8 thoughts on “The truth about illegal aliens

  1. I almost couldn’t have said it better myself. I see these mofos at the gas station, 10 of ’em in the car, and they walk around like they’re tough guys because of their numbers at that establishment. I don’t know. Ya think a search of the car wouldn’t tell the truth on these guys. How many “green cards” out of 10 of these beaners? They drive around with a posse of people in one car so when they come in, they take over. Around harvest time in Wisconsin, it looks more like Mexico City, all these corporate farms hiring these beaners because our boys who grew up on the farm don’t wanna do it no more. Horsefeathers! Illegal wetbacks will work cheap and their green card’s are “in the mail.” So, when you wonder what the hell happened, you need look no further than the “Ben CartWright” of your town to see who sold you down the river.

  2. I agree 100% with Boston guy. But who controls this policy? Who has set to destroy white Europeans? Who dominates our society, our money, our media, our education? That’s right baby. The joos. They wanna make us all alike. A mutt race. All to their benefit. Happening everywhere. Open borders here and in europe. Then they invite everyone they can to settle and milk the system.

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