6 thoughts on “THE WHO Eminence Front

  1. It’s sad that GM was able to count on the ignorance of the American public to use the masterful opening to this song in tryin’ to hawk another piece of shit on consumers.
    I don’t know about anyone else but “The Who” was an iconic band. Their list goes back a long ways. Their music helped define a generation as much as “The Beatles”, if not, more. Case closed.

  2. I saw the Who the same year (1982) at Shea Stadium in NYC.

    The Clash opened for them. Great concert.

    Only concert I had a better time at was The Kinks at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. This was a year or so earlier then the Who concert – and is memorable for Ray Davies shouting out “Disco Sucks” during a rant – the place erupted!

    Rock-and-Roll lives in the hearts of free men and women.

    1. Hey Darzak, I saw “The Who” at the St. Paul Civic Center in the early 80’s. The best concert I’ve attended would have to be the Eagles on their “Hotel California” tour along with the Steve Miller Band on their “Jet Airliner” Tour. The “Mushroom Cloud” of smoke slowly rose from the old Met Stadium in Bloomington, Minnesota, home of Twins before the Metrodome.

  3. GM couldn’t have used it, if Pete Townsend hadn’t SOLD it to them. Let’s grow up, see the folly in it, and stop treating musicians as if they were Gods.

      1. Nah…it’s cool Millard. We don’t have to burn it all.
        We just have to be smart enough to deal in facts and not to participate in myth and legend building. Ol’ St. Pete sold the song to GM… period! (as well of any number of “The Who” songs sold for commercials, t.v. themes, etc.. which seems to have commenced immediately after he sued and persevered in court against the remaining members of the group to make sure he attained all publishing rights !)

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