The “War on Cops” Myth

Cop Block – by Ashley

With the mainstream media’s newest “War on Cops” slogan you would think there was rise in police killings across the country. According to a Rasmussen poll taken last week 58% of respondents believe there is actually a war on cops. But according to Officer Down Memorial Page quite the opposite is true. Police in the line of duty deaths are down %6 and gun related deaths while on duty are down 27% so far for the year 2015. While this year is not over yet, it looks as if this “war on cops” has been on a decade long decline. In fact gun related deaths have been on the decline for each decade since the 70s. The 1970’s was the last increase in police gun related deaths since the 1930’s increase.  

Gun-Related US Police Deaths per 1M Populationaei2

As you can see from the graphs above, two of the biggest spikes happened during prohibition. From 1920-1933 alcohol prohibition was in effect in this country, on July 1, 1973 Nixon’s Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) was implemented. The “war on drugs” also became more of an effective tactic used to jail Vietnam protesters during this same time. There are a number of reasons to end prohibition, protect individual rights, reduction in the nonviolent prison population, focus on actual rehabilitation of drug addicts. But according to these statistics another reason has become apparent, and that would be a reduction of police fatalities. So anyone who supports the police, should also support the end of prohibition right? It’s no secret police officers are bribed or tempted into bootlegging themselves during prohibition, it’s a lucrative opportunity after all.

We have just recently passed a memorial day in America’s history, September 11th. And post 9/11 has increased the militarization of the police force. No knock raids puts more innocent people at risk, including children caught in crossfire, as well as police officers who are mistaken for burglars. Billions of dollars worth of grants being given to police agencies from the DHS to buy military style equipment. Along with being given a surplus of assault weapons, night vision and armored vehicles from the Department of Defense. Who is the war against again? And how can we have an honest discussion about Police accountability when the focus is constantly being shifted away from Police? And mainstream media constantly pushing out these fear mongering slogans like the “war on cops” is just a distraction for the real issues we face with police abuse in this country.

There is no war on cops, the evidence just doesn’t support it, there is however a war on you and your individual rights. It became more prevalent with the war on drugs, and escalating with the war on terror.

9 thoughts on “The “War on Cops” Myth

  1. “… 58% of respondents believe there is actually a war on cops.”

    The vidiots will believe almost anything their favorite talking heads tell them on the MSM.

    “There are a number of reasons to end prohibition, protect individual rights, reduction in the nonviolent prison population, focus on actual rehabilitation of drug addicts.”

    But there is one MAJOR reason that won’t happen.

    Slave labor profits.

    “No knock raids puts more innocent people at risk, including children caught in crossfire, as well as police officers who are mistaken for burglars.”



  2. Proliferation of the myth is done to garner sympathy

    I have no sympathy for tyrants , so KMA and either take the blame for ones actions or take the punishment or both , I call for both
    Those are your options
    Buncha pansy assed losers

  3. The spike in police killings in the 70’s, was caused by the radical left-wingers. Not much has changed except the left now control the media, ignoring all truth, and targeting right wing militia/sovereign citizens, as being the greatest danger to society. Remember, in the new age paradigm, up is down, wrong is right, red is blue……………………….

  4. What a crock of shite, and his article makes me think there are cops losing their heads all over the country.

    They’re trying to convince people there isn’t a war on cops because they don’t want anymore people joining in on the fun.

    How many pig shootings aren’t making the news because they don’t want to encourage “copycats” ??

    Cops have been brutalizing the US population for years, and now they’re getting what they deserve. I hope every last one of the pig pieces of shite never gets home from work today.

    It’s not a “myth” — people are tired of this BS

  5. I moved to the cesspool that is S. Fla 4 years ago. Since that time I have lost 99% of the respect I “had” for cops. I now carry a gun almost full time because I have to enter boarded up houses and condos for construction purposes. Yeah, I’ve had reasons to use a gun many times and haven’t. I’ve also encountered a thousand dogs in black neighborhoods that weren’t chained up and I haven’t shot any of them either. I’m a white dude, no vest, no badge…….I do look pretty f#@kin mean when I have to, and that’s a lot when you’re the only cracker for miles. I also found out that cops aren’t even in the top 10 in dangerous jobs while mine is #4. These people are just a bunch of tactifags, yeah, I just made that up, I like it. You reap what you sew porky!

      1. Oh man, sometimes it’s literally like getting punched in the soul. I’ll tell you though, we have a slight breeze from the beach most of the time. Without that this place would be uninhabitable, now I know why the Indians stopped farther north when we weren’t killing them. After that they were forced into the swamps, cant even imagine that. Truth be told, I’ve been in two deserts, 126 degrees once, but, nothing, NOTHING, is worse than August in Texas with zero wind and 95% humidity. I’m in Demo and construction, it’s possible for me to lose 4-5 lbs in one day down here, my record is 6 gallons of water drank in 9 hours, you just look like you took a shower with your clothes on and there ain’t shit you can do about it. I’m a motorcycle guy and from October to June it’s pretty awesome…

        BTW, it’s funny. I’ve been reading this website for years and have been reading the comments for that long as well, figured I’d chime in for once, feel like I almost know a bunch of people here. Cheers.

        1. I was just curious. I moved a friend from L.A. to San Antonio, and spent a couple days there. The River Walk was great, but the humidity there was HORRENDOUS! The only other time I’ve been in an area even close to that bad was up in Canada in ’71/’72 in the Great Lakes region – London/Toronto/Parkhill/Grand Bend. Wicked humidity in the summer, especially Grand Bend (right on the lake). Winter wasn’t so great, either. Damn WET cold would soak right through your clothes, if you were out in it long enough. Got stuck hitchhiking in a major snowstorm from London to Toronto – 50 below with the wind chill. Thought I was going to freeze to death right there on the side of the 401 highway. The snow was coming down so hard no one could see me. Finally a guy in a pickup pulled over, said he just barely saw me.
          Crazy thing was, it wasn’t even snowing when I left.

          So, let me be the first to welcome you to The Trenches (well, posting comments, anyway), hands down THE best truther site around, imo (and many others).

          Like the user name (still like that term from Tron – old school, I know), btw.

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