4 thoughts on “The Seven US Government Payoffs To Kill You In Hospitals!! By Dr. Peterson Pierre

  1. How clearly this doctor lays it out. One just wonders why so many can hear him and others cannot. Why so many rebel in horror, while others still worship at The Alter Of Medical Tyranny. What is the difference in humans that some get it and some don’t? Some see through the deception and some remain deceived? What?


    1. Re: “…our generations have a unique chance to put the entire Humanity on the right path of the History (with sacrifices and a lot of pain, of course); more than that, there is no better place in the entire World, to do that, as to be/live legally in the United States.”

      Thank you much, and except for the word “legally” which I’d replace with “lawfully,” I fully agree. We are those who did not surrender. And that’s not just our guns, but our life-given rights that come with human dignity. We are those who ARE NOT SURRENDERING, EVER!!

      A quote I recently came across, author unknown:

      “The unvaccinated are not a threat to society; they are a threat to AUTHORITY.”


  2. I would love to know the answer… what keeps them blinded. Is it? they will have to admit they were duped and just can’t? That is the ONLY reason I can think of. I personally have family that are all in the medical field and some have been a part of the care teams of covid patients they have all taken the jab even after begging them not to… to just wait awhile. Now they say I did it so if I get covid I won’t die from it. No Matter what proofs I show them they still deny. I really believed they were more intelligent than to fall for it. I can only guess why they refuse to even contemplate that maybe they screwed up. I love them dearly and pray everyday that maybe they got the placebo.

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