thoughts on “The Scam

  1. Damn right JR 100% TRUTH . People just need to face it and realize they got fooled and get anger and channel their anger towards this zionist corrupt government.

    1. ‘ face it and realize they got fooled’…………agree deon ! ……many people do not want to admit they have been duped…they are stuck on stupid

  2. A person must go outside the MSM to get anything remotely sprinkled with accurate facts. Those that are still tuning into Fox, etc. other than to monitor their lies, is lost, completely lost, that is to what is actually going on in this country.
    These people believe they have something to gain and keep, that being their worldly goods at the cost of voting for the lesser of 2 evils.
    Those of us that know it’s all a barrage of deceit and lies are actually in a great place in that we aren’t weighed down mentally as much because we just keep maneuvering around the lies to take care of ourselves while we prepare for the inevitable.
    We each possess individual rights and will exercise them in defiance of the corporate policies and then come together side by side to enforce them.

    1. “…We each possess individual rights and will exercise them in defiance of the corporate policies and then come together side by side to enforce them…..”

      Well said, Katie, and that WILL happen as soon as Americans are pried out of their comfortable lives. When the luxuries are gone they’ll realize that the Bill of
      Rights is all they really have…. and they’ll fight to keep it.

    1. Excellent post!!! “The same people who celebrate Hitler are the same ones who told us that Donald Trump would be the savior of the white race, the savior of America and preserve us and was playing 4 or 5D chess against the Jews which was all complete nonsense and I was one of the only voices warning people that Trump is absolutely in bed with Russia, Israel and Chabad Lubovitch and that there was a trio of leaders, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu who were in bed with the Hasidic Rabbis and that they would lead us into disaster and that Trump would surrender our military technologies and our military intelligence to Israel and to Russia. That’s exactly what he’s doing. He’s a complete traitor to the United States of America and he is setting us up for absolute disaster. It’s important because it’s such a strong parallel to what Hitler did. Hitler tried to lead the Germans to believe that he would be the savior of them from Bolshevism and from Jewry and instead he delivered them into the hands of the Bolsheviks, killed millions of them and established the state of Israel and Trump is exactly the same thing and that’s why these people who pretend to worship Hitler hate me so much because I expose both Trump and Hitler and this whole process that the communists use of these Neo Nazi stooges and the original Nazi stooges to set up our people so that the communists can take us over because they want us to engage in massive self consuming wars that will invite the conditions in which communism can thrive and then they will over take us. Vladimir Putin is one of the key agents behind all this. He was a KGB chieftain. He was the director of the FSB and he is setting up these Neo Nazi movements in America to subvert us and create an artificial war with Antifa the anti-fascists which are also controlled by the KGB, FSB and Mossad. They want us fighting each other and destroying ourselves while he sits in Moscow and laughs at us. Benjamin Netanyahu sits in Israel and laughs at us. Donald Trump is working for both of them to destroy us. We better wake up to the facts real quick.”

      1. Wow mary, I know typing this quote took some starting and stopping of the video. Thanks for taking the time to post this section.

  3. So many brainwashed people
    So little time
    Arm up
    Ammo up , gear up
    Take no shit , think for yourself
    Do for your family and loved ones
    This is going to be a long hard ride folks
    If you have a good job
    Use it now to secure your future
    Food , firearms (food for the arms) and guts
    Do the best to keep your health in check
    Probably best to not travel alone
    Shits gonna get real
    Ive always had a good gut feeling
    And my gut tells me
    The next 4 years of this joke of a government
    Is going to be brutal

    The struggle is real
    I know this from experience
    Been living it the last 10 years
    And I’m pissed as fuk
    Just waiting for one of these wanna be tyrants to step to me so I can feed them their ass
    No longer fear death , so fair warning

  4. Thanks, everyone.

    And please lay low for a few weeks until we see how bad this corona virus is. China is admitting to 80,000 infected in less than a month, so it’s not crazy to worry about similar numbers here a month from now. (in every place that we already have confirmed cases)

    1. “I’m not going to duck and hide. We find out they’ve unleashed something like this on us, I can think of a lot more righteous ways to spend that time. You know, those at the very top, have layers of protection between them and their dirty deeds. Wonder what a 7 billion people swarm would look like, all with nothing to lose?”
      — Henry Shivley, 2/29/20


      1. Like I’ve said
        They want you in fear for your lives

        A motherfker like me that no longer fears death is their worse enemy

        Fear Me you bastards
        Because you never met a mfer like me

        I’m the nicest guy would give you the shirt off my back if I felt you needed it more than me
        But if you cross my path with the intent to hurt me or those I love

        Well I hope God has mercy on you
        Because I dam sure won’t

        And if this is an act to gauge Us or Me
        It’s 12 gauge !!!

        1. ‘Fear Me you bastards
          Because you never met a mfer like me ‘………. or a biotch like me
          No fear No mercy

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