The Stumbled and fallen…..Why are many of our high US military officers departing military service for obscure reasons?

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Are these senior officers being ‘shown the door’ deliberately? These occurrences are very unsettling. We’ll just have to wait for the scuttlebutt I guess. Let’s just pray no dishonor is coming to them from the Communist-in-Chief (DINO).

Submitted this date by an E-Mail subscriber:  

This strange chain of firings from the Military is so bizarre and so unheard of that even Dianne Sawyer of ABC news reached out to cover it when the 9th, yes 9th, Military Commanding Officer was relieved of duty in less than a year. This doesn’t include the long list last year, this is just the nine individuals this year alone.

General Carter Hamm, United States Army-Served as head of the United States African Command. Was in charge of the US African command during the fateful night of September 11, 2012 when the lives of four American citizens was taken in the Embassy in Benghazi . Hamm was extremely critical  of our Commander and Chief and stated he lied about not having reinforcements in the area on that night. Hamm “resigned and retired” on April of 2013. Admiral Charles Gaouette/ United States Navy-Commander of Carrier Strike Group Three. His most recent activity served as Deputy Commander of the US Naval Forces, US Central Command. He was in charge of Air Craft Carriers in the Mediterranean Sea the night of September 11, 2012. He testified before the hearing committee and said that there may not have been time to get the flight crews there but left the door open on if told when the events took place if that he could have had the aircraft launched upon cross-examination by Rep. Tray Gowdey. Recently fired from the Administrative post and relieved of Duty by the Obama Administration for “utterance of a racial slur”. General Ralph Baker, United States Army- Major General Baker served as the Commander of the Joint Task Force-Horn at Camp Lamar , Djibouti , Africa . Was also involved in some aspect with the incident September 11, 2012, being under the African Command. Had said he believed attack helicopters could have made it in time. Relieved of command and fired for groping a civilian (no assault charges or sexual misconduct charges filed with JAG) General Bryan Roberts, United States Army-General Roberts took command of  Fort Jackson in 2011. Was considered a rising star in his field. He served in Iraq during his service as the Commanding Officer of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, and was the Deputy Commanding General of the United States Army Recruiting Command, Fort Knox , KY. Relieved of Duty and Fired for Adultery. While this is still on the books in the United States Code of Military Justice, it has rarely been used since President Bill Clinton’s indiscretions. General Gregg A. Sturdevant, United States Marine Corps-Director of Strategic Planning and Policy of  for the United States Pacific Command and Commander of the aviation wing at Camp Bastion , Afghanistan . Highly decorated soldier with two Naval and Marine Commendations and two Naval and Marine Good Conduct medals. He also has an Air Medal with a gold star. He served honorably and distinctively. He had asked about supplies to his command. He was one of two commanding officers suddenly relieved of command and fired from the military for failure of proper force protection. General Charles M.M. Gurganus, United States Marine Corps- Regional Commander in the Southwest and I Marine Expeditionary Force (a forward or frontal division) in Afghanistan. Also Highly decorated with a Defense Superior Service Medal, two Legion of Merritt w/Valor, and three Meritorious Service Commendations. Major General C.M.M.Gurganus had questioned the use of Afghanistan patrols along side American patrols after two officers were executed at their desk and a platoon was lead into an ambush on the front lines. Was the other commander relieved of duty for failure of proper force protection. General David Holmes Huntoon Jr, United States Army-Served as the 58th Superintendent of the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY.   He had graduated from the same academy in 1973 and had served in Senior Planning and Education Services through the majority of his career. He was “censored” for “an investigation” into an “improper relationship” according to The Department of Defense.  Nothing was released to the nature of the improper relationship. Nothing was even mentioned if an actual investigation even took place. Admiral Tim Giardina, United States Navy-Deputy Commander of the United States Strategic Command. Commander of the Submarine Group Trident, Submarine Group 9 and Submarine Group 10, where every single one of the 18 Nuclear Submarines with Nuclear Trident Missiles of those three groups were in his command. This commander earned six Legions of Merit, Two Meritorious Service Medals, two Joint Service Commendation Medals, and several other medals, ribbons and decorations in his illustrious career. He was removed from service and fired from the military for the charge of using counterfeit poker chips (not making that up). on the list, Major General Michael Carry, United States Air Force-Commander 20th Air Force in charge of 9,600 people and 450 Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) at three operational wings and served in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He was Fired October 11, 2013, for “Personal Misbehavior” is what was told to ABC News. He and Giardina were both the two top Commanders over the United States Nuclear Arsenal before their dismissal within 48 hours of each other.

As ABC News reports, this is an extremely alarming rate and one of the biggest and fastest purges of military personnel ever recorded.  It apparently is such a shock at the rate even for a long time veteran of reporting the news as Dianne Sawyer, because at one point she gets heated saying two Commanders of the Nuclear Command.

You don’t put people who are not very intelligent and without a squeaky clean record over that area of the Military.  It is enough to make the hardest and staunchest of supporters as the ABC news crew to pause and ask themselves, “what step is Obama planning?”

16 thoughts on “The Stumbled and fallen…..Why are many of our high US military officers departing military service for obscure reasons?

  1. Have an appeal to have some of these “departing military” come forward and explain why they left.
    Calling all whistleblowers with any inside info!!!

  2. There is an obvious “house cleaning” going on, to get rid of the officers who refuse to go along with the NWO plans to kill off Americans. And the NSA is there to make sure there is enough evidence to force these officers to leave without fighting the “charges.”

