The United States Republic on the Brink of Collapse

It would seem that the fraudulent unemployment numbers have become institutionalized as the status quo within the American psyche.  What an accomplishment.  Tell a lie over and over, then tell everyone it is a lie for a little while, then continue telling the lie, and viola, it is accepted as the truth.

What a scam – a bank of 100 million disenfranchised, civilly dead Americans of which you can draw on to support your propaganda.  In June, this bank was used to calm the wave of outrage that would have ensued had the unemployment rate actually dropped again in the face of the reality that most Americans cannot deny.   

You see, these con men and women needed to push forth the lie of 200,000 jobs being created in June in order to check the crash of their stock market for another month, yet at the same time try to maintain some semblance of credibility in holding the unemployment rate steady at 7.6%, as most Americans know that number should be at 46%, and at some point the lie can simply become too outrageous to maintain at any level.

If they want to draw the number down, they simply count more Americans who cannot find a job because there are no jobs as no longer looking for a job.

If they want the number to go up, they simply count more of that number from the bank of the invisible as looking for work again, all the while working feverously to move more working Americans from the middle class and into the ranks of the invisible, with the ultimate goal of bringing the entirety of we American nationals down to the level of the third world peasants they are pumping in to compete with us for the jobs that would not exist were it not for the resources owned by we American nationals.

A lot of people are out there bitching and complaining that nothing is happening and that the Revolution is stalled.  Well, what the hell, I will give you your silver bullet one more time.  No, not a silver bullet that will win the fight, but a silver bullet that will force the issue and thus force the enemy to make the first move.

Shut down every port of entry in the United States and stop the free flow of our natural resources out of this country.  Do this and I promise you, the agents of the international corporate mafia you now know as your communist enemy, will start shooting at you, and then you can shoot back.

Barring the aforementioned, why should our enemies change their tactics?  They are eating out our substance, literally unopposed, while incrementally enacting their communistic martial law, day by day by day, and keeping their theft apparatus, the stock market, afloat via our further indenturing to the tune of 85 billion more dollars per month, borrowed in our, our children’s, our grandchildren’s, and now our great grandchildren’s names from the banksters to give to the banksters, of which we then owe to the banksters, with interest.

This is not rocket science, but it has reached the point that it is either pure stupidity or wanton sedition to deny the reality.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

10 thoughts on “The United States Republic on the Brink of Collapse

  1. Once you leave the Matrix you can never go back and what they feed you no longer is treated as fact.

  2. I’m going to say this once again, again, again, “it is the same Evil Elitist European Hoard of the Central Bank that has control of our Treasury officially since the Paris Peace Treaty of 1792.” Look it up, study a little & take appropriate action, EXPOSE & BOYCOTT all they represent. You can learn the corporations by web up of George Soros exposed. You will be astonished what they own, including the Federal Reserve, Starbucks, Lowes, Krogers; etc….. Wake up America, the slide into the Abyss of darkness is not far off unless you REACT…..Continue to fight for Freedom, Liberty & Truth

  3. I have neighbors — nice folks — who are retired. They still have Obama campaign stickers on their car. They’re dependent on the government for Social Security and medicare. Their daughter works for a government agency; her husband is a doctor, so he’s dependent on the government from the flip side of medicare. These people wouldn’t dream of rocking the boat.

    I, on the other hand, as a productive taxpaying citizen am being required to support all of these nice folks, at least the support that doesn’t come out of the 46% of the federal budget which is borrowed out of thin air money which reduces the value of the money I’m allowed to keep. Is it any wonder I’m quitting?

    I highly recommend Dmitry Orlov’s _Reinventing Collapse – The Soviet Example and American Prospects_ for insights into our unfolding national disaster. The end may come sooner and more suddenly than we think.

    1. Remember that those on social security and retirement have paid into the system when they were working with the promise from the govt.. This lieing govt. wants to renigg on their promise to those that had no choice if the govt. took out that social security from their paycheck when they were hard working honest americans. DON`T FORGET THAT Tom. Don`t forget that those on social security supported those when we were all working! Think about it……….. And also Tom remember that a president has lifelong bodyguards to protect their incompetant two faced asses when they are out of office. Most of them POS have never did a honest hard days work in their privledged life and we all supported them with our hard earned tax dollars that they forcedly took out of our paychecks to pay for things like obama`s high buck parties and expensive vacations for him and his spoiled rotten family. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. Closing the ports and stopping the nation’s resources from being shipped out of here would be an important move, and a good way to get things started. Once their thieving operations are stopped, they’ll be forced to address the population with something other than BS. Closing the ports will heat things up real quickly.

    “….it has reached the point that it is either pure stupidity or wanton sedition to deny the reality.”

    Pure stupidity and wanton sedition are big problems, but I would add “fear” to that list, and possibly put it on the top of the list. A lot of people hate the system, know what’s going on, but can’t imagine a survivable alternative, so they cling to the only world they know, out of fear of the unknown.

      1. But it’s not just the enemy that they fear — a collapsing system will leave the majority of the population trapped in cities with no way to find food.

  5. Always good to see your articles. Pray God will strengthen you with continued insight and the ability to shine light upon the darkness. Thanks for standing for freedom.

  6. “Shut down every port of entry in the United States and stop the free flow of our natural resources out of this country.”

    Apparently, there was a work stoppage at Long Beach port today for some reason. We were supposed to get a container today, but never did due to the stoppage. Haven’t seen anything in the news about it, though. Strange.

    I’m one of the lucky ones. Today is an anniversary of sorts for me. Eleven years at my job. I’m very thankful for that.

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