The Simpsons uncanny ability to ‘predict’ future American events


Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie have become household names since ‘The Simpsons’ first aired in 1987. But the show’s uncanny ability to consistently predict future events has many believing the cartoon’s creators have a crystal ball.

One of the most prominent of their “predictions” relates to the current state of US politics. Donald Trump’s presidential bid was first depicted on the cartoon series – playing out in a 2000 episode some 16 years before the billionaire was actually chosen as the Republican Party’s nominee.  

And that’s far from being the only case of an episode of The Simpsons reflecting future events. Here, we list six other past episodes in whichThe Simpsons bizarrely predicted, depicted, or referred to major contemporary events that were yet to unfold.

1. Voting machine controversy

In a 2008 episode, Homer’s voting machine changed his vote.

Four years later, a real life electronic voting machine was taken out of service after being captured on video changing a vote for Barack Obama into one for Mitt Romney.

2. Nobel winner 2016

The 2016 Nobel Prize in Economics is the latest chilling Simpsons prediction to come true.

In a 2010 episode, Bart’s bespectacled best pal, Milhouse Van Houten, pegged MIT economics professor Bengt R. Holmström as Nobel-worthy, a fact tweeted by MIT after Professor Holmström, well, won this year’s Nobel Prize in Economics.

3. Syrian opposition flag

In 2001, Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, and Ralph form a boy band named the Party Posse, make a hit song called Drop da Bomb, and in their music video, they drop a bomb on what appears to be an unknown Arab country.

Eerily, the Syrian opposition flag is prominently displayed in the sequence.

The question now being asked is why a flag – adopted by post-independence Syria in the 1930s and used up until the ’60s – was depicted given the reality in Syria now. It is also noteworthy that there was no functioning Syrian opposition when the episode aired.

4. The Ebola crisis

There was a reference to the Ebola crisis in a 1997 episode, in which Marge tries to coax a sick Bart out of bed. She suggests he read a book, before producing one entitled Curious George and the Ebola Virus.

The horrific virus hit headlines much more recently in real life, after striking in West Africa in 2013 and quickly reaching epidemic proportions, prompting border closures and travel restrictions.

5. 9/11

Then there’s the 1997 episode entitled The city of New York vs. Homer Simpson. In the show, Lisa Simpson presents a magazine entitledNew York. The theory making the rounds is that the magazine’s cover design alluded to the 9/11 attacks that would take place four years later.

6. Prince’s death

In this clip, taken from the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XIX Episode, “How to Get Ahead in Dead-Vertising” which first aired in November 2008, Homer is paid to kill the music artist, Prince.

So, whether you are a conspiracy or a coincidence theorist, the question now is: what will The Simpsons predict next? You know, the series has made reference to a Trump presidency – though not in 2016.

In the episode ‘Bart to the Future’, Homer’s son is given a glimpse into 2030, where Lisa has assumed the presidency from Trump, who has left the country in debt: “We have inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump,” she says.

7 thoughts on “The Simpsons uncanny ability to ‘predict’ future American events


  2. They love to put this sh#t in t.v. ‘programming’, and in the movies. All part of revelation of the method.

    I wonder how many times Chitcago has turned up in a bad light on this show.

  3. Chicago, the “turds floating” cesspool at the end of the alimentary canal called Lake Michigan, stinking of urine and feces, home of Barack Obama and Al Capone, is a wonderful place to raise a family, yeah, a family of rats. 50 miles from Milwaukee one starts to smell the stench, as you get closer, your eyes start to water. Once you see the sign saying “You are now entering the Land of Lincoln” your nose hairs have curled up and a cloud hovers over, trapping all those wonderful industrial waste products that you smell from 50 miles away. I know L.A. is the gold standard for toxic waste but Chicago sits on the largest freshwater source on the planet. Littered with nuke plants throughout the Great Lakes, it’s only a matter of time.

  4. Absolutely NONE of these “predictions” defy probability, or are very prophetic, except for possibly the Nobel Prize winning professor, but if you’re familiar with prominent people in the world of economics, it’s an easy guess who might win the Nobel prize in any given year. (but I have to admit, six years in advance is a very good guess)

    1. The vote fraud movement was active since 2004
    2. Good guess by someone familiar with economics academia.
    3. “they drop a bomb on what appears to be an unknown Arab country….Eerily, the Syrian opposition flag is prominently displayed in the sequence.” They needed a flag to represent the militants. How many Arab flags did they have to choose form?
    4. Ebola has been around for decades.
    5. Here they’re suggesting that whenever the number “9” is seen near the twin towers, it’s foretelling their collapse, which is about as silly as seeing it predicted by the folded dollar bill.
    6. Coincidence that they chose a celebrity that died several years later, but Prince was probably chosen for the number of people who dislike him.

    In the last episode (“Bart to the Future”) Trump was used because he’s a famous billionaire, who has also been deep in debt.

    These aren’t predictions. There are only so many diseases, celebrities, billionaires, and Arab flags to choose from that the stories needed.


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