    1. all of these guys are nonjews, being replaced with jewish dual nationals. is it to attack Iran? petraeus was against iran attack. or maybe its a syria attack. the zio-crime team want to bring in bolshevism like in ussr and that whole scene is a product of secular talmudism/ aka communism.

      neocons and zio-bankers walk free. US military men who have served their nation? deposed as criminals. look no further than – cui bono?
      like with 911, its not america, and its not the arabs.. who does that leave???

  3. If they smart enough to achieve those positions. They are smart enough to engineer an event , that will let them get the F out while the getting is good.

    1. choc messiah, as you racist call him, is nothing more than a puppet or tool of the REAL power. the kosher nostra. wake up and THINK

  4. I tend to recall that through out history from other nations, there were purges before the crap hit the fan. Hitler purged the military and other brown coats, before all hell broke loose. The same can be said of Stalin and that Chinese clown.So, we have Obama doing the same here, what does that tell us….It is about to go down south, real quick.

  5. there getting out because the Negro has infected the military with his communism, and Obama is going to fall hard when the time comes, he might and most likely will be kicked out of the U.s. along with all his embedded spies in the government, all the Islamics will be booted out and exiled back to there sand dune nations.

  6. This is the purge before marshal law
    all his fellow African Americans are going to be shocked when this goes down
    I think as country we have about 6 months left. It will happen sometime in 2014 between March and November
    There is 4 red blood moons next year, the world will change. Get right with Jesus and prepare

  7. SHTF is winter of 2014, followed by russia and china invading the usa for the purpose of destroying the nwo in the fall of 2015. the chocolate messiah lol, will be destroyed.

  8. There are many reasons that such a purge in command rank officers might occur. But if we, as intelligent and critically thinking individuals, observe the sheer number of dismissals, there is only one conclusion that may be reached. I used the word purge in the opening sentence because these dismissals are nothing short of a purge in our military command ranks. Keep in mind I wrote “our” military command ranks. Throughout world history, tyrannical leaders have purged the noble military leadership in favor of a group that will obey without question any command given. The ancient Greeks, Romans, Mongolian, European, and modern China, Russia, Cuba, and North Korea as well as other dictatorial nations are prime examples of military purges and the reasons behind those purges were, and still remain obvious, to anyone who chooses to look. In every single circumstance of a military purge in history there is one common bond, the ability and willingness of military leaders to carry out orders against their fellow country men and women. This is the only bond that has tied all tyrannical dictatorships together in the past. The same type of purge is now occurring within the United States military. Unfortunately too many of our countrymen have turned a blind eye to government affairs and their effects on our daily lives. Nonetheless, there are lessons that one learns over their lifetime. First, it is proven that history will repeat itself with or without the assistance of this group of beings we call human. Second, the light of truth will always illuminate even the darkest of corner dwellings. It is vitally important we understand this third lesson; if good men do not rise to combat evil and darkness, then the people of this nation will be condemned to die a national death crafted of their own hands. Granted, there are many citizens, through no fault of their own, who will experience a forced destitution, perhaps even unto their deaths. That group of individuals is the reason we must now rise against a tyrannical government. I am not writing about an armed insurrection or revolution. Instead, I am writing about our declaratory right to replace the government when that government moves from a republic of fair and equal representation to a government of all consuming power and control benefiting only those who design a national demise. That brings me back to the purge of key military commanders. It is more likely than not these leaders are being removed to clear the eventual path of martial law and the destruction of those who cannot defend themselves as well as those who are able to care for their own well being. If we refuse to elevate to the level of civil obedience required to return the Constitution to its true essence we are finished, Were do you stand? How can you help?

    1. kumbyah, I disagree with you also…(not that there’s a Jewish element to the overall circumstance, but that the 4 “Blood Moons” are B.S.) I have said for years that “Ignorance is the Mother of Stupity, & Pride is it’s Father”

      I have been studying & teaching Bible Prophecy for over 40 yrs., and can attest that, [while we CANNOT state EXACTLY what this phenomena MEANS], it CAN be Historically proven that, each time this has occurred throughout recorded history, there HAVE been MAJOR ecological or political or National changes that LITERALLY changed the entire human scene…Which makes this next year WELL worth WATCHING & PAYING CLOSE attention, least we be caught utterly unPREpared…If you’ll google “4 Blood moons” I believe you’ll be able to find the historic past influence that they’ve had.

  9. Maybe it’s so they can get the hell out of dodge before shit goes down look how little there offenses are for being fired its nonsense. 27

  10. I can easily side with Hamm, Guranus and Sturdevant.
    However…these 4 I have NO sympathy for.

    Major General Ralph Baker…relieved for groping a civilian. Not acceptable behavior from a PFC nor a two star.

    Brigadier General Bryan Roberts …contrary to what the author states…the USMC does frown on adultery. One of my warrant officers was relieved from his OIC position in Yuma over this. When you have shiny stuff on your collar especially a star…people expect you to set the example.

    Major General Michael Carry…he was fired for “personal misbehavior” which sounds like a euphemism for a DUI…adultery… or sexual harassment. When you have a star…people expect you to set the example.

    Vice Admiral Tim Giardina…poker chips? I was not sure what to make of that one. So I googled him. Apparently he was using counterfeited poker chips at a casino in Iowa. The casino is owned by Harrahs. Harrahs contacted Iowa’s Division of Criminal Investigation…who ultimately contacted NCIS. Basically…that is a felony. Getting relieved from command is the least of this guy’s problems.

    1. Question is, who are they being replaced with?

      Point number 2, Bill Clinton is an adulterer, scumbag, elitist, commie pig. Why is this asswipe still involved with politics and loved by the people who fired these generals? His wife is a socialist. geopolitical, commie hag who wants us all dead. Just ask Vince Foster…….

      Your points are well taken, but fall flat….

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