3 thoughts on “Police deploy four sniper teams in downtown Keene NH for Pumpkin Fest

  1. I went to a pumpkin patch this weekend also and there were groups of craft there and once I notice them I realized there was one group of three by one entrance another group of three by the other entrance both acting like they were just hanging out but I watched them communicating with eachother and there was another group of three walking around the crowd also making contact as they passed by the other groups. Why were they there I have no idea??? They were not police I noticed the police watching them as they also walked through the crowd. These were contractor types in casual tactical wear but it was cool enough that I’m sure they were armed with sbr under their heavy jackets

      1. Yon think that’s what they had under their jackets I never seen them just the tell tale signs of it as they moved about. I also was surprised that at least two of them had patches on their arms it looked like a red punisher with a black ribbon that said craft in it. What do you know?

